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Lauren Spierer

Young Lady Leaves Friends House and Disappears

From CBS News :

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Eleven years after an Indiana University student disappeared while on a bike ride, the scene in this college town is eerily similar, with parents and volunteers frantically searching for another missing woman with no sign of what happened to her.

Police they say they have few leads and no suspects but believe foul play is to blame for the disappearance of 20-year-old Lauren Spierer, a petite sophomore from Greenburgh, N.Y., last seen leaving a friend's apartment early Friday after a night out.

"When somebody at 4:30 in the morning — no shoes and has earlier been drinking — goes out and just disappears off a street corner, we feel like there certainly could be foul play involved," Bloomington police Lt. Bill Parker said during a news conference Tuesday. "If she had just decided to go to a buddy's house, we would have heard that by now."

Foul play possible in Spierer case, say cops

Police looking for clues about Spierer used a battering ram to break into the security room and mail room at her apartment building Tuesday evening, according to WTHR-TV and WISH-TV reporters at the scene. Bloomington police declined comment, saying they planned to issue a statement Wednesday morning. But the apartment complex issued a statement indicating police were after computer hard drives and no one was available to let officers into the locked area.

Parker said Spierer went to a sports bar near her apartment with friends Thursday night, then went to a friend's apartment before leaving around 4:30 a.m. Friday. Her friend watched Spierer walk to a corner near his apartment, but no one has seen her since.

Investigators have Spierer's purse and some keys, which were found along the route to her friend's apartment. But Parker said they aren't sure whether Spierer left them on her way to or from her friend's home. She left her cellphone and shoes in the bar.

Authorities directing volunteers have told them to look for clues — a stray piece of clothing left on the ground or anything that raises suspicion. Fliers with Spierer's photograph and a physical description of her are posted around Bloomington and on the Indiana University campus.

Bloomington residents say they hope for a better outcome in the Spierer case than the Behrman case, which dragged on for years.

"Those people went through such a terrible, terrible time," said Sharon Phillips, a Bloomington resident with two adult daughters who volunteered with the search Tuesday. "It's heart-wrenching. Anyone's who's a parent is just going to have that kind of a connection to these people."

Robert Spierer, meanwhile, begged for anyone with any information about his daughter's disappearance to come forward.

"It doesn't matter how casual the sighting was. Every little piece of info we get is important," he said.

From: ABC News :

The search for the missing Indiana University student has encountered an unusual hurdle. One of the last people to see her alive claims he is suffering from memory loss.

Two hours before Spierer vanished, surveillance cameras captured her coming from Kilroy Sports Bar back to her apartment building with a friend, Corey Rossman. The cameras captured a scuffle between Rossman and another young man at the Smallwood Plaza apartment building complex.

"He was punched in the face. We don't know who, why or what was said, but that punch or punches caused him a temporary memory loss," said Carl Satzmann, Rossman's attorney.

Spierer and Rossman left the apartment building and she escorted Rossman back to his apartment. She was there for about an hour with Rossman and another young man.

Rossman doesn't remember Spierer walking him back to his apartment and the first thing he remembers is waking up the next morning, his attorney said. Police have searched Rossman's car and cell phone.

After returning Rossman to his apartment, Spierer left for another friend's apartment. That friend saw her walk towards her own apartment at about 4:30 a.m. last Friday. The pint-sized student who weighs less than 100 pounds and is 4-foot-11 was last seen three blocks from her apartment.

Surveillance video also shows Lauren in an alley walking with an acquaintance on the morning she disappeared. The alley is the same place where her keys and coin purse were found by authorities.


I decided to do this case after I saw the charts. I did not want to do another current case because there are so many cold ones that people have forgotten about that I almost always choose to do one of those. But once I saw the charts for this case I was very concerned and felt an obligation to report my findings. I started with a chart for 4:30 am on June 3rd of this year, which is when Lauren was last seen. This was when she left her friend's apartment after a night of drinking and as far as anyone knew she was headed home. But, as we all know now, she never made it.

