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Shari Narelle Davison

Young Lady Leaves Casino and Disappears

From: Missing Persons Australia:

Personal Details

* Last seen: Saturday, 18 February 1995
* Year of birth: 1968
* Height: 162cm
* Build: Medium
* Eyes:
* Hair: Blond
* Complexion:
* Gender: Female


At about 2.00 am Saturday 18 February 1995. Shari attended the Crown Casino in Melbourne VIC in the company of a male friend. They remained until about 7:00am when the male friend left the premises. Shari remained alone. It is believed that Shari left and travelled to her home in Ballarat Road, Footscray by taxi. At about 2:45 pm Shari attended a local service station and made several phone calls. She has not been heard or seen since.

Shari also used the stage name of "Jodie".

From the book, "Headless Man In Topless Bar: Studies of 725 cases of strip club related criminal homicides"by T.A. Kevlin:

Shari Narelle Davison was a 26-year-old stripper in Melbourne, Australia. She was a heavy gambler and spent most of the night of February 17/18, 1995, with her boyfriend at a Melbourne casino. The boyfriend left before she did and Davison took a taxi home to her flat in suburban Footscray. She made several telephone calls from a public phone on the afternoon of February 18, and then vanished. She has never been located and Victorian police, investigating the case as a possible homicide, were unable either to develop a viable suspect or to find her body. Davison's mother felt that the blond, blue-eyed Davison may have been followed home from the casino and abducted into the Asiatic sex trade. This theory does not appear to be based on any solid evidence, however. A substantial reward has been posted in the case. (Cited: Sydney Daily Telegraph, July 1l, 1006, p. 17 and South Australia Sunday Mail, Feb 2, 1997.)


This case was sent to me by a reader. I never hear about cases in other countries but I like the idea of doing them for the blog because I have readers from all over the world. I liked the case because I have not done one yet for a stripper, which I think is a high risk occupation. I have done several cases which appear to involve the sex trade so I was very curious to see if something like that came across in the charts. Once I looked at the charts, I was convinced it would make a good case for the blog.

Since Shari was seen by many people up until 2:45 on the 18th, when she was last seen making phone calls in a public place, I chose to begin my analysis with a chart drawn for 3 pm. Notice that, at 3 pm, Jupiter rules the seventh house and is placed in the seventh. This shows that she has met with someone. Whether this was someone she just came across, someone she called while making those phone calls or whether this was a prearranged meeting, I am not sure. Jupiter disposes of itself and is in dignity, making it a powerful planet in the chart. Examining the first house, I see that Gemini is rising with Mercury in the eighth house in Aquarius. Mercury, in turn, is disposed of by Uranus in Capricorn. This indicates that Shari was considering doing something unusual to make some money. This person she was meeting appeared to have a lot of money. In fact, she viewed this person as influential and powerful. Uranus is conjoined Neptune, which rules the tenth house. This again emphasizes someone with power, influence or authority. Capricorn is a sign that describes status, wealth and power. Capricorn and the tenth house can also describe the father ( a power figure in a woman's life), the boss, the husband (if he is powerful ) or the company for which someone may work (if it handles large amounts of money or has dealings with the government). We know she didn't have a husband and her boyfriend has been cleared. We know her father wasn't around there at the time. So we are probably looking for a wealthy individual who could be her boss or other authority figure or, in general, the place where she worked as a stripper, especially if it was an upscale bar or nightclub or a big money casino. The fact that she had been in a casino is a strong marker. There is always the possibility that she met or spoke with someone in the casino.

