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Jason Paul

Young Man Stabbed to Death on Stairway

From: Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Jason Paul, 18, was stabbed to death outside flats in Convent Way at approximately 2pm on October 2 2000.

Mr Paul, who lived in Southall with his family, had a daughter who was three-months old at the time of his death.

Police have issued a new appeal for information regarding a group of Asian men, thought to be between six and eight strong and aged 20-25 years, who were seen in Convent Way at around 1.30pm on the day of the murder and have put up the cash sum for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the murder Officers - who arrested seven men in connection with the investigation between October and November 2000 but released them all with no further charge - will be in the area around Convent Way today handing out leaflets and speaking to people to gain information or trace any further witnesses.

From one of my readers:

Monday 2nd October 2000 Jason visited his girlfriend and baby. Last seen by girlfriend at 1.30pm to 1.45pm after receiving a phone call to meet a friend. Time person found dead 2pm by a neighbour on landing at 388 Convent Way, Southall, Greater London, England.

According to police records Jason was found dead at 2 pm by the neighbour after leaving the girlfriend's apartment from the times stated.. Yes it all happened on the same day. The police believe Jason was attacked on the stairs leading to the girlfriend's apartment and found a few yards/metres (on the balcony) from the girlfriend's front door.
(practically outside 390 Convent Way estate next door to the girlfriends apartment) .
The apartment was on the first floor.

The Friday before Jason was killed, Jason was rob and then threaten as a result he was told to stay low. The morning of his death he had left his girlfriends flat earlier to meet a few friends on his bike. he was seen arguing with two males a few streets away and then returned to the flat. According to his girlfriend, he did not want to go out but would not say why. He got a phone call from a friend to meet up and left at the time stated, Jason never met his friend. The post mortem states Jason was fighting with his attacker(s). There was no blood splatter but a large amount of blood was found where he laid, also a trail of blood where he tried to drag/crawled himself back to the flat, one of his trainers/sneakers were found on the stairs, no weapons found, and his mobile was taken.

From: Jasons Online Memorial:

On Monday 2nd October 2000 Jason was found dead outside his girlfriend’s flat in Convent Way, Southall. He was stabbed 19 times and left for dead. Jason had just visited his 3 month old daughter and was on his way to visit friends.

Jason was always bubbly and always willing to help people. When his daughter was born, he was so happy and took great pride in looking after her. His killers have never been caught


I was emailed by someone close to this case and given the information. At first, I was unwilling to do it because the charts did not appear viable. We know that Jason is dead at 2 pm and this is ok but he was supposedly killed between 1:30 and 2:00 pm that afternoon. The charts did not reflect this. It was also said that he was attacked by a group of men and yet the charts did not reflect this either. I was ready to toss the case when the person I had gotten the case from told me that the group of men was only a theory and not known to be a fact. I was also told that Jason could have been killed at any time, the times given were not written in stone. So then I decided to do it after all, with my sights on figuring out what really happened to Jason Paul.

So instead of starting with a chart for 2 pm and working it backward an hour, I decided to start much earlier in the day and watch the course of events. So the first chart I drew was for noon. There is no eyewitness report for his whereabouts at noon. In this chart, Sagittarius is rising with Jupiter in the seventh. This shows Jason visiting with someone. Since Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, which is in the seventh house, this appears to be a younger friend. Mercury usually shows people younger than us, our children, for instance, or students among our friends. Since Mercury is in the eleventh conjunct Venus, I think this is a young woman. Since Mercury is in the sign as Venus, there are two people who are related; most likely a young woman with a child. These are friends of Jasons, not family. Both planets are disposed of by Pluto in the first and Mars in the ninth. This could be a girlfriend but not a wife. And it looks like there is a disagreement about the child. Pluto in the first describes anger, at the least, and most often a confrontation. So there was a disagreement with these people early in the day. Both planets are also disposed of Mars in the ninth, which rules the fourth house cusp. The fourth house often describes children and family. Mars supports the conflict theory. And the ninth house can point to legalities, religious matters, insurance, the relatives of the partner (being the third from the seventh)and grandchildren (being the fifth from the fifth). Any one of these issues appear to be the cause of the rift. Mars is square to Pluto from the ninth to the first shows probable aggression and possible violence over these matters as listed.

The chart for 1 pm shows a first attack on Jason Paul. The Pluto Mars square moves to the twelfth and eighth houses, crossing the ascendant in the process. Jupiter, still the first house ruler, moves into the sixth. The ruler in the sixth points at a infirmity, whether it be sickness or physical damage; this placement describes the subject as being in "ill health". Jupiter opposes Pluto from the sixth to the twelfth, showing a sneak attack that got the better of him. This shows us that Jason was attacked much earlier in the day than previously beleived. And Jupiter conjunct Saturn in the sixth tells us that if he had survived it, it would have left lasting damage and it would have been a long course of treatment to good health. In other words, he was hurt very badly. North node in the eighth house, disposed of by the Moon, points to a plan or plot of some sort, where this attack was devised in advance. The tenth house ruler is Venus, placed in the eleventh, and this is the only clue. He is at the home of a woman when this happens and she is part of the reason this happened at all. Notice that I did not say that she did this. I do not know this for sure in any instance but the charts are saying it was "because" of her, which does not imply her participation. Was there a jealous ex lover? Someone who hated Jason but knew this woman well? Anything is possible.

