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Craig Allen Frear

Young Man Walks to Parents House and Disappears

From the Charley Project:

Details of Disappearance

Frear was last seen at approximately 2:00 p.m. on June 27, 2004, near the Cambridge Manor apartment complex in Scotia, New York. He had visited a friend in the complex and was afterward seen walking into the woods nearby. He said he was going to his parents' house, which was located in a cul-de-sac on Yorkshire Court, but never arrived there and never returned to the apartment complex. Frear left his car in the complex's parking lot. He has never been heard from again.

Frear's mother reported him missing that evening after he failed to return home to Glenville, New York as expected. She says it is uncharacteristic of him to leave without warning, even though he was having disagreements with his parents around the time of his disappearance. None of his friends have heard from him since his disappearance. His family did not publicize his disappearance because they believed Frear might have left to have some time on his own and they wanted him to be able to work out whatever was bothering him.

The friend whom Frear visited the day he vanished says he was upset over a breakup with his girlfriend, but did not indicate he was considering running away or harming himself. He left behind his wallet, driver's license, and $40 in cash in his bedroom. His Social Security Number (SSN) has not been used since his disappearance, indicating that he has not paid taxes, opened a bank account, or applied for a job anywhere in the United States. There are numerous railroad tracks in the area where Frear was last seen, but no indications that he was hit by a train.

Frear had just finished his junior year at Scotia-Glenville High School at the time of his disappearance; he was a good and popular student there and co-captain of the soccer team, and several colleges were seeking to recruit him for his athletic abilities. He was interested in studying elementary education at college. He had a job in a local supermarket at the time of his disappearance. He has no criminal record, no history of behavioral problems, and no known enemies.

Although Frear is not thought of have committed suicide, the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear. Foul play has not been ruled out in his case, but it remains unsolved.

From one of my readers:

*Craig was last seen at approx 2pm walking towards the woods. He was upset over a break up with his girlfriend and had lost his job a couple weeks prior and didn't tell his parents that he had lost his job, but the parents found out right before he went missing. His parents lived together at the time and he does have a younger sister. Hunting is permitted in a park area nearby but as far as that direct spot I'm unsure..I would say no due to trains that run through and the apartment complex being right there. No one stated he had a gun and one was never found so it could be possible he could have had one and friends believed even though he was upset he never stated he wanted to harm himself.

"It is very possible he could have walked through the hunting area as there are numerous footpaths/shortcuts he could have taken and the preserve is 360 acres and in close proximity. Also, he has a younger sister and she would have been very young at the time of his disappearance.

"Also it is hard to say which route he would have taken home since there are numerous shortcuts and if he was upset maybe he went elsewhere. That's why I said it is possible he could have hit part of that hunting area since its so large and close by."

I asked the reader who sent me this case if she knew anything about it and when she said she did I sent her questions. Altogether, what she sent me is quoted above and substantiates some of the things I was seeing in the charts. I will explain all of this in detail as I read the charts in this post. I wanted to know about the younger sibling in order to validate the charts and make sure they were viable. In the first chart shown below you can see that Capricorn is on the fourth house cusp, showing Craig's family. Saturn is in the ninth with Mercury and the Sun. This shows a child, Mercury, in the family grouping. Venus, Craig's ruler in the first chart, is disposed of by Mercury, telling me this was his sister or brother. So this is why she mentioned the younger sister in the quote above.

Moon in the first house is the first clue that Craig is on his own, doing what he wants to and was not abducted or forced. The first house ruler, Venus, is in the eighth house and inconjunct to the Moon in Scorpio. This shows that Craig was in an emotional state that caused him to make bad choices. There was an error in judgment. The first house ruler in the eighth with Neptune in the fourth and the Moon moving upwards towards the twelfth it is my guess that Craig died shortly after he was last seen. Venus is disposed of by Mercury, which is placed in the ninth house conjoined Saturn. This shows him walking into the woods, most likely following a path. Saturn rules the fourth but it is in fall in the sign Cancer showing that he intended to head to his parents home but something interfered. Saturn falling between the Sun and Mercury and all three of these planets conjoined in the ninth makes me think that he miscalculated the direction of the path he was following, which is likely a very old path that was worn down and hard to follow. All three planets are disposed of by the Moon, showing his emotions to be a factor in his fatal error in judgment.

