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Christine Jessop

Child Abducted From Home After School

From Kidnapping, Murder and Mayhem :

On October 3, 1984, at about 3:50 p.m., Christine Jessop, a pretty nine-year-old, got off her school bus, picked up her family's mail, and bounded into her home. No one was there--her father was at work and her mother was running errands. Sometime between 4:00 and 4:30, Christine walked into a nearby convenience store and bought a pack of bubble gum.

The Queensville, Ontario schoolgirl was never seen alive again, except by her killer.

When Janet and Kenneth Jessop returned home at about 4:10, they saw Christine’s book bag on a kitchen counter, as well as the mail and a newspaper. Unable to find Christine, they called her friends and searched the neighborhood and a nearby park. No one had seen her. Sometime between seven and eight o’clock, Janet called police.

Christine was a “normal little girl,” Janet told investigators. She liked sports, especially baseball. She could be a tomboy, but she also had a sensitive side. She loved her dog, Freckles, and other animals. Christine was four feet nine inches tall, and “weighed about 40 pounds soaking wet.” She attended Queensville Public School and was in the fourth grade. Her mother told police that Christine had no reason to run away.

Within minutes of being contacted, York Regional Police began a search of the area. After interviewing neighbors, cops began to turn their attention to the Jessop’s next door neighbor. Guy Paul Morin, 23, was weird, neighbors said. He lived with his mother and father and worked at Interiors International Limited, a local furniture store. He played saxophone and clarinet in a band. A beekeeper, he kept beehives in his back yard, another “oddity,” according to neighbors.

Morin had little contact with his peers. He worked, played music with his band, and stayed home. He didn’t go to pubs and drink, spending most of his time indulging in his hobbies. He also had a girlfriend. Even though he’d never been in any trouble with police, detectives thought the neighbor fit the profile of a child-killer.

When Morin’s mother was interviewed, investigators later testified that they found his actions “strange.” Detectives said that during the session he “stared straight ahead” and never spoke. His so-called suspicious behavior caused cops to further focus on Morin as their one and only suspect.

The furniture maker, however, had an alibi.

According to a later investigation into the wrongful conviction of Morin, the court wrote: “On October 3, 1984, Guy Paul Morin was at his place of employment at IIL. His time card confirmed that he left work that day at 3:32 p.m. He testified that he drove the family Honda north in the direction of his home. He stopped at the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket on the way and purchased a lottery ticket from Susan Scott at the Infoplace Ticket Centre. He bought groceries at the Dominion Store. He may then have filled up his gas tank at a nearby gas station. He continued to shop at Loblaws and then at Mr. Grocers. He then drove north on Leslie Street, arriving home, he swore, between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m. As he walked towards his house, his brother-in-law was leaving. They spoke briefly. Guy Paul Morin's parents and his sister, Yvette, were at home. He carried the groceries into the kitchen and then, he said, he napped until approximately 6:30 p.m. He had supper with his parents after which he worked with his father outside the house into the evening, using trilights as makeshift floodlights. At his second trial, the prosecution alleged that this alibi evidence was false and that the alibi put forward by Guy Paul Morin and his family had been concocted. (At the first trial, the prosecution contended that Guy Paul’s family [was] mistaken in their support of his alibi.)”

During the initial search for Christine, a police dog “hit” on the Morin’s car. A search of the vehicle turned up fibers that the Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences later said belonged to Christine.

On December 31, 1984, Christine’s body was found in a field near Sunderland.

According to court documents, “Christine Jessop's body was on its back and her legs were spread apart in an unnatural position, with her knees spread outward. She was wearing a beige turtleneck sweater, a blue pullover sweater, a blouse from which some buttons were missing and a pair of white socks with blue stripes. Subsequently, it was determined she was in fact wearing two pairs of socks. Her panties were found at her right foot. Blue corduroy pants with a belt and a pair of Nike running shoes were found just south of her feet.”