Looking at this chart the first thing that stands out for me is the grouping in the first house. Here Taurus is rising with the first house ruler, Venus, in the first house in the sign Taurus along with Mars, also in Taurus. Notice that both of these planets are within shouting distance of a group of violent fixed stars, the Pleiades at 28 degrees of Taurus and Caput Algol at 24 degrees of Taurus which means that all of these fixed stars are also rising. This is not good. In fact, it is really bad. As Astrology goes, this is as bad as it gets. The literal reading of Caput Algol is "murder and mayhem". Combine this with the placement of Scorpio on the seventh house, making the peregrine Mars the ruler of the descendant and the descriptor for the person she is about "to meet". This would be her abductor. And the peregrine Mars is very close to the fixed stars in much the same manner as other murder cases I have seen. Please also notice that the node is placed in the eighth in the sign Sagittarius and is disposed of by Jupiter in the twelfth. All of this in the charts describes a violent death and leads me to read the charts as saying Lauren Spierer is dead.

Notice in the chart how Mars is just ahead of Venus. Venus is in her dignity in the first house so it shows Lauren moving along of her own free will. This person (Mars) is behind her along the same path. Mars in Taurus is disposed of by Venus so this person was waiting for her and this was not random. She was definitely "targeted". Also, Mars and Venus are in the same sign so he had seen her before and probably knew her, perhaps even well. Moon is in Gemini in the third house showing us Lauren walking along a path or road in her neighborhood. Gemini describes an area that has cross paths, crossroads or a fork in the road. This is where he may have followed her. Through an alleyway or along a cross path that enters an alleyway. The structural nature of an alleyway combined with the connecting nature of the passage through alleyways make the concept of an alleyway the best descriptor for these placement. He may have been hiding on a cross path or a fork in the road when she was coming along and then followed her from there. Gemini implies neighborhood avenues or roads or small, two-laned roads in the city. Moon is in the last degree of Gemini and is ready to change signs so there is going to be a change in her condition immediately. Before it leaves Gemini it opposes the fixed star, Sinistra, which points to sexual lust, deviation and rape. And once it enters Cancer, which it will within the hour, it is sinister to a conjunction to the fixed star Geidi Prima, which means "a rape has been committed". So I guess the charts are trying to tell us that the abductors intention is to rape her.

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The thing that really stands out in this chart is that her markers are really strong. Venus, her ruler, is in Taurus, which gives it dignity. And her secondary marker, the Moon, is moving into Cancer, it's bailiwick. Although these are traditionally strong markers, they can also make a person "stand out" or have a "ray of light" so to speak, that draws others to them. Mars follows Venus in this chart, sinister to the conjunction, so he went after her, either having targeted her in advance or having chosen her right on the spot. He chased her down and abducted her, took her by force (Mars in the first). Uranus in Aries in the twelfth disposed of by Mars shows us that he totally surprised her and had her at a disadvantage. We know she had been drinking. Perhaps he even knew that. Neptune is in the eleventh so she had been drinking with friends and Neptune is in her dignity in Pisces, giving it great power, so it's my guess that she was probably drinking a lot. We know she had been visiting friends, which dovetails with the placement of Neptune in the eleventh house.

Also in this chart I see the north node in the eighth house. The node goes to karmic events on a higher level and planned events on the material level. In our world at large, the node represents mass consciousness, the movements of entire generations brought about by the consciousness of that group. On a personal, day to day level, the node describes the direct intentions of individuals and in forensic charts it goes to the planning or scheming of the subjects and their intended actions in the instance. The eighth house is the house of sex and death so it's easy to read this as a plot or scheme around the intentions to rape or kill this girl. At this point, my question would be who was this person she was seen in the alleyway with? It was reported that she was last seen on security camera walking into an alleyway with a strange man. The charts seem to be describing a situation involving someone she met along the way and we also know, from the police, that her purse and keys were found in that same alleyway.