The Moon co rules the chart and is a traditional marker for movement. It usually shows us what the subject is doing. The Moon is in Libra just entering the fourth house so this is a strong hint that Shari was headed to a residence or home in the area. Notice how the Moon is disposed of by Venus, also in Capricorn and also in the eighth house. This indicates that she is headed somewhere she thinks she might be able to make some money, get some help in her career, or meet somebody influential. The eighth house is showing us how wealthy the person is she is about to meet. Venus, by the way, is squared by the Moon, showing that this was a mistake. Libra usually describes indecisiveness, changing the mind. She may have thought about doing this before and had thought not to but had since changed her mind. With the square from Venus, she was apt to make rash and ill advised decisions. Perhaps she hadn't won much at the casino the night before and was rethinking opportunities. She had turned this down before but now she has changed her mind. Mars is in the third house so she is in a hurry. Mars in the third, where it describes the spoken word, shows us that she was encouraged to do so. She was in a big rush now that she had made up her mind. She was headed to a home or residence in the area. This home or residence is best described by Mercury in Aquarius and the Moon in Libra, showing us a home on a mountain or hillside. It is probably two or more stories. Moon in Libra describes an attractive home with soft colors and pleasant landscaping. Not a lot of landscaping, just artistic and pleasant. Venus and Uranus are both in Capricorn so this is an upscale neighborhood; a neighborhood known to be rich. Mercury often describes mobile homes but Aquarius is a fixed sign so this is a brick and mortar home built on the ground. But it is likely to be "up in the air" in some way, so look for those homes that are built in high places. Lovely, beautiful homes in an upscale neighborhood, possibly on a hillside or mountaintop and this particular home is two stories or more.

One more note from the 3 pm chart. To get to this home she had to travel southwest from the location where she made the calls. The 8th house shows us west by south and the sign Virgo shows us south by west. So I can generally say it is directly southwest of that location. The planet Mercury is only 1 degree from an inconjunction to the fourth house cusp, giving me the idea that is was about an hours ride. I say an hour because Aquarius is a fixed sign, which can often indicate days in matters of time, but the fourth house is angular, which can mean mere minutes. So between the two, I estimate about an hour travel time to this house on the hill.

Since the charts indicate it would take about an hour to get there, I thought a chart for 4 pm was in order. We could possibly get a glimpse of what happens when she arrives. In this chart, you can see that the fourth house ruler has moved into the seventh house, which describes the current home as belonging to the person she has gone to meet. The seventh house ruler, Jupiter, as moved into the sixth house near to Pluto. This shows this person to be working, at work, or involved somehow with work at this time. I believe, as I already said, that Shari went there to make some money and this person is hiring her. This works with the 6th house planets. To support this idea, the tenth house ruler, Mars, has moved into the second house. The tenth house shows us career and the second house shows us income. So she has gone there to work; this is what it really looks like to me. The first house ruler is still Mercury and it is still placed in the eighth house, showing us that this person she has gone to meet has offered to pay her. The north node is in the fifth house trine to Saturn in the ninth so I think she is entertaining them somehow and someone may be taking pictures. The ninth house rules photography and so does the sign Pisces. Neptune is angular in the seventh house in Capricorn, again hinting that someone is making money from taking pictures. North node in the fifth shows a planned party with a certain purpose. Notice that the node is in Scorpio, disposed of by Mars in the third and Pluto in the sixth. Scorpio hints at sexual activity, as does the fifth house and the node. Pluto in the sixth conjunct Jupiter describes someone making a lot of money from disruptive activity, which can include but is not limited to, acts of violence. Pluto is not a strong planet in the chart and does not have angular energy so I would not take it too seriously. I do not believe it describes violence towards Shari.

This was not a usual activity for Shari. She decided to do this at this time after she had dismissed the offer in the past. But she needed money and these people had money. The offer appears to involve a paid performance of some sort (the fifth house ruler in the sign Leo in the second), photos that were to be taken (Jupiter in Sagittarius in the sixth with Saturn in Pisces in the ninth) and sex (Pluto conjoined the seventh house ruler with node in Scorpio in the fifth). So she went along for this because she needed the money after a night in the casino that does not appear to have gone well.

This chart for 5 pm has Cancer on the first house cusp and supports the idea that Shari was taken somewhere. Here you see the first house ruler, the Moon, in the third house. The chart appears to tell us that Shari has gotten into a car or other vehicle. Since the Moon is in the sign Libra in this house we can say that she was travelling west. They took her west from this location to another upscale property as shown by the fourth house ruler, which is now Venus, being in the sign Capricorn. Venus is disposed of by Saturn in the eighth so this had something to do with sex and money. The eighth house is the wallet for the seventh house and the seventh house represents the other person in this matter, so someone is spending their money to have Shari do something which looks like sex. This is an ongoing theme of the charts even as the houses and aspects change. The seventh house ruler, Saturn, is disposed of by Neptune in Capricorn in the seventh so there was an esteemed photographer, someone who had made money doing this sort of thing before and been successful. It appears they took her to the second location to take the actual photos. Several other aspects and placements in this chart continue to indicate that sex was involved. Neptune is conjoined the eighth house ruler and they are both placed in the seventh, disposed of by Saturn in the eighth. This along with Pluto in the fifth house with the node in Scorpio. But some other details stand out for me and deserve attention. Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is combust in the eighth house so I think things turned out a little differently than the subjects had planned. Something went wrong. The strongest aspect here to indicate that pictures were taken and perhaps even drugs were used is the collection of light around the planet Neptune. The Moon is sinister to a square with Neptune while Saturn is sinister to a sextile to Neptune while neither planet aspects each other. Therefor, Neptune collects the light from these aspects and doesn't share it. Neptune is a primary traditional marker for many things, among which are photos and drugs. So goes the conundrum.

