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Hope Danielle Meek

Woman Disappears After Fight With Husband

From one of my readers:

"Hope Danielle Meek disappeared on February 21,2002 from her home in Valliant Oklahoma, under suspicious circumstances and foul play is suspected on the part of her husband since he had been abusing her for almost 4 years. Hope has three children, who at the time of Hope's disappearance were 6 yrs, 3 yrs and 10 mos old.

"Hope worked as a jailer, escorting inmates from their jail cells to court appearances and never reported to work, never called in and never picked up the final check she would have had coming. When the law searched the house all her things were there. On top of her children, her new truck, cell phone,eye glasses, contacts, bank books, credit cards, bank cards, clothes and personal affects were all inside the house. The law enforcement even found her truck keys hid inside the oven.

The husband Jerry Meek has never worked with the investigators, tried to divorce hope, had carpet removed form the house the weekend after Hopes disappearance and within a month of Hope's disappearance moved another woman in the home. He will not let Hope's mother see the children, although she has court ordered visitation. Hope would not just leave, her children were her life and she was very close to her mother and sister. Law enforcement pulled her phone records and proved she would talk to her mom and sister at least 5 times a day."

"It was the husband's story that he last saw Hope on Feb 21st at 3 p.m., but nobody had spoken to her since the 20th at 6 p.m. when she was on the phone crying to mom that he beat her so bad she could not get up to get her son who was three a pickle, since he wanted one."

From Project Jason :


Missing: 02/21/02
Age at disappearance: 25
Sex: Female
Race: White
Hair: Sandy Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 90 lbs
Missing From: Valliant, OK


Hope resided on Section Line Rd in Valliant, OK with her husband Jerry Meek and their three children. Jerry said he saw Hope inside their home during the day on Feb 21/02. She has never been heard from again. Hope was wearing a gray sweatshirt and pants and tennis shoes. Authorities stated it is uncharacteristic of Hope to leave without warning. Her vehicle and cell phone were discovered at her house.

Hope wears eyeglasses, but she left her pair behind inside her residence at the time of her disappearance. Her family website is

And from NC Missing Persons :

Missing Since: 02/21/02
Missing from: Valliant, Oklahoma
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: 1976
Age at disappearance: 25 years old
Weight:90 lbs.
Hair Color: Sandy Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Race: White
Gender: Female

Distinguishing Characteristics: Hope wears eyeglasses,
but she left her pair behind inside her residence at the time of
her disappearance.

Details of Disappearance

Meek resided on Section Line Road in Valliant, Oklahoma with her husband and their three young children. Her husband told authorities that he saw Meek inside their home during the day on February 21, 2002. She has never been heard from again. She not reported missing for five days.

Authorities stated that it is uncharacteristic of Meek to leave without warning. Her 1995 Chevrolet pickup truck, her car keys, her eyeglasses and her cellular phone were discovered inside of her house after she went missing. She has failed to contact her children since her disappearance. Meek’s husband filed for divorce from her fifteen days after her disappearance, and received custody of their children.

Meek worked as a jailer at the time of her disappearance; she was in charge of escorting prisoners from their cells to court appearances. Her case remains unsolved.


As I noted above, this case was sent to me by a reader. This person has a close association with the case so I consider the facts given in quotes to be accurate. I matched information on the website, Project Jason, and from the NC missing persons website and included them both above. I think the information all dovetails with no loose ends so I decided to try to get a viable chart. Although the last reported sighting was for 3 pm on February 21st, this information was given by her husband and has since come to be considered false. The family gives 6 pm the evening before as the last time anyone spoke to Hope so I chose to begin with that time and date. The first chart I drew was for the hour of 6 pm on February 20th, 2002 in Valliant, Oklahoma. I did not want to jump to conclusions and just look at the husband without other considerations. Although he is very suspect in the case, mostly because he had beaten on her many times and this has been documented as fact, I did not want to just go there. She could have walked off. She could have been chased off. Her husband could have had her killed. Or someone else might have taken her and killed her. All possibilities (even if not probabilities) so I tried to keep an open mind from the start.