I am wondering what the emotional upset is about and I notice that the Moon is disposed of by Pluto in the third house. Looks like a verbal argument and perhaps over the phone. At the least, there were heated words exchanged and perhaps a little regret. I am thinking this dispute was with his parents, like the reports have suggested, because the seventh house ruler is Aries and Mars is in the tenth house, the natural marker for parents. Mars in Leo in the tenth seems to indicate it was his father that had him so upset. I say this because it is supported by the disposal of Mars by the Sun in Cancer. Because these Cancer planets are in the ninth house I am thinking the disagreement may have been over school. Either school or travel. The grand trine in water signs, including the Moon in Scorpio, the Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces from fire houses is a concern for me. The seventh house in Aries with Mars in the tenth describes the hunting area I was asking my reader about and I was thinking he may have been shot. If he had been shot, he was likely dumped in the water somewhere nearby. Venus in the eighth house is also the ruler of the eighth house and the first house, showing that death was very close to this subject; the presence of the node also disposed of by Venus brings the element of fate into the scenario. I think this was his day to die. I hate saying that, it sounds so fatalistic and forgiving, but I do not really feel that way myself. I am reading the charts and this is what they say. Take it or leave it.

Not knowing how long after 2 pm he actually left the apartment, it is hard to tell exactly where he was at any given moment. However, since he was last seen at 2 pm I did a chart for that hour. Now, I do a chart for an hour later, assuming that he would have had time to both leave and to get a move on down the road by then. The chart for 3 pm has the beginnings of a "death pattern" but it's not complete yet so I run charts for every 5 minutes after three until it I see it complete. The chart I am showing you is for 3:20 pm that day and I believe it shows that he died there in the woods not longer after he left. First of all, let me explain the death pattern. The Moon has moved into the twelfth, Neptune has reached the nadir, the twelfth house ruler, Venus, is in the eighth house and the fourth house ruler has entered the fourth house. Venus is also the seventh house ruler and marks the next person he is going to meet. It is positioned in the eighth house and this describes a desperate criminal personality that is in dire need of money. Venus in Gemini disposed of by Mercury describes a young person who moves around a lot and may be a transient to the area. Venus is retrograde so this person has lived a life of deprivation and desperation has been long and unrelieved. Venus trines Neptune at the nadir so there may have been a drug problem or this person may have been drunk at the time, also supported by Neptune ruling the fifth house. Neptune and Uranus are in the mutual reception in the fourth house so this was a sudden opportunity.

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The twelfth house ruler is Venus which is in the eighth house, rules the seventh house and is disposed of by Mercury in Cancer, which is also the eighth house ruler. This is a death pattern showing activity involving Venus and Mercury. In addition, the first house ruler and the Moon are both disposed of by Mars in the ninth. This tells me that Craig did pass through or very near to the hunting area. Pluto is in the second house in Sagittarius showing a knife or other pointed object. Gemini points at something moving fast through the air. In the chart for 2 pm, Aries is on the seventh house cusp with Mars in Leo in the ninth so it is likely he was shot. Mars in Leo in the ninth describes a gold or bright object; perhaps a bullet? Mars disposes of the Moon in the first house, almost like he walks into the line of fire. Combined with the seventh house ruler in the first chart, I am thinking he was confronted by a criminal in the woods and shot. The group of aspects among all of these charts just gets more complicated but I do believe he was killed in the woods and most likely left in a body of water. Saturn, which describes a dead body, is in the sign Cancer in the ninth house, showing me "water" in the "woods". Mercury so close by shows this to be a very small body of water or one that moves swiftly, like a river. If there is a river close by in the immediate area, this is a strong possibility.