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Moon in Libra in the third house shows us that Shari went from one place to another, probably in the same neighborhood. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in the seventh, so she was asked to do this because she is a female and other females have done this before. Venus disposed of by Saturn in the eighth tells us again that this activity has something to do with sex and money. The next aspect the Moon makes is a square to Neptune so the purpose of the trip is to have photos taken. She is going to be a model? A porn star? A sex slave? A stripper at a party that is going to be recorded? I am not exactly sure. Planets in the fifth can indicate a party but photos seem to point at porn. Pluto in the fifth scares me; is this going to involve violence or rape? Pluto in Scorpio in the fifth is a strong indicator for sexual violence. And has she agreed to this or is there a surprise waiting? Pluto has no real power in this chart, it does not rule any angles and it does not dispose of ruling planets but it does dispose of the node, which worries me. Was this violence all a part of the plan? Shari is about to walk into a chaos whether she realized it or not and it had all been carefully planned out by men who had done this before.

I am starting to think that maybe this was a job she was doing to pay back gambling debts. Pluto in the fifth house could indicate that. This would dismiss the violent markers and show that she was willing to have sex for money to settle her debts and that this is what was planned in advance. This would make the entire scenario a little less disconcerting. However, the markers in the chart for 6 pm do nothing to alleviate my concerns. Here you have Pluto now angular in the fourth house, the seventh house ruler, which is still Saturn, sitting in the eighth, the fourth house ruler in the first and the first house ruler still disposed of by Venus with Venus just entering the sixth house, showing danger. Moon in the third shows her to be in the same neighborhood but it's the cluster of planets now in the seventh house that bothers me. Is this a party after all? Or are these customers? The fourth house ruler, Mars, is retrograde in the first house, in the sign Leo and disposed of by the Sun in the seventh. This is another indicator that someone was violent, wanting something rough and confrontational. The tenth house ruler is Venus and this is a powerful planet in the chart. It is also the dispositor for the chart ruler. This planet is in the sixth house, as previously mentioned, and tells me clearly that Shari will not be seen again. She is in grave danger and she will disappear. That is what this placement alone tells me.

If Shari is going to live or die will be determined in the next few hours. This chart shows she is in danger, but we do not know if that means death. It could mean slavery, abduction, violence or rape but whether she is dead or not is still unknown to me. This chart has more death markers than any other so far, but that makes sense because she has arrived at her destination. The chart for 7 pm shows me nothing definitive but the chart for 8 pm shows me that she is still alive and that the markers have changed and she has escaped death so far. This chart has Leo rising with the Sun in the seventh, showing her to to be with these men. Sun is disposed of by Neptune in the sixth, showing her to be there expressly so that photos can be taken and that these photos are part of some one's work or job. The seventh house ruler is Uranus and it is conjoined Neptune in the sixth, showing us clearly that the person she is with is the photographer. Pluto as the fourth house ruler sitting near the nadir tells me that this was a "sex house" or a place where sex was performed in some way, either through prostitution, through slavery or through porn. I am becoming more and more convinced that this is porn. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the second house, showing Shari's focus on money. This would make her money and this is what she was after.