It has been said that during her last phone call home she told her family that her husband had beat her so badly that she could not even get up. Looking at the chart you can see that Virgo is rising with Mercury in the sixth house. Any time the chart ruler is placed in the sixth house, the general reading is that the person is either very ill or in very bad shape. This confirms Hopes' claim that she was in a bad way. Notice also that Pisces rules the seventh house and that Neptune is in the sixth, alongside Mercury. Neptune would be her husbands' marker. So there they were, together, and in a "bad way". At the very least, I would say these people were ill. Notice also that their two markers are both disposed of by Uranus, also placed in the sixth. I hate to say this but I think they were together for this reason. Their relationship was "unusual" and, in some fashion, "unacceptable" so they dug in. Neither one was willing to leave the other, willing to build on each other's "illness", whatever kind of illness that may be. There was an attraction between them that was built on something eccentric or unusual.

The Moon in Gemini conjunct Saturn in the tenth house tells us that Hope is calling her parents. So the chart reflects the 6 pm phone call. This is one aspect that truly supports the viability of the chart. Moon in Gemini (telephones) conjoined Saturn (discipline & responsibility- she called her mother several times a day every day no matter what) in the tenth house (parents). She called her mother even if it meant telling her that her husband had beaten her. Saturn in Gemini emphasizes burdens and difficulties with relatives, especially siblings but also cousins or in laws. The north node in the tenth in Gemini restates what we already know, that she actually plans to call her parents, which she does everyday. Notice also that all of these planets, the Moon, Saturn and the node, are disposed of by Mercury which is also the first house ruler. So Mercury is Hope's marker and she is the one making the call. This just fits so nicely that I have to call the chart viable and go forward from here.

Pluto in Sagittarius in the fourth house shows violence in the home. I am thinking that he probably stabbed her, if not at this time, then later on. Pluto in Sagittarius often describes brutality using pointed objects. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in Cancer in the eleventh house. This is where I first see a hint that he is having an affair. The eleventh house describes relationships outside of traditional marriage and Cancer there indicates family. He enjoys this woman (Jupiter) and wants to have a family with her (Cancer). This is why he is beating on Hope, his current wife. He does not want her anymore. I could actually go on and on about this, looking at the Moon, Saturn and Mercury but I will leave it at this. This is descriptive enough. As long as it shows the viability of the chart, this is all we need to know.

After seeing this first chart and thinking about how she had just disappeared, I began to wonder if maybe this beating hadn't eventually killed her. He could have broken a rib that might have punctured a lung or something like that. And if he wanted to get rid of her when she started to get really sick he would not have helped her, probably. So I started looking at the charts hour by hour. The chart for 8 pm shows the parents with the children, perhaps entertaining them to distract them. The first and seventh house rulers are now in the fifth house (the house of children) and the Moon has moved into the ninth along with Saturn, which is the fifth house ruler. So perhaps the children have been sent or taken outside for a break. Perhaps they have gone out with a pet or to play with balls.

This chart shows two things. They have put the children to bed and Hope is with them. You can see this by noting that the fifth house ruler, Uranus, and the natural marker for children, Mercury, have both moved into the fourth house. The seventh house ruler, Mars, is positioned in the seventh while the first house ruler, Venus, is in the fifth. This shows Hope with the children. Since Venus is under the Sun's beams, she is in grave danger. She must sense this because she is essentially "hiding" with the kids. You see Mercury and Neptune together, which indicates she may have put the kids to bed in a secret place, someplace hidden or where she doesn't think her husband will find them. Venus in the fifth house shows her with them (the fifth house rules the kids) and since Venus is disposed of by Neptune, then her whole purpose at this time is to hide the kids and to hide herself. She is trying to avoid another beating. Mars in the seventh in Aries seems to hint that perhaps her husband is being aggressive again. Mars in Aries is in dignity and is extremely powerful. She really has no defense against him.