Actually, you can see by looking at the chart for 4:45 am that the Moon entered Cancer within 15 minutes of her leaving the apartment where she was last seen. The Moon, from this position (0 degrees of Cancer), is sinister to an opposition to Pluto, the secondary seventh house ruler, placed in the ninth house in Capricorn. This describes violence and violent confrontation. It describes a fight, a physical altercation between two people with one trying to gain control of the other, using force and power. The Moon is her secondary marker and shows by the opposition aspect that she resisted him. I saw a Moon-Pluto opposition in the Natalie Holloway case and I still think she put up one hell of a fight. In this case, I would say the same about Lauren. This would mean that her assailant had marks or scars on his body from her fingernails or teeth such as bites or scratches. Pluto is opposed to Saturn while also being disposed of by Saturn with Saturn also ruling the tenth house. This tells me that her body will be found eventually and I will address that later in the post. Pluto square Saturn tells me that it is not in "original" condition. Her body has been altered in some way and I will go into that, as well, when I go into the body location descriptors.

I believe she was attacked between 4:45 and 5:00 am. Mars crosses the ascendant during that period and is shown here, in the chart for 4:45 am to be closing in on the first house cusp. Her ruler, Venus in Taurus is within two degrees of Caput Algol and I have only seen this in crimes where there was great violence. Many of those other cases were really grisly. I am not going to make such a dark, dire prediction in this case other than to suggest that she was killed in a violent manner. Mars in Taurus, however, can describe a beating. Either with the fists or with something wooden like a bat or club. I realize that the cops had to use a battering ram to get into her apartment but please don't cross the two things up. The use of force by police is also shown by Pluto' placement since Pluto is in the sign Capricorn, which is the sign that represents authority and power. And since it is also in the ninth house (the house of the law) there is the slim possibility that the person who killed Lauren is a person in authority and very well could be a police officer or other law enforcement employee. Or, at the least, has a pretty good knowledge of police procedure and protocol. And in the general wake of things, I see that the fixed star Miram is in the first house, also, at 27 degrees of Taurus, and it means that "someone is lieing". So the police have not gotten the truth from someone and there may be someone who knows more than they are saying.

I drew up charts for the next hour or two by fifteen minute increments. The chart for 5 am again shows me a violent attack. This was presaged in the chart for 4:45 am, as I just showed you. Mars in this chart contacts the ascendant and this is when it occurs. So he didn't wait long. There are no markers indicating a vehicle or other movement so I am pretty sure he didn't take her anywhere in a car. I am inclined to read that it occurred along the path or in an area near the path she was traveling on. Perhaps in that alleyway or just beyond it? Pluto, the secondary marker for the abductor, is still in the ninth, indicating the outdoors. So this went on outside; they did not go to someone's home. All of her markers are in the first and second houses, showing us that she is near "her place in the world" or a place she frequented. The third house ruler, the Moon, is in the second. It just reads like a small area somewhere outside near where she was walking and possibly close to her home. Moon opposes Pluto from the second house to the ninth. So she loses her purse and other belongings outdoors. This we know to be a fact. So the attack had to have happened there. That's my best guess. Mars and Venus are in the sign Taurus, which is an earth sign that often describes small outdoor areas or outdoor areas that are closed in. An alleyway fits the description almost perfectly. However, if the alleyway has been considered and dismissed as impossible, then there are other, less probable, descriptors. A planted garden with tall trees, perhaps. Pluto is in Capricorn so this might also have rocks or other rubble on the ground. This actually fits the alleyway again, Pluto in Capricorn would put rubble, rocks and even garbage on the ground. Pluto implies chaos and disorder so rubble makes the most sense in any location; rubble and debris. A sandy lot with lots of weeds perhaps with tall trees and a garden that has not been tended. This is a possible location when I read these aspects. Mercury is in the first house also in the sign Gemini so I am thinking this is near some form of temporary housing. Something like apartments, trailers, dormitories, a motel or hotel or even a campground. We know she was leaving an apartment and heading to her apartment, so I guess the best assumption would be that same apartment house or other apartments nearby. So there would be apartments near the sandy lot or alleyway the charts are describing.