The chart for 9 pm has the first house ruler with a cluster of planets in the fifth house, showing sex with more than one person. Uranus, Neptune and Venus are clustered nearby in the same house, showing one other woman and two men, one of whom was a photographer. Neptune on the seventh house cusp clearly shows us that the photographer is calling the shots. Neptune disposed of by Saturn in Pisces in the sixth house shows they used drugs to sedate the women, to calm them down. It made them "feel better". Mercury, the first house ruler, is Shari's marker and it is disposed of by Uranus, which shows the second man. This must be another performer. Jupiter rules the fourth and is placed in the third so there are people coming and going so these people were not totally isolated or in a hidden place. The chart co ruler, Moon in Libra, is in the first house, showing Shari to be in agreement with all of this, and basically doing it of her own free will. I see no markers for abduction, no markers for violence or murder and no death pattern yet. However, I get the feeling that she is hanging out waiting to get paid and not because she had decided to move in.

The chart for 10 pm shows the first house ruler in the fourth, telling us that she is still at this house. The Moon is at the ascendant and she still seems to be there without being coerced. She is doing this because she wants to but I can certainly see why she did not share this with others. Being a stripper is one thing but being a porn star is quite another. And I think she planned on doing a quick dirty deed for a large amount of cash, fixing her problems, whatever they were, and going home to her life. But I am afraid things did not turn out that. As we all know, she never went home with that cash. In fact, after looking at all the charts, I am inclined to say she was never paid. The chart for midnight shows the second house ruler, Jupiter, in the first house, showing her to be waiting for what she thought was a large sum of money. But the first house ruler is that nasty Pluto in Scorpio, backing up towards the twelfth. In fact, Pluto conjoins the cusp, making it super powerful. To support this negative energy, Mars, the co ruler of the first house, is in the tenth house. I think this where things went violent. Notice the cluster of planets in the third house. Although they don't rule the angles, these planets seem to be describing people who are leaving the house or have left. The tenth house ruler, the Sun, is the only angular planet remaining in the fourth house, showing us that Shari is alone with the man that hired her. Presumably to get paid?

But Mars is in the tenth, directly opposite the Sun in the fourth, so he has no intention of paying her. In fact, he plans on beating her up and denying her the money. The node in Scorpio is in the twelfth house so he may well be planning to kill her. All the while that Shair suspects nothing, as clearly shown by the Moon in Libra in the eleventh house. In fact, this was someone she thought of as a friend, even if she had refused his offer in the past. I believe she was attacked at around 12:30 am. The chart for this hour shows Pluto just crossing the ascendant into the twelfth house, closely followed by the first house ruler, Jupiter. This shows the beating and the subsequent "passing". Saturn is at the cusp of the fourth at 12:30 am and then enters the fourth at 12:45 am, minutes before Jupiter enters the twelfth. This is shown clearly by the charts shown below, the first for 12:45 and the second for 1 am. It took her 15 minutes to die and this after a 15 minute beating. I hate giving these blow by blows but this is a great opportunity to explain the movements of planets in these charts, even minute by minute. The case is old enough now that I feel I won't be tearing someone's heart apart by posting this.

Saturn in Pisces in the fourth house shows us her body. The lack of planets in the eighth and fifth houses tell me that she did not die during sex. Pluto at the ascendant with Mars at the midheaven, describes a beating. So she was killed after the fact, not during the act. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is in Aquarius in the third house, telling me that this was his way of doing business. Saturn in the fourth disposed of by Neptune in the second is saying that the money is a ruse, they lie about how much the girls will make and they have no intention of paying them. They lie to them outright. In this chart, Jupiter square Saturn continues to support the theory that she was beaten to death. So what happened to her body? Why has she never been found? The first thing to remember when considering search options in this case is that she was taken from her own neighborhood to a rich neighborhood somewhere to the southwest. She was then taken to a second house in the same area. It was at this second house where she was killed. The house in question, at the time of her death, is described by Aquarius and Uranus in Capricorn, which is in the second house. This describes a house very similar to the home to which she first went. Upscale neighborhood, most likely on a mountain or hillside, two story home. Look for craggy mountains and animals nearby with hoofs. Especially look for goats and deer. There may be farming or agricultural operations nearby; flower gardens around the home. Lots of birds in the area. Possibly an airport or landing strip nearby; look for radio or TV towers and many telephone wires. There may also be an observatory in the vicinity. Aquarius usually points to areas recently dug up so there may have been landscaping or building going on in the area where the ground was disturbed. This describes the area where the house was located at that time.