The scary aspect for me is the tenth house ruler and chart co ruler, the Moon, is in the eighth house close to Saturn. Both of these planets are square to Hopes' marker, Venus, and to the Sun, both in the fifth house. They fight a lot over the kids and over their sex life. He thinks of her as a "problem", like a "millstone around his neck"; the old "ball and chain". He has a temper and doesn't control it well. She is intimidated and becomes emotional very quickly which makes him even more angry. Moon and Saturn in Gemini in the eighth makes me think he is planning to strangle her. This is a position describing smothering or strangulation. I am not sure yet this is what he did, it just looks possible. But the time of death is not present in this chart or in any of the other late night charts. Nothing much happens until the early morning hours of the 21st. Until then, the charts show her asleep with the kids and her husband elsewhere in the home.

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The first chart to show further interaction between Hope and her husband is the chart for 3 am. Timing in charts is very hard to pin down so you cannot assume that this was the exact physical time, just that the energies appeared around this time and that the aspects were stirring. This chart has Sagittarius rising with Jupiter in the seventh house, showing that Hope is with her husband. Whether he came and got her or she went to him is indiscernible. But they are together again at 3 am. Mars is in the fourth so violence is probable. Pluto is in the twelfth so it was done in a secretive fashion, perhaps not to wake the babies. Pluto trine Mars and he is back in control, instigating the violence, taking it out on her. Her ruler, Jupiter, is disposed of by the chart co ruler, the Moon and it is placed in the sixth. She is bad shape. Moon conjoined Saturn in the sixth is a bad sign. She can't take much more abuse and she is lingering. She may not realize how bad off she really is; she has come back from this before. But, this time, as Saturn is showing us, she is in grave danger of dieing. The node in the sixth opposite Pluto shows that he plans to hurt her and maybe get her to leave but had not planned to kill her. Not specifically. Just generally hurt her enough to perhaps get her to leave. The opposition from Pluto to the node shows that he went farther than his plan called for. He lost control and went too far.

Why did Hope put up with this? The disposition of her marker, Jupiter, by the Moon in Gemini tells us she hung on for the kids. I do not know if Hope had twins but there were, at the least, two particular children among the three that she was most concerned about. She would not leave her kids. Also, Venus trine Jupiter and square Pluto tells me that she felt fortunate in many ways and did not want to be ungrateful. It also tells me that she had faith in herself and thought she could take just about anything. She was lucky and would be ok; she was strong enough to cope with whatever he dished out. Pluto also tells us that she has seen abuse before; perhaps her job as a prison guard made her think that things could be a whole lot worse. I am sure she had seen worse. It also probably made her feel strong and she felt she could take it. She was tough, after all. Tough enough to tough it out and be there for the kids. And perhaps it was this physical strength and mental toughness that kept her alive as long as it did. But this night things went farther than they had before and she paid the price. Or at least that seems to be what the charts are saying.

In the chart for 4 am, notice that the first and seventh house rulers are together in the fifth house. There is no doubt that Hope and her husband are still together in the house but what are they doing? Because both planets are in Gemini in the fifth house I think they might be discussing the children. Gemini is ruled of by Mercury, the natural ruler of children. The fifth house is the natural house for children. Mercury is disposed of by Uranus in Aquarius in the second house. So perhaps they were discussing money and the kids. If they were talking about divorce, a point of contention would have been custody of the kids and a big argument regarding custody involves money. Who had enough money to care properly for the kids? If there was any question about this, about one spouse being better off than the other, this could spark a fight. Because Mercury is close to Neptune in the first house, she is trying to keep something secret, most likely from the children. The first house rules Hope and Mercury marks the kids. So perhaps she is trying to keep their fighting from the kids? Pluto in the twelfth here even makes me think that whatever they were doing it has the feeling of force and near violence which is what she may be trying to keep quiet. In all, they appear to be in the kid's room while this argument is going on.

