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Holly Bobo

Young Woman Abducted In Her Own Driveway


A massive search for a young nursing student missing since Wednesday continues in Tennessee.

In the close knit community of Darden, Tenn., the search for Holly Bobo is growing desperate, CBS News correspondent Don Teague reported.

The 20-year-old was allegedly kidnapped from in front of her home by a man dressed in camouflage at about 7:30 am, as she left for class.

Holly's mother Karen Bobo said, "Holly, I love you so much. Please try to get home to us and if anybody knows anything about her please, please help us find her."

Holly was last seen being dragged across the home's carport and into nearby woods by the suspect. Her older brother witnessed it happening and called 911.

Both of Holly's parents had already left for work.

Holly's father Dana Bobo said, "It might have been somebody close that kinda knew our routine, when I left, and when she left, and when my daughter left to go to school."

Authorities say there was blood found outside the home. But have not released many details.

On Thursday, police and up to 400 volunteers searched the woods looking for Holly.

Decatur County Sheriff Roy Wyatt said of Holly's family, "You can only imagine what they're going through. They need your help. Thank You."

A $25,000 reward is being offered for information about Holly's disappearance.

As the search continues, the community is praying Holly will come home.

Karen Bobo said, "I just want her back."

Authorities say the possible abductor is a white man between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds. Teague added the man's face was not seen and authorities say that's not much to go on.

In an "Early Show" interview Sheriff Wyatt said the search Friday will depend on the weather.

He said, "We have thundershowers and thunderstorms in the area now, and it's predicted that it will be very bad today. And it will all depend upon how the weather pattern plays out."

He said the police currently do not have any leads.

Wyatt said, "We're still in our very early stages of investigation, following up every lead, everything that we can find, we're following up on it at this time."

The sheriff said they do not know if he was armed or not.

Wyatt said the community has come together to search for Holly.

"It has been great," he said. This community, as you know, we're in a rural area. The Bobo family live in a rural part of the county. The citizens of this county have turned out tremendously. They've provided food. They have provided search teams. Horseback, foot, we've covered a large area because of them. There's not enough law enforcement in this area to cover that. But the citizens have stepped up, and we're so very appreciative."

A massive search is underway for a missing Decatur County woman. Investigators believe 20-year-old Holly Bobo was abducted from her home on Wednesday morning.
Investigators said it happened on Swan Johnson Road in Darden around 7:30 a.m. Her brother told police that a man wearing camouflage grabbed the young woman, dragged her across her carport and pulled her into some nearby woods.
Authorities said Holly Bobo was on her way to school. She is a student at the UT Martin campus.


I don't usually profile current hot cases, I like to do colder ones but this one is really bothering me. Although I like to give the cops plenty of time to resolve the case before I stick my nose in, I just can't resist this one. So I ran some charts for the time she was last seen and the hour before and the hour after. At first, I thought the charts were senseless but then I doped them out. Sometimes the charts don't work in the way they usually do; sometimes they work a little differently. This case is a great example of this variation.

In this chart you can see that Taurus is rising with Scorpio on the descendant. Venus is in the eleventh house which didn't makes sense to me when I first saw it. But the Moon is in the fourth and this shows Holly to be at her home. Notice the seventh house rulers, Mars and Pluto. Mars is in the twelfth house, describing somebody in the shadows, hiding. This placement describes someone who is "behind" the subject. Not physically, but figuratively, meaning a place where he can't be seen. Pluto is in the ninth house, showing him to be in the outdoors, most likely a wooded or forested area. Now, this dovetails with what we know to be true. Holly was at home and her abductor was hiding in the woods from which he emerged and grabbed her. The first house ruler does not make sense to me so I am shelving it in favor of aspects that do fit the facts. This is a little unconventional for me but, heck, do what works.. right?

In trying to figure out the meaning of the first house ruler, I study the disposition. It is disposed of by Neptune, also in the eleventh house. This gives me the distinct impression that this person was among her friends but someone she did not know well. This is someone who had an agenda and had targeted Holly but without her realizing it. Neptune is nothing if not deceptive. But it is in the eleventh, which describes ones friends and acquaintances, so he must have come across Holly in some way and although she would recognize him she did not know him well. One more thing I want to address is the camoflauge. This makes sense with the seventh house ruler in the twelffth. He wore it to disguise himself. Also, in considering the secondary ruler in the ninth house and that this ruler is Pluto, my best guess would be that this man is a hunter. He is familiar with guns and violence; he is not afraid of violence. He may be a "survivalist" of some sort. Pluto in the ninth would also indicate a hunter, but not an average hunter but someone who lives a revolutionary lifestyle. Pluto in Capricorn with Mars in Aries shows me that his man is into weapons, mostly guns, although knives are attractive, too. He likes really big guns, destructive weapons that can kill a lot of animals or people all at once. He may be into explosives or landmines or trapping equipment that he uses in the wild to kill animals. Pluto in Capricorn shows dissatisfaction with government and society, in general. Pluto is also square Mars, showing me that he is quite capable of great acts of violence, destruction and chaos. This is a dangerous person.