Continuing our concern for locating Shari's body, I see that in the chart for 3 am, Saturn has moved into the third house. Saturn rules the first house at this hour and is the traditional ruler for the dead body itself or, in general, the bones. This is telling me that they put the body in a car or other vehicle. They are removing her from the home and relocating her. Saturn is in Pisces which is disposed of by Neptune in the first in the sign Capricorn. They are going to bury her in a hidden place. Capricorn shows us the physical grave. Neptune tells us that this is a very dark, very hidden place where few people go. I want to see when they took her out of the car, so I can measure the time it took to get to the burial site. I ran charts minute by minute from 3 am until 4:19 am, when I saw Saturn leave the third house and enter the second. This is where they roll her out of the car into another area, as shown by the second. Saturn is in Pisces so this is somewhere in the area of a river or lake. Pisces always describes really big fish so perhaps the ocean is near. She is not in the water, however. Capricorn shows the earth. At the same time that Saturn rolls out of the third, Neptune crosses the ascendant into the twelfth, showing the burial site. She was buried very close to where they stopped the car. Since the chart time is 1 hour 19 minutes from the time they put her in the car and the time they took her out, I have to measure the degrees here to be sure of the real time. The degrees separating the cusp of the third from the second (the arrival of Saturn to the second, in actuality) is about 19 degrees. Saturn is in a mutable sign and the second is a succeedent house so I beleive it comes out to being about 19 minutes. So it took them just about 20 minutes from the house she was murdered in to the place where they buried her. Pisces describes northwest and the second house shows us northeast so measure it to be north. They headed north for around 20 minutes and came upon the place that they left her.

To describe the area, you have to consider various factors. Saturn describes deserts, Capricorn on the first cusp describes dirt, Pisces describes beaches or mossy places, the second house describes small areas with small animals, mostly turtles and other reptiles with a few small den animals like rabbits. It also describes cultivated ground, wheat fields, gardens, trees, cattle and cattle grazing areas as well as planted fields. The second house contains Aquarius so this also describes the mountains and hillsides, similar to the area where this house was located. So, putting all the variables together, I think I have an idea how to describe this area. It is in a mountainous or hilly region with desert or beach areas with lots of sand and scrabble. There may be a water source running through the mountain or hill, such as a mountain lake or stream. A place where people fish and large fish are sometimes caught there. There are old wheatfields or other cultivated areas that may be in ruin now and no longer productive. However, the ground is still tilled and disturbed in some areas. Irrigation sources run through the region even though they are rarely used. There may be a cattle farm and some larger, hooved animals in the area like goats, deer or bison. I am not familiar at all with Australia so these markers will have to be worked to fit the region by those who do know the area.

The Moon describes the person who buried her. Moon in Libra again describes a mountaineous region and the idea that she is buried "up in the air". The ninth house describes the great outdoors, any large undeveloped area that includes scrabby sand and old fields. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in Capricorn, which brings us back to hard scrabble land filled with rocks and debris and animals with hooves, including mules and donkeys. The fourth house ruler, Mars, is in the eighth house, showing her final "home". The fourth house often describes the coffin. Here it is Mars, which is a marker again for deserts, hot sun and dry sand. Mars also describes hilly ground, freshly plowed areas, burnt out farmland and adds a few more markers into the mix, including slaughterhouses, smelters, distilleries and canneries so some defunct manufacturing plants may be in the area, especially those that might have made use of the agricultural products once grown in the region. This area cannot be flourishing; it is hardscrabble, hot and dry. The plants are all wilted or dead. She may be buried near a closed mine that once mined for metals. She might be buried near an old lumber mill or a place where lumber is currently stored. If there is a water source, a lake or stream, then look for mossy areas near the sandy beach. If there is a watermill, or popular bathing spot, then start looking here and fan out from there.

I know these are a lot of markers and not all of them work well together. The idea is for those who are familiar with the area to dismiss those markers that cannot or do not apply to the region. From there, the idea is to work with the remaining markers and discount each as they are examined. I would really love to see a search party get together and reignite this case. Shari Davison is in dire need of justice; no one deserves to be treated this way.

In consideration for those people who beleive that Shari is still alive and are hoping to find her, I am going to post her picture here for you to examine. She does not have to be in Australia. The kind of business she was in could have taken her anywhere; her mother, for instance, beleives she is in Asia in the sex trade. If she is in porn, perhaps you or someone you know has seen a movie with her face. Just look and be sure. If you think you have any information that will help this case come to closure, please go to and enter the information you have.

Shari Davison

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