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Caroline Harte

Child is Murdered During Sleep Over

From one of my readers: "They layed down at 11:00 pm I believe I read somewhere that it was about 3:00am when the murder took place. She was 14 in 1969 so that would mean she was born in 1955."

From Caller.com :

PORT ARANSAS, Texas - Hours after two 14-year-old girls closed the cover on a novel they were reading during a sleepover, slipped into twin beds and turned off the lights, one girl's cry sent the other to wake her sleeping parents.

The events of that night, July 24, 1969, on Mustang Island have baffled investigators for 40 years. One girl died, and it so haunted her friend that it may have led her to kill herself decades later.

Genevieve Duncan met her daughter May on the stairs of the two-story beach house. May said the cry came from her friend, Caroline Harte. The mother heard a door slam, and found a terrifying sight downstairs: Caroline was gasping and bleeding on the bed, suffering from a stab wound to the heart. By the time they dressed to take her to a hospital, Caroline was dead.

The case is the oldest unsolved slaying in Nueces County, which includes Corpus Christi along the Texas Gulf Coast. The knife was never found. No motive was clear and no arrests were ever made.

Caroline's father, then-publisher of the San Antonio Express and Evening News, had an unsettling premonition after his brother, Edward, then publisher of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, called to relay the news. "Sometimes, as we walked around in shock, I remember thinking to myself: This is a crime that will never be solved," said Houston Harte, whose father was a founder of Harte-Hanks Newspapers Inc.

"And I was right about that."

The last entry in a nearly 6-inch-thick pile of investigators' notes and crime scene photos is dated June 3, 1970, although Nueces County Sheriff's Lt. William Edge said sheriff's detectives 15 or 20 years ago made a round of calls checking on suspects who initially were questioned.

Even as investigators consider whether to pry into the case again, there isn't much to review. The house has changed owners, witnesses have passed away, files have been read and re-read. Years have gone by without so much as a tip about what might have happened to Caroline Harte.

"This case, if solved, will be because somebody told somebody, or somebody someday is going to want to get it off their chest at the end," Edge said. "That's how I see it."


This case was sent to me by one of my readers and it got my attention right away. A murder like this, in a house with other people present, which has never been solved is riveting. Even with a slamming door right afterward! No sightings, no fingerprints, no DNA, no clues, nothing at all. This person did this and just got away with it. I realize this was back in the 1960s and there were a lot of unsolved cases back then without DNA testing and other new techniques. But even today with all these new methods and new technology, there are still far too many cases that go unsolved. I would love to see justice done for little Caroline Harte but after looking at the charts, I am in great doubt that this will ever happen. You will see why I say that after you read my analysis.

I want to make a note about the time and date. Although none of the websites I had seen had information for the time of the murder, my reader did have this information, as I quoted her above. It was her information I used and I trusted her to have it right. If there are any discrepancies in the time as reported or other times that have been reported, please email me at the address on the sidebar so I can redo the chart or make addendums to this one if necessary. Please don't forget to send links if the information is available online.

You are going to be surprised by the presentation of only two charts with this post. I usually run several charts and sometimes I run many. But in this case the first chart gave me the whole story and I only used a second chart to try to see what became of the killer, who just got away. This type of analysis demands a little bit of intuition, a little bit of insight and a whole lot of translation to get the information I'm seeking. What I did was use the first chart for Caroline as she was alive and then also her death and then used the second chart as a mirror of the killer and tried to track this person from there. I know this sounds wierd and that's because it is. I have my own insane methods of making these charts talk.

Right waay, the charts appear to be viable. In the chart for 3 am, the time the murder occured, the first house ruler is Mercury, showing the subject to be a child, and Mercury is in the third house with the Sun. The Sun is the ruler of the fourth house, showing the subject to be at a friends house and not her own. Mercury is also disposed of by the Sun, showing that the subject was there because she had been invited by the other girl (the Sun). The third house tells me that they were in a part of the house that was added on after the rest of the house was built. It may have been attached to the house or even could be a removeable section. The reports refer to the girls being downstairs. This is borne out by the charts with the tenth house (the parents) holding the air sign, Aquarius (high places). The tenth house ruler, Uranus, is in the sign Libra, also showing heights. And the fifth house, the place for the children, contains the sign Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, the natural marker for children. This sign also indicates that the part of the house the children were in was one that was added on after the house was built or was a removeable portion of the original house.

The seventh house ruler, Jupiter, is in the fifth house, the house which shows the children. This tells me that someone is in the area where the children are. Note that Jupiter is disposed of by Venus in the first house. This person was interested in girls. In turn, Venus is disposed of by Mercury, which is Caroline's marker, so we can assume that he was there specifically for her. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in the fifth house, indicating that this was a sudden impulse, an uncontrollable urge. Since Uranus rules the tenth house, as I already noted, we can assume the assailant knew the parents stayed upstairs and would not be with the kids. The node is angular in the tenth house and shows that a plot or scheme was featured in this case meaning this was something that the killer very much wanted to do and waited for the sudden opportunity. I am thinking this opportunity was presented by Caroline staying over in this home, a place where she did not live. So this person must have been familiar with this home and that Caroline often went there. The scenario where the girls' bathing suits were stolen disturbs me. It fits too snugly into this chart. This could very well be a pedophile who had a fascination with Caroline.