I continue my analysis by looking at charts for 3:30 and 4:00 pm in order to discover where the body may be located. Saturn describes the body, it's condition and location and since it disposes of the chart ruler and is placed in conjunction with inner planets, I would say that it is definitive. It is in the sign Cancer in the ninth house, which, as I already said, points to a body of water in the woods. Mercury is close by and so is the Sun so this is either a small body of water with lots of birds or a fast moving river that travels at times through wooded areas. The Sun indicates that the body is in a part of the water that is exposed to sunlight and not in a shaded area or along a bank under trees. It is definitely in the water, perhaps in an area populated with shellfish. If this is a small body of water like a pond or a lake there would lots and lots of birds and small shellfish like abalone, small clams, crabs and mussels. A fast moving river would have similar assets. His body may be found near shellfish bed and in a shallow enough area for the sun to reach the body. Other clues are found in the disposition of the Moon in Scorpio. The area probably has sewer runoff or a cesspool nearby or possibly a pollution problem due to sewer runoff into the lake or river. There should be stinging insects, mostly the crawling kind. The area around the lake or river would be wooded but also mucky. There may be a nearby marsh. Pay attention to odors in the area; there should be offensive odors. With Mercury in Cancer disposed of by Moon in Scorpio, I tend to think there might be rotten fish. There may be fish die off in either the lake, the river or the marsh, possibly due to runoff pollution. Again, there may be a nearby sewer plant or other sources of sewage and there may have been an accident in the past, mucking up the water.

As I said before, the person who did this is a bum. I know that's a very general word but some of the words we used to use to describe this placement are now politically incorrect and offensive. Suffice to say he or she lives a hard life and is engaged in criminal activity. A rather seamy sort, should I say. Mars in Leo and Venus in Gemini describe this person. There are also dispostions that affect this description, including the disposition of Venus by Mercury, showing this person to be young. Mars in Leo can give a well made, muscular body that is lean but strong. Usually Mars in Leo can give coarse, wiry hair and striking blue eyes. This is NOT a description of a person born with Mars in Leo, it is a traditional reading for the overall influence of this placement. Venus in Gemini gives lots of brown hair and either grey or hazel eyes. Overall, I think this is a person with lots of wiry brown hair and light eyes. I think this is a good guess. Mars in Leo disposed of by the Sun in Cancer leads me to believe that this person is male. In general, Venus in Gemini makes this person expressive with the hands and a fast talker. Smooth way of speaking, could be a great salesperson but can also be a good swindler. Both Mars in Leo and Venus in Gemini have the propensity to take what is not theirs without permission. Gemini and Virgo and the planet Mercury are all markers for thieves. I think this person tried to rob Craig and then shot him.

Both markers for this person makes this person a bragger, a talker. He likes to boast and brag about what he gets away with. Jupiter smiled on him that day and he got away with this crime. But there is a good chance he has told someone, someone who could be a witness. Craig got unlucky this day; the inconjunction between Venus and the Moon confused him and he made a bad choice. He took the wrong path and ended up in the wrong place. He did pass by the hunting area but I do not think he was shot by a hunter neither do I think this was an accident. He did not run off, as some have suggested, because the death pattern is very clear. According to Astrology, Craig Frear is dead. I hope they continue looking for him and eventually find him so the family can give him a proper burial. I also hope that friend of this murderer eventually tells someone who cares enough to tell the police. If you know anything about this case, please the New York State Police at 518-630-1700. Thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. Your analysis is really fascinating. I wonder if anything in your charts indicates that Craig will be discovered at some point. His family is heartbroken still. Thank you.

  2. The more I look back and read old articles I believe that the Father went there angry to confront him about losing his job and indirectly lying by keeping it from his parents. Maybe the Father had an abusive nature and they fought. Maybe an accident, a fall but when it was too late the body had to be disposed of. A hard decision for a Father but maybe he did not want to face the consequences. It's a possibility and it's happened before. I wonder if you see anything of this nature?


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