Looking at the charts for 5:15 am, I saw a developing aspect that I discovered came to completion at 5:20 am. You can see it here in this chart I've posted. Both Venus and Mars have slipped into the twelfth at the moment that Pluto enters the eighth house. He sexually assaults her in a private place, hidden from view. Saturn in Libra enters the fifth house in 10 minutes time, exactly at 5:30 am. Everything happens in this time frame. She is raped and murdered within an hour after she was taken. That's what the charts appear to be saying. The death pattern, from here on in, remains steadfast. When you see chart after chart showing the death of the subject, as I did in the Caylee Anthony analysis, you have to admit the subject is dead. Here, the ascendant ticks through Gemini and Cancer over the next few hours and as it does, in each instance, the ruler falls into the twelfth house. Both Mercury and the Moon are in the first few degrees of their sign, causing them to be in the twelfth just after the ascendant changes. It starts when Venus in Taurus moves into the twelfth and from there on, the pattern is consistent. And one more thing I feel a need to mention is that Mars in Taurus peregrine so close to violent fixed stars with Mercury under the Sun's beams there is a danger to other women, as well. This is the mark of a person who kills more than once and is motivated by lust and murder. Mercury is a traditional marker for young people and students and she was a student at the time. Other students may also become targets. I do not believe that this man is finished killing or that Lauren was a single target. Because I do not have a birth chart for the murderer I cannot be sure when this will be but it is likely to happen at some time in the future. And this would likely involve another young person, probably a student.

Looking at the charts for as late as 6 am I see him still with her body. Jupiter rules the seventh and it is placed in the twelfth with Mercury, the first house ruler. Also, the Moon rules the third but it's placed in the second, so I think he carried her somewhere. He may have had something with him he could put her in and it reads like some sort of luggage or bag. She was put inside something, of this the charts are pretty clear. If there had been something in the third house, I might have said the trunk of a car but I am inclined to think of a trunk of the carrying kind in this case. Possibly a trunk type of luggage that is rolled on wheels. Moon trine Neptune in Pisces shows drugs so perhaps she was drugged or knocked out, maybe with chloroform or something else. Or perhaps her assailant was high on drugs. Both planets in water signs tend to describe her drinking, her drunken state, which did not help her much. He picked her out because she was tiny, small enough to put in the trunk or case. This is supported by Mars in Taurus disposed of by Venus in Taurus and Mercury as ruler of the first, which shows us that he was seeking someone "diminutive" or "tiny".

In this same chart, for 6 am (shown below), Saturn has moved into the fifth house, showing the dead body to be in some body's bedroom. Saturn is in Libra so this is on the second floor of the house ("up in the air"). Aquarius rules the tenth so this is a "community" of some sort with two story structures and lots of tech devices like satellite dishes, ham radio antennas, lightening rods, outdoor lighting systems, rooftop helicopter pads, HDTV antennas, Digital long range TV antennas, etc... There may be an airport or airstrip nearby or a train depot or train tracks that run nearby. It may be a private type community where you have to be a "member", which is typical of Aquarius. Uranus is in Aries in the eleventh, adding a few new descriptors. Aries would describe newly turned ground so there may be new construction in the area or in the community. Aries also describes hilly ground so perhaps there are hills in the area or a single hill somewhere in the road leading into the community. Aries also describes entrances so I am thinking a hill near the entrance. Aries also rules ceilings, roofs and walls so there is a chance that he actually hid her body in the walls of his home. It is a slim chance but a chance none the less.