Looking at the chart for 8 am, I see that the planets are all rushing into the eleventh house. The planets that are moving include the first house ruler, the tenth house ruler and the seventh house ruler, showing us a group of people. Notice how Venus is in Pisces while all the others are in Aries. This tells us that Holly is the "outsider", the one who doesn't belong in this group. And this is group of people who have come together for a purpose and my first thought is a hunting group, a survivalist camp or a radical fringe group. All of these planets are in Aries, disposed of by Mars, which rules the seventh house. The man who took Holly is a leader in this group and these people are gathered to help him. Venus is disposed of by Neptune in the tenth so although they are trying to hide her, Holly made every effort to get the attention of other people during her abduction. Pluto has moved into the eighth house in this chart at this hour and this indicates a possibility of violence ahead that could lead to death. It is NOT a death pattern, however, and alone it does not indicate that Holly will die. But Pluto is conjunct the north node so there are plans involving this girl. They took her for a reason. And I keep saying they because there were definitely more than one.

The charts move really fast in this case and turn up basic details so I will be moving through quite a few charts. The chart for 8:30 am shows a total of 5 planets in the eleventh house with the only the Sun remaining in the twelfth. This shows a big group of people, with 3 of the planets angular rulers. The Sun rules the fourth from the twelfth, showing us that they went to a residence or similar location that is a secret place, hidden away. Like a camp. Moon is in the fourth so this is where they took Holly. And the prominence of the eleventh house shows this to be a group, like a cult or a camp or other group that people join for a purpose. Jupiter now rules the seventh house in the sign Aries placed in the eleventh. The head of this group is a hunter, as I said before, but is also a religious leader. This is a religious group. This place where they took Holly operates as their home. Notice the ninth house ruler, Saturn, placed in the fifth house. They also have a church. A place where they go to hear the gospel and to proclaim their loyalty to their faith. The first house ruler is now Gemini with Mercury in the eleventh, tightly conjoined to Jupiter. The leader of this group, this religious leader, has chosen Holly for some purpose. With Pluto in the eighth, I think he chose her to be his concubine, the mother of his children. He feels he has a legacy and he wants to fulfill it.

Earlier I said that the charts showed that Holly knew him on sight. She does not know him well, but she knew who he was. He has seen her before, I am not sure where, but this is when he decided that he wanted her. He chose her, targeted her, stalked her and then took her.

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At 9 am, the Moon moves into the third, showing the group in a vehicle. This many people and it must be a van or a bus. At 10 am, they are still driving. Because the Moon is in Leo in the third, I would say they are moving in a East by North direction. Not entirely northeast by east with a northerly drift. If there are highways that leave the area from where she was taken and then head east with a northerly drift, then this is the highway they took. And they drove for about two hours. They do not leave the car for a full two hours. So this was 2 hours east from the place she was taken. In the chart for 11 am, which shows everyone out of the car, Saturn rules the seventh house and is placed in the fourth. This shows the abductor in a residence. Moon rules the first from the second house, telling me that they put Holly in a closet and locked her in there. It could be a trunk, a box, a suitcase, all kinds of small, closed in places, but I am betting on the closet. This place where they took her is a residence of some sort but Mercury is on the fourth house cusp describing this residence as "mobile". So this is a trailer, an RV, a manufactured home, some type of home that can be removed. Mercury is in Aries in the tenth so there are stolen goods on the property. Mercury and Jupiter are both under the Sun's beams and the Sun rules the second house so I am pretty sure this man is on the run because he is in danger of being caught for a robbery. He has stolen goods on the property that the cops are looking for. In addition, none of the angular planets are in the tenth house, which also tells me that none of these people live here. In fact, I do not beleive anyone does. It is simply a place for stashing stolen good and they took Holly there to lock her up and leave her.

The chart for noon shows Holly still in the closet and the abductor still at the trailer. The fourth house ruler, Venus, is in the sign Pisces in the ninth house. This tells us a little more about this place. Pisces gives us water, usually deep water with lots of fish. Venus indicates people probably enjoy fishing in the water there. The ninth house gives us the woods, the outdoors, perhaps a place where people hunt. So there is likely hunting and fishing going on in the area. At 1 am, the charts change again and I see all of them going out into the woods. The angular rulers, including the first house ruler, have all moved into the ninth house. The Moon is in the first, showing Holly out of the closet and out in the open. And in the charts for 1:30, 2pm and 3 pm I see what appears to be sexual activity involving a number of people. All of the angular planets move into the eighth house with Pluto in the fifth. Moon is in the twelfth so this is in a private place in the woods. At first, in the chart for 2 pm, it appears that two people have sex with the tenth and seventh house rulers in the eighth with Pluto in the fifth.