An autopsy report revealed that Christine had been killed by multiple stab wounds to the upper body. Semen was found on her panties, but in 1984, DNA testing was still just a gleam in the eye of genetic biologists. There was no way to identify who the semen came from. Fortunately for Morin, the panties were stored in an evidence locker.

Since the child’s remains had been found in their district, the Durham Regional Police Service took over the lead in the case. Investigators met with the York Regional Police and were told to question Guy Paul Morin.

After further interviews, in which Morin continued to proclaim his innocence, he was arrested and charged with the murder of Christine Jessop.

The first trial took place in January, 1986. The prosecution’s theory was that Morin was an oddball who snapped on the day of the kidnapping. He raped and murdered Christine and then took her body several miles away to dispose of it. A technician from the Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences testified that red fibers found in Morin’s car came from a sweater worn by Christine. This, the prosecution claimed, “linked” Morin to the murdered child. In addition, two jailhouse snitches, including one identified only as “Mr. X,” testified that while Morin was waiting in jail for his trial, he confessed to killing the girl.

On February 7, with little evidence against the suspect, he was acquitted by the jury.

That should have ended the case, but it didn’t. In Canada, the prosecution can appeal for a new trial if an accused person is acquitted. The prosecution did just that and won.

If a jury trial is a gamble, then Morin drew a dead man’s hand on his second trial. On July 23, 1992, he was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. The same jailhouse snitches, including the infamous “Mr. X,” were viewed more favorably by this jury. But it was said that scientists from the Quebec Centre of Forensic Sciences carried the day when they swore that fibers in Morin’s car matched fibers from a sweater worn by Christine and that a single hair on a necklace the child wore matched that of Morin.

Guy Paul Morin entered the prison as a child-killer. He was abused and raped by other inmates, even as his defense attorneys worked to get him a third trial.

An article from the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys summarized what happened next. “While Morin's appeal was pending before the Ontario Court of Appeal,” it read, “a forensic DNA test [on the semen] unavailable to either party during the first two trials eliminated Morin as the perpetrator. On January 23, 1995, Guy Paul Morin's appeal of his conviction for murder was allowed based on the DNA report, his conviction was set aside, and a directed verdict of acquittal was entered.”

Morin was set free and was eventually awarded nearly $ 1.5 million dollars. An inquest to determine what went wrong was devastating to the Canadian criminal justice system. Testimony revealed that the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence. Technicians in the forensic lab contaminated the samples presented to them and withheld that information from the defense. The prosecution was aware of the problems in the lab, but illegally chose not to reveal them to the defense. “Mr. X” and the second jailhouse snitch were coached by prosecutors and their sentences cut short for testifying against Morin. In the hearing, it became clear that cops and prosecutors zeroed in on Morin to the exclusion of all evidence, including an airtight alibi that would have cleared him.

An article in The Canadian Encyclopedia illustrates how hard cops worked to convict Morin. “Some of the most dramatic moments in the Morin inquiry came,” the article read, “when Janet and Ken Jessop alleged that two veteran Durham regional police detectives, Bernie Fitzpatrick and John Shephard, convinced them to alter their original versions of events. The Jessops originally told the detectives that they arrived home at 4:10 p.m...But Morin could not have made it home from work before 4:14. In order to convince the court that he had enough time to kidnap and murder Christine, the Jessops changed their story to say they arrived home at 4:35.”


This is an update on this case. I have had so many emails about this case over the past two years, many giving different facts, links and dates. At the time that I did this case my computer had crashed and I have since discovered that the dates and times I plugged into the charting software were wrong. Very wrong. As well, I received conflicting information from many sources and I was unsure at all times what the true timeline was. So the original post has been deleted and this update has been done. Consider this update the final analysis on this case and the only accurate one. In this matter, I would like to thank a special reader in Canada who not only called my attention to the errors in the charts but also went way out of her way to take a photo of Christine's grave stone, showing clearly her true date of birth. I cannot thank her enough for her love and concern for little Christine and to be sure that her case gets a fair reading. I am hoping that this is fair enough. I also used information I obtained from websites I consider to be careful with the facts. The above entry from Kidnapping, Murder and Mayhem dovetails with the facts I have gotten from many other sources.