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The Moon, the chart co ruler, is in Scorpio and disposed of by Mars in Sagittarius. Sagittarius often describes pointed objects like knives. Mars is the descriptor for acts of violence; Mars and Pluto. Pluto is angular in the fourth house in the sign Virgo! Once again, this planet is disposed of by Mercury, showing that the target was a child. Violence against a child. Can't get clearer than that. Please note that the chart co ruler, the Moon, is conjunct Neptune in the sixth house. There was something Caroline never mentioned, something she kept secret. These planets are in the sign Scorpio which hints that it may be sexual in nature. It looks like there may have been sexual contact with the murderer at some time, an assault that Caroline kept to herself? Moon in the sixth implies grave danger and that this child would be the victim. In charts for runaways, this placement usually means the child will never be seen again. In a case such as this, it is a sign that it will never be solved.

In the murder chart, it shows the assailant to be described by Jupiter in Libra. This makes the assailant a heavy set or even fat person with soft features. There is a lazy self indulgence about this person; he or she is always seeking gratification in the easiest fashion possible. This person likes luxury and to be surrounded by ease. This person has brown hair and blue or blue gray eyes. This person would have a full face, a prominent nose with a full tip and a well shaped, plump mouth. Dimples, clear complexion, perhaps freckles. Any race. Either sex. This person would also be generous, generally kind to others and have a great sense of humor. Likes to tell jokes. It is possible that this person is in business in the local area, in a business that caters to women like a hair dresser, dress shop, spa or lingerie shop. Any of these or actually any business that caters to women and probably a business that Caroline had visited. This person is very friendly and people oriented so there would be no problem approaching the child, for good or for bad. This person may be a pillar in the community, considered to be a good person and may be a church goer and a big contributor to the church. But there is also a dark side. An affinity for girls, a liking for attention and affection that can be carried too far, a generosity that is often used to lure others in a fashion that is not always ethical or moral. It is probable that this person is married and has children.

This chart reveals some interesting facts about this assailant. For one thing, you can see that the marker, Jupiter in Libra, moves from the fifth house (the area with the children) to the fourth house, which is the rest of the house. This is amazing but this person hid in the house or, at the least, on the property, and this while the child was discovered. Jupiter and Uranus have joined Pluto, a combination that actually describes the murder scene inside the home. This is the handiwork of the assailant and he or she is very excited about the aftermath. This person wants to witness what effect the murder has on others. In particular, the mother. This is shown by the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, being conjoined the tenth house ruler, Uranus in the fourth. Nearby is Pluto in Virgo, disposed of by Caroline Harte's marker, Mercury. Since Jupiter often describes joy, I would say that he was enjoying this. Watching the mother comes downstairs to see the bloody child. I agree with you! This is sick. But the chart is describing exactly this.

The chart co ruler, the Moon, is conjoined Neptune in the sixth house so there would be much about this murder that would never be discovered. The Moon describes silver plated articles and kitchenware so I am thinking they never found the knife. It was well hidden somewhere and never found? Otherwise if they did find it, it belonged in the household and had no fingerprints, leaving another mystery? Neptune describes something hidden, secret or disguised. The sixth house also describes something not found and a mystery never solved. The Moon is also a harbinger of mystery and illusion. But Mars in Sagittarius in the sixth disposed of by Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, in the fourth, describes a pointed object used in an act of aggression. This person may have brought this knife, afterall. Or if not, then this person knew where to find one. The kitchen (the Moon).

At the same time, Pluto and Mars rules the sixth house. Mars is in the sixth and Pluto is in the fourth which implies that this person was very sick. A sick person with violent tendencies and this person brought the sickness and the violence to this home (the fourth house). And I will say that it appears this person watched everything that happened afterwards from a vantage point in or on the same property. Considering this, Jupiter in Libra points to tall or large structures that rise up into the air. So there may have been a nearby balcony or rooftop that he utilized but it could have also been a tree. This person is not exactly athletic so a tree may have been prohibitive but I am not willing to say that because I have no idea how old the murderer was or even what sex. But suffice to say that I do believe that this person watched from a high vantage point nearby and most likely the same place he had watched the girls in the past. From here this person had seen them and possibly taken the bathing suits. But most importantly it indicates that this person was familiar with the neighborhood, the house, the girls. This person may have even lived nearby or been a frequent visitor to a nearby residence. Either way, this was no stranger and no accident. The target was Caroline Harte.

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  1. I was 11 years old at the time and was staying at a beach house nearby, I recall this murder vividly.


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