The one thing really apparent in these charts from the start is that the account of this attack being random, by passersby or strangers, is just not accurate. The person who did this both knew who Jason was and where he would be. Everything that happened in this case happened very quickly, within the span of an hour or so. I looked in all the charts for a second attack or an attack later in the day and could not find one. He is sick and dieing in all of them until the last one. Pluto moves into the twelfth and stays there. The Moon in this chart is in 7 degrees 45 minutes of Sagittarius, just a degree and a half from the fixed star, Dschubba, which describes murder. The Moon is opposed to Jupiter, which is Jason's marker. He was targeted and murdered much earlier in the day than what was reported. He was left either inside or just outside this woman's doorway and found there, at 2 pm. There is an interesting loop in the charts for 1:30 and 1:45 pm. The node is in the eighth, disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth, which is conjoined both Pluto and Dschubba. I beleive he was attacked at around 12:30 pm and died around 1:30 pm. Mars in the eighth house explains the large number of wounds; someone was really angry.

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The thing about these charts is that I do not see a gang of men anywhere. The reports about a gang of men must have been only speculation. It was these reports, as if they were eyewitness accounts, that chased me off this case at the start. I thought the charts had to be wrong. The times were wrong. Something was wrong! But when I dismissed this suggestion and went on to read the charts, I see him attacked, I see him murdered, but I don't see anyone else in this chart but a woman and her child. That is until the chart for 1:30 pm. Here, the fourth house is housed by Aries with Mars in the eighth, disposed of by Mercury. There's that pesky Mercury again! This person appears at the home at 1:30 pm and finishes Jason off. The eighth house describes a death mission; another descriptor that tells us this was no accident or random event. This person came there for the specific purpose of killing Jason Paul. The fourth house being the marker for someone's home, I would say this happened at the same home where he was attacked the first time.

Most of the planets in this chart are disposed of by either Jupiter, Mars, Pluto or Mercury. Mars and Pluto describe the attack and the attacker. Jupiter describes Jason. But what does Mercury describe? A child, perhaps. A young person. Mercury is tightly bound with Venus throughout each chart, hinting at a mother and child. Could Jason have been murdered over this child? If it involved legalities, insurance or other financial matters, perhaps there was a custody dispute? Or an arrangement that was not wanted? Perhaps another man had entered the picture? Or the girlfriend did not want to work things out and wanted to take the child or keep the child to herself? I do not know these details. The charts are only giving us glimpses. But this is what happened to Jason Paul. He was attacked early in the day by one person, left alive, and then finished off later. All of this happened at a location near a woman and a child. It may have been over the woman or the child. I hope they figure this one out and bring this killer to justice. No matter what, Jason did not deserve this.

Now I want to take a shot at describing the person or persons who did this to Jason. I am not guaranteeing anyone that this method I use actually works, it's still in beta. Actually, Forensic Astrology, in general, is still in beta. But that doesn't keep me from trying it out. The charts for the first attack, that occurred sometime between 12:20 pm and 1 pm, have Mercury on the seventh cusp. I think this is the person he is visiting and not the actual attacker. Mercury is disposed of by Pluto at the Ascendant and is conjoined the Moon, which is a marker for Jason and both the Moon and Pluto are in the twelfth house so I take this as the actual attack. Because of this pattern I am going to use Pluto as my descriptor. Pluto, in general, gives us smaller and thicker body types (compact and square). This person is probably muscular in frame and has in intense nature that enjoys physical labor and exercise. Body builders fit this profile. There would be a darker complexion, regardless of race, and thick, dark eyebrows. A lot of body hair. Hair is dark but with an auburn or reddish tinge. Large hands and muscular thighs. Could be a cyclist; loves the races; may like to ride horses. This person is tough and strong and would make a good fighter or boxer.

The person who came along later and finished him off is marked clearly by Mars in Virgo. This makes for a complaining type of person who is very critical of themselves and others. This person is taller than the other person and slimmer. There is also a good physique with a muscular body and no fear of hard work but the person is a little taller and more slender overall. There is less love, though, for physical activity and more of a tendency to watch the diet and fuss over the appearance. Also may have reddish brown hair but has smaller, more delicate features overall. A small chin, perhaps with a dimple; high, broad forehead; small, thin lips. Look for a large nose. Fast walker, constant talker, has something to say about everything. Very critical of others, sometimes obstreperous. Not afraid of a fight, especially if he's sure he's right. This man can be irritable, nasty at times, very critical and demanding. He can also be obstinate and too proud.

Both of these men have a tendency to brood and hold grudges; they can both seek revenge. Both men can be very dishonest and are not above committing a crime. They may very well live by their wiles, stealing and lieing. One or both of them may have spent time in jail at one time in the past.

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