The first chart I ran for this case was for the 3:50 time that the bus driver gave as the time when Christine got off the bus. Notice how the angular rulers, the first house, tenth house and fourth house rulers, are all in the ninth house with the seventh house ruler in the first. This shows us a number of people in a large vehicle, a vehicle made to ride on large roads and highways. This would be the bus. The Moon rules the seventh from the first, showing that there was someone on the bus with an interest in Christine. With the Moon in Aquarius in the first and disposed of by Uranus in Sagittarius in the tenth house, I believe this is a person associated with the school. Because the seventh house cusp is changing signs, I would be inclined to say that this is not her abductor. It is a safe bet to say she does not see this person again after leaving the bus. The north node in the fourth house shows this stop to be on the schedule, that it is a "planned" stop and not a flag stop (the node), and that it is close to Christine's home (the fourth house). But you have to also notice Mercury, the natural ruler of children and the ruler of the fifth house (also the natural house for children), is placed in the eighth house, under the Sun's beams. I am afraid Christine is already in grave danger. Before she ever gets off the bus, she is in danger. Severe danger of life and limb as the eighth house describes death and is part of a forming death pattern (I will talk about this more later). Notice also that the Sun and Mercury are both in the sign Libra, the sign of partnerships and contacts. She is about to make contact with someone for sure and most likely for a personal, and possibly "romantic" purpose. With the combination of Libra and the eighth house, there may be sexual purpose here as well. This is a good sign that the person she is about to meet has a sexual interest in Christine.

I am sure that her abductor was not on that bus. The planets in the ninth house are all disposed of by a planet in the eleventh house, showing these people to be friends of Christines. Other children and adults who were looking out for her. She was not in danger on the bus. But the time span in this case is so short, only about 15 minutes between the time she was last seen and the time when her parents came home and found her missing that it seems unrealistic to assume this was a stranger abduction. All the factors in the chart do seem to say that she knew her abductor, so perhaps this person was among the "friends" on the bus or knew these other people, as well? Because of these discrepancies, I am doing charts for every few minutes, trying to grab that instant when she was taken. I find the note that her jacket was hanging on a higher peg than she could reach is very telling. The question then becomes: who hung her jacket on that peg? And was her abductor at her home? And, if so, then when and where did she meet up with him?

The ascendant changes signs at 4:01 pm. Leo takes over the descendant and this is when the Sun comes into angular power, showing the arrival of her abductor. He is somewhere around her and she is about to meet him. Mercury is still under the Sun's beams in the eighth house. The seventh house ruler in the eighth house shows a desperate type, a person who lives as a criminal. This is the mark of the theif in a forensic chart for theft and the mark of the pervert or deviant in charts for crimes of a sexual nature. This was no innocent person who was led astray or first time rapist. This was someone who was living life as a criminal deviant. Mercury rules the fifth house so we can track Christine's movements through this planet. Notice that the charts appear to tell us that he followed her home before he snatched her, which matches the known facts. We know that Christine was seen at the store buying bubble gum sometime shortly after 4 pm. We also know that her parents arrived home at 4:10 to find her gone and her jacket left on the peg. We also know that she was never seen again.