There is no death pattern in this chart so Hope is alive. I won't say well because so many planets keep popping in the sixth house showing her to be in bad shape. Mars in the third house here shows a verbal fight and Mars in Aries is pretty intense. Mars is exactly sextile to the node which makes me think that he might have planned this out. To get into a fight with her in the wee hours when she was weakest after a previous beating and when the kids were asleep. Mars is sinister to a sextile with Uranus as well, which describes something unexpected that works in his favor. So the element of surprise was used. She did not expect him to start an argument at this time. One final note. Both of their rulers, the Moon and Saturn, are disposed of by Mercury. Mercury, in turn, is inconjunct to Jupiter, which is right at the seventh house cusp. They are arguing about their relationship, no doubt, but there seems to be a miscalculation. An inconjunction indicates a miscalculation that is made and since it aspects Mercury, I think something was said that was not meant to be said. I think this might have been an accidental admittance of something. Something that could not be taken back but changed everything. And I mean changed it enough to spark real trouble between them.

The chart for 5 am doesn't show much difference. Both markers are still in the fifth house and Mars is still in the third. With Mars and Pluto ruling the midheaven and the tenth house describing them as parents, I would think they are arguing about the children and their marriage. Uranus has moved into the first house and represents my first marker that points to a death pattern in the future. Let me explain that. Uranus enters the first just as the last few degrees of Capricorn move onto the ascendant. The current eighth house ruler, Mercury, is moving towards the first house cusp. Saturn is just outside the fourth house in the fifth. This tells me three things. Aquarius will take the midheaven and Uranus will move into the twelfth sometime during that period. Mercury, the eighth house ruler, will move into the twelfth as well. And that Saturn, the descriptor of the body and it's bones, will enter the fourth house during the same time period. So I am looking forward to finding the death pattern in the next few charts. Remember, once again, that timing is hard to pin point in a chart so this is a general energy pattern over the course of several hours.

I am showing you both these charts together to show you how I see the death pattern and that it is consistant. I admit that by the time I had finished reviewing the first chart, I was looking at her husband pretty hard. None of the charts show her leaving this house. Right from the start, they supported the facts that he had been beating her that same day. In fact, the charts made the beating look worse than people had said. And I don't see anyone else in this chart that I might call a suspect. So when the death pattern appears and the only other person in the room with her is the same person who has been there all night, I had to conclude that the husband had something to do with this. I had seen earlier, in the first two charts, that he might strangle or smother her. This chart supports that theory. In the chart for 6:45 am, Aquarius rules the first with Uranus in the twelfth in the air sign. Saturn is in Gemini at the nadir. Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the twelfth house, also in the sign Aquarius. Mercury is conjoined Neptune in Aquarius. The Moon is in Gemini in the fourth house. And the eighth house ruler, Venus, is in Pisces and is disposed of by Neptune. All of this air sign activity in death houses points to smothering or at the very least, choking off the air supply. Especially with Saturn at the nadir. She crosses over by not breathing. It's just that simple.

Venus in the first in this chart is another marker for Hope. Venus is under the Sun's beams, a sign of grave danger. Very few people survive this marker. With Venus disposed of by Neptune in the twelfth, she would be placed in a very dark, hidden place where no one would ever look. Venus is square to both the Moon and Saturn which tells me that she would die simply because she was his wife. This is seen through the traditional marker for women and wives with the traditional marker for death. Venus is angular in the first, in exaltation in Pisces and is a very powerful marker for Hope. With all the squares from planets in these charts, she is struggling to remain in her marriage and her home. The one thing she had was personal happiness and an ability to enjoy life. This was shown by the strong trine to Venus from Jupiter in Cancer. Her children made her happy. She also knew how to enjoy life and this was a quality that made her strong.