At 3 pm, the Moon completes a trine with the Sun, showing complicity and joy. Apparently this activity makes them happy. This is something they do easily and often. Group sex. And just after 3 pm they appear to bring Holly into it. This is some sort of indoctrination. Some sort of initiation. Pluto is in the fifth house for the entire event so I think they forced her. Whether she wanted to or not, she was brought into their group thing. Mercury, which rules the first house, is in the eighth house snugly conjoined with Jupiter, which rules the fourth. On the other side, also close to Mercury, is Mars, which rules the eighth. This man had sex with Holly. And I think it's the one who took her, who is also the one who "leads" this group.

The charts go on like this most of the day. Sexual activity, a group of people in the woods, the subject being manhandled and then her markers moving into the sixth house, showing her to be sick and miserable. However, another descriptor of this position, the ruler in the sixth, is that she may never be found. Or, at least, it may be a very long time. Since Venus is also disposed of by Neptune, I would venture to guess that she will be hard to find because she is hidden away very well. Neptune in the fifth describes a plan to pass her off as someone's daughter or to make her the mother of someone's children, it is very hard to tell which. But the good news is, no matter how many charts I run or for which hour of the day or night, I do not see a death pattern. This girl was not killed on the first day and I firmly beleive she is still alive. Alive and being held captive by this group of people as a concubine for their leader. And I know this sounds crazy but there have been similar cases in the past. I even remember Patty Hearst. This type of thing does happen.

The thing I am trying to figure out here is where she is and who took her. It does not appear that they removed her from the trailer, at least not in the charts I've viewed, so she is likely still there. As I said before this trailer is east of where she was abducted. This would be east with a northerly drift, traveling on a major highway or interstate. It was a two hour ride. And she is being kept in a trailer or mobile home in the woods. In a well hidden wooded area where few people live but near water and a hunting area. People do go there to hunt and fish so there is some chance she might be seen. The man who took her is a survivalist who runs some kind of religious group that dislikes government. She was taken to be his "partner". This man, by traditional readings, is ruled by Mars in Aries. This describes a "man's man", a man who likes to do masculine things. He is quite mysogenist with a firm beleif that women were "made from Adam's rib" and are made to serve their husbands. He is a hunter who likes weapons, mostly guns but also some knives. He is skilled at physical labor and is physically strong. He may have a ruddy complexion, reddish hair and bright blue eyes. He would have a florid apperance, always kind of "wound up" and "ready for action". Fast walk, smallish frame, sharp features. He would be a master hunter and probably lives off of the animals he kills. Mars conjoins Uranus and Uranus rules the tenth so his "purpose" would appear to be revolution or upheaval of some sort. He wants to "change" society. He wants more freedom.

The trailer he took her to is in a wooded area. Mercury in Aries defines the hunting area, a place where people hunt for sport. This may even be near a protected range. It also defines stolen goods and places where these goods are stored. I already mentioned this earlier. There may be a workshop / tool shop inside the trailer or in a shed or other structure outside. This man may work as a locksmith, in a slaughterhouse or a distillery. There may be illegal booze being made on the property and there may be a outdoor chimney, grill or oven where cooking is done. There may also be toolmaking going on and the fixing of weapons, most likely guns. Mercury means they have lots of paper money stashed somewhere on the property. If this man operates true to the profile, he does not trust banks or other institutions. There are very likely dogs on the property, more than one and at least one is a hunting dog. Most likely, they are all either hunting dogs or guard dogs. Again, if he operates true to this profile, then these dogs are killers.

I do not beleive Holly Bobo is dead. I am not going to say that I beleive they will never kill her. This is not within my predictive abilities. But I do beleive she has been taken by this group and they are keeping her. So I am going to post her picture here so that anyone reading this blog can see her and remember. There is no telling where she might turn up. Remember Jaycee Dugard. This could be Holly Bobo.

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  1. amazing the job and abilities that you can manage, i grat you for doing this and hopin that someone can save Bobo from that unfair destiny.

    I'm salute you from Chile, as you see not only in USA have you readers, and srry for my basic english

  2. Do you think she is still in Tennessee?

  3. I hope her family sees this! great job. Have you checked out a map?

  4. You do a great job. There are earlier stories this week that Danielle Darnell saw three men stalk Holly before she disappeared. And it was revealed that the charged, Zachary Adams is a white supremacist.htttp:// ,

  5. Im sure by now you are aware of the arrest of Zach Adams, suspected of murder in the Holly Bobo case. I was just curious if you have seen his facebook page? In you description of Hollys abductor, you repeatedly stated that this man or men belongs to a religious group, and possibly abducted Holly to have children with her. You also said that this person would be anti government and a revolutionary type person. On Zachs page, he lists only 2 books that he likes, and one of them is "The Turner Diaries" . The description of that book and the description of the suspect that you gave, is incredibly chilling. Job well done on this chart. Now I pray that the other people involved will be caught soon. Perhaps you can do an update?

  6. One other person has been arrested for the abduction and murder of Holly and the TBI say several other arrests are coming soon. This chart is making more and more sense


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