What the facts tell us is that Christine left that home sometime between 3:50 pm, when she got off the bus, and 4:10 pm when her parents returned home. Looking at the charts for 4:01 and 4:05 pm, there are several important aspects that must be addressed. For one thing, the north node is right there at the cusp of the fourth, showing that he planned to take her from the front door. He had actually planned this and was waiting for her at her home. This is the nature of the node in this position. Another aspect that supports this theory is that Mercury and the Sun are both disposed of by Venus, which rules the fourth house cusp. This all the while the Moon is coming to the ascendant. Once again, this shows Christine to be a target and for this person to be waiting for her. The Sun is already right next to Mercury, within 5 degrees actually, showing her to be aware of his presence as early as 4:05. So he was there, at her house. This again supports my assertion that she knew this person and he knew her and this was not a random event. In fact, both the Sun and Mercury are disposed of by Venus in Scorpio in the ninth house, which hints at sexual contact. Venus is disposed of by Pluto so it feels forced. Venus is conjoined Pluto, again describing forcible sex. All this while, the first house ruler, Uranus, is in the tenth house, showing Christine either in a public place or will soon be in a public place. Especially with Uranus disposed of Jupiter in Capricorn, which is the best marker for a business operation there could ever be. This sounds a lot like the store she supposedly visited for bubble gum. And this all the while that the Sun and Mercury are together in the eighth house disposed of by Venus in Scorpio. The inference is there. This person has made demands of her in the past and she was aware of what he wanted. I am not saying she was willing. But I get the idea she did not feel she had a choice. Not with Pluto in this position as a co ruler of the tenth house. This person had a power over her and she was basically a victim.

It was merely a matter of minutes between the time she arrived and they left together, with her first taking her jacket off and most likely the taller boy or man hanging her jacket on the peg. The angular placements in this chart indicate that he knew who she was, he planned this all in advance and this was no random event. It was a tight squeeze in time for him to wait for her, grab her and escape her parents, who were only minutes away. This took careful and determined planning and patience. He really wanted her. And so he talked her into going to the store, perhaps, with the promise of bubble gum. This, all the while, he planned to force sex on her at some point along the way. There were reports of Christine having been molested by someone in the past; perhaps this was the same person? It felt like she knew him and that he had forced sex on her in the past. She seemed to be reluctantly submissive, allowing this to happen for some reason, which could be anything from fear to compassion. This was a desperate boy or man who lived his life in a criminal style, possibly using drugs, stealing money, raping women, being involved in gang activity or whatnot. He was not afraid to assert himself and resort to violence if need be.

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The pointers in this chart are pretty clear. I will go over them again. The Sun and Mercury, snuggled together in the eighth house, show the abductor and Christine. These planets are disposed of by Venus in Scorpio in the ninth, snugged in between Saturn and Pluto. There are strong sexual overtones in this chart, showing a probable rape in the offing, especially with Pluto in Scorpio in dignity with Venus in Scorpio in fall. Nothing gentle or mercifiul in this combination. Just sheer desire. There have been stories that document molestation and even rape by neighborhood boys. This could very well be one of these boys. And before I move on to the birth chart for Christine, where I hope to make some more connections, I want to take a shot at describing this abductor. The Sun in Libra has descriptors for a male person who is rather tall and upright with attractive features. The Sun is in fall so this person has a weak character and a "follow the leader" personality. He would be a courteous young man with a pleasant personality and a strong interest in girls or women. I am not sure of his age. The Sun is disposed of by Venus in Scorpio, also in fall, so this young man is a slave to his desires, being driven by sexual urges The sexual urges start at a young age and the desire to "hook up" is a constant. This person would marry young after many flirtations and sexual liasions. In appearance, he would be either light brown or darkish blond with expressive eyes in a darker color like brown or blue gray. Also a ruddy, reddish complexion with a tendency to acne. There may be pimples on the cheeks. Also, look for dimples on the sides of the mouth or near the cheekbones. I have to mention again the weak nature of the character as this is a large component of the profile. This young man is changeable, lazy, unreliable and co dependant. He leans a lot on other people to get what he wants and is not willing to work.