Please note between these two charts that the death pattern repeats itself in the second chart. In the 7 am chart, Pisces has moved onto the Ascendant with Neptune in the twelfth. This shows that even though her ruler changes, the effect remains the same. It remains in a death house. The Moon remains in the fourth house with Saturn nearby at the nadir. Saturn also rules the twelfth house. So the basic death pattern continues even though the first house ruler has changed. This shows consistancy and supports the theory that she is now dead. I must also point out something interesting here. The first and seventh house rulers, Neptune and Mercury, are conjoined in the twelfth house. This shows the two of them to still be together, just as the Saturn and Moon conjunction indicated earlier. Now the conjunction falls into the twelfth house and the assumption is that one or both of them is dead.

At 7:30 am, the seventh house ruler, Mercury, moves alone into the eleventh house. This short placement at this important moment tells me that there is a difference between the man and his wife. In short, her marker is still in the twelfth so she is the one that is dead. The first aspect that Mercury makes is a trine to Saturn which seems to say that his next contact is with her body. With Saturn, this is most likely a dead body. Saturn, literally, describes the bones. Saturn is conjoined the Moon and the Moon is Hopes' marker, so the dead body must be hers. Right away, I notice that her body is in the third house, which has many definitions. I will tackle those in the next chart. The fact that the seventh house ruler has moved into the eleventh tells us a few things. For one, the killer has now moved to the southeastern portion of the home. Literally, southeast of the part of the house where Hope is now. He moves into this part of the home and then brings her along later, as shown by their rulers coming together in the next chart.

This chart shows what happens to Hope after she has passed. The rulers have now come together in the eleventh house. Hope, ruled by Neptune, and the person she is with, who is assumed to be her husband, ruled by Mercury. Considering that the Moon and Saturn are in the third house and disposed of by Mercury in the eleventh in the Aquarius, he may have hidden her body in the house. Mercury rules the fourth house and is disposed of by Uranus in the twelfth. So it is likely that he puts her in an unexpected area of the home. A place where she is very well hidden and hard to find. Gemini points to walls that are papered over. Mercury points at children so perhaps in the kids' room? Also consider a study or library or any room where books were kept. Other areas to be considered are the garage (Mercury and the third house rule vehicles), in a mail box or storage area, under a stairway or in a small closet that is full of miscellany. I am thinking that with Mercury in Aquarius, Saturn in Gemini and Gemini on the fourth house cusp, she might be in the ceiling, overhead somehow or on a second floor. Is there an attic full of junk that might have books, paperwork, automobile parts, kid's toys or an old ionizer or dehumidifier? Consider all of these when thinking of what he did with her body.

Since Mercury and Neptune come together in the eleventh house, it is probable that he took her to the southeastern portion of the house. Or consider this to be the area south and to the east of the kid's bedroom, which is where Hope and her husband started their argument. This is accurate whether her husband did this or someone else appeared in the meantime. The seventh house is always the "other person" in a situation. I don't see other people coming along, the husband leaving the house or Hope leaving the house in any of these charts, so suffice to say that the charts are describing her and her husband. Notice that Saturn, her body, and the Moon, her marker, are together in Gemini in the third house. The third house points to the northeast. So this would jibe with the idea that she is on a second floor, in an attic or papered into a ceiling or upper wall. Think northeast when considering where this would be. Is the attic on the east side of the home? If there is a second floor, how about the room on the farthest side to the east? The Moon and Saturn disposed of by Mercury and all these air signs combine to support the idea that she is "up in the air" somehow. Gemini hints at false walls and ceilings, hidden closets, secret cabinets, storage areas in the attic. Gemini is also duplicitous so she might be behind something that appears to be all there is, such as a closet with a hidden door in the wall or ceiling, or anything else that is like this.

The eighth house co ruler, Pluto, is in the ninth house. This planet is disposed of by Jupiter in Cancer in the fourth house. Jupiter, in turn, is diposed of by Hope's marker, the Moon. Look closely around the kitchen or any closets that have sporting goods like fishing rods or guns. This is the best astrology has to offer. I hope it helps someone solve this case. As always, Astrologers are invited to offer their own theories and charts. And, if it happens that you have information about this case that might help solve it, then contact the family through their website In Memory of Hope Meek or contact Cliff Fielding with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations at 580-286-4438. Thanks for reading my blog!

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