Christine left her home a mere 6 or 7 minutes after she got off the bus. Her parents arrived less than 10 minutes after that event. I believe she knew her abductor and may have gone along reluctantly but willingly. I do not see a violent struggle. Mars, the tenth house ruler, is conjoined Neptune in Sagittarius in the eleventh house. There has been something secret going on between them in the past and for all intents and purposes they appear to be friends. In fact, they may have been friends for a long time. He could easily have gone to school with her and even been on that bus. However, there are no accounts of a young man or boy getting off the bus at the same time so I think it's safe to go with the theory that he waited for her at her home. This makes the most sense to me. It also dovetails with the nodal position at the nadir, where I can see that he planned to take her from her "front door".

Here is the chart for her day of birth. I do it for 7 am in NYC to show the time when the Sun is actually rising. Right away, you cannot miss all the planets in Sagittarius. These planets dovetail with the planets in Sagittarius in the eleventh house in the event chart. Uranus is transiting over her natal Neptune in Sagittarius, showing a secret that either comes to light suddenly or creates a new situation out of the blue. She had natal Mars and Mercury in Scorpio behind the Sun, telling us that she kept secrets. She was not straightforward about some things that were going on. With transiting Venus in Scorpio passing over her natal Uranus, it was likely that some unexpected event would occur. And with Saturn in Cancer in the eighth house, I would be worried about childhood death. Here are other factors that seem to have importance: transiting Moon and Mercury in Libra over her natal Pluto, showing violence. With Mercury under the Sun's beams, this seems to be amplified. And one more thing I'd like to note is the transit of her natal Mercury and Mars in Scorpio over the midheaven at the time of her abduction. I would dare to predict that a sexual event that may or may not lead to her death would make her famous. The tenth house rules the public, Scorpio rules sex and death, especially with Mars.

Looking at the fixed stars in the comparison between the transiting event chart and the birth chart, I have a few more things to point out. Transiting Uranus in Sagittarius is over her natal Venus in Sagittarius with the fixed star Ras Algethi very close nearby in 14 degrees of Sagittarius. Ras Algethi describes a "devious plot". Also, the fixed star Dschubba is in 10 degrees of Sagittarius, conjoining Uranus in the transiting event chart and Neptune in her birth chart. Dschubba describes "murder". And the final coupe de gras for me is the placement of the fixed star, Sinistra, near Neptune and Mars in the transiting chart at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. Sinistra describes "wanton lust" and "sexual attack". And this is just what happened here.

The attack on Christine was almost immediate. At the time her parents were arriving home, Pluto was entering the eighth house, showing sexual brutality. I beleive she actually died at 4:40 pm that same day as you can see Venus entering the eighth house at that moment. Venus is right behind Pluto, showing that she was attacked first and then died later. But not long later. She most likely died from a beating taken during the rape. Moon in the twelfth is the end all for me. She is definitely dead as soon as 4:40 pm and maybe a little earlier. And I don't think they waited before they dumped her. I might even be convinced that she was raped and killed right where she was found. Rape was a part of her murder, we know this due to the autopsy done on her body but here in the chart you can also see Pluto and Venus in Scorpio have entered the eighth house at the time of her death and are a part of a greater "death pattern". This infers rape and sex as a part of the sex act. She may well have been killed while he was having sex with her. Or he may have killed her and had sex with her after she had died. But the death pattern is clear. Mercury, the fourth house ruler, is in the eighth under the Sun's beams. Sun, the seventh house ruler, is also in the eighth, showing her murderer with her body as she dies. Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the twelfth house, showing her passing. The tenth house ruler is Jupiter, which is disposed of by Saturn (her bones). And Saturn is in the ninth house, showing her body left in the woods or in a wooded area outdoors. She was found in just such a place, supporting my theory that she was raped and killed right where she lay.


  1. I live in Canada and I remember this very well, of course.
    I do remember that there was a news story at the time where they mentioned a friend of the brother who had been questioned. I seem to remember him being on the news story briefly and he had reddish hair. He denied knowing anything. I cannot remember his name. For some reason, the lead was never pursued. The brother lied to police about Morin and later admitted it. When I read the description of the reddish haired person with the ruddy complexion, I remembered that young man. I always had a feeling he was involved and I am still convinced.

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