Pluto in Capricorn in the eighth house gives clues about the body. Capricorn rules the bones of the body but I want to be sensitive here and not upset people who care about this girl. I will say that, at the least, she has a broken bone. With Mars in Taurus, perhaps it was her neck that was broken and death was very quick. Moon remaining in the second, he sees her as "property" and feels she "belongs" to him. Mercury rules the first from the twelfth and it is under the Sun's beams so I must say that it looks like she was dead by 6 am. Sun rules the fourth and it is in the first in Gemini so I come back to the idea that she is inside something confining that is moveable, like luggage or a rolling trunk. Neptune in Pisces is in the tenth house, so here are more descriptors for the home he lives in. It is hidden in some way, by trees, brush, other buildings, whatnot and not readily visible from the street. It is situated somewhere near a body of water. This home is west by northwest from the place where Lauren was abducted. If there is no body of water in that area, then consider that the inside of the home has fishing gear, pictures of fish, aquariums, plaques of fish caught on fishing trips, stuffed fish or, very simply, a boat in the yard. It may have all of these things and also be close to a body of water, too.

I know that the boyfriend is a person of interest in this case. But unless this person has a violent nature and has done violent things in the past, the charts are not talking about him. They are describing somebody violent and dangerous, someone who has violent intentions and desires. There is no way that this person has not had violent events in his life in the past. I am saying this because of my past experience with the fixed stars that are presenting in this chart. There are a cluster of violent fixed stars around the descendant in the chart for 5 am. These fixed stars are always in opposition to a cluster of violent fixed stars around the Pleiades and Caput Algol, which are in the first house of the forensic chart for 5 am. There is no doubt in my mind that this is when Lauren died. This and the first house ruler, Venus, moving into the twelfth between 5 and 5:30 am and then each ascendant after wards putting the first house ruler in the twelfth, the charts show actual death and then support it over and over again with placements that describe the subject as dead. I have seen this also numerous times in death charts, most recently and notably in the Caylee Anthony case. In that instance, the chart showed actual death on June 16 and then supported it over and over again by showing the chart ruler for the child in a death pattern. We now know the charts were right about Caylee.

Going back to the body locaters and the descriptors for her killer. Although the charts show us that she is dead and that her killer removed her body in some sort of carrier and took her to a residence, I would like to know where the body was placed when he was done with her. Also, I want a description for her killer to aid those who are trying to figure this out. It isn't until a chart for later in the morning that I see the body being placed in a vehicle. At this same time, the Moon is in the twelfth house, showing the body being hidden. The twelfth house describes a hidden place and it also describes something "behind" or "in the back" so I am thinking the trunk or backseat of a vehicle. This is around 9:40 in the morning and the chart is shown below. Saturn rules the seventh house cusp, which is the abductor, and it is in the third house so he is taking her body somewhere. Moon in twelfth shows the body in the backseat or trunk. Saturn in the sign Libra shows him traveling west from his home. So we went north by northwest from the place he abducted her to his home and then he went west from his home to dump her. The nadir is due north and Saturn is near to that point so I will add that this movement was probably north by northwest again. He keeps moving north by northwest. But as he travels, Saturn ticks through the third house, showing a slow turn to the east. Still moving north but after awhile moving east. Northeast, in fact. Saturn is retrograde and nearly standing still so my guess that he did not travel far. He was hampered in some way and did not go far. Libra is a cardinal sign and the third is a cadent house so I would venture to guess less than 10 miles. This would be 10 miles or less traveling first in a northwest direction and then in a northeast direction. So look for a turn within that distance from the area where his home is located.

Saturn is disposed of by Venus in the eleventh house. At 10:15 Venus changes houses and enters the tenth. This is when I believe he disposed of her body. Venus is in Taurus in the tenth house so the body has been left outdoors in an area where it could be easily seen if someone was looking. Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus with the violent fixed stars in the tenth house also, there will be a media firestorm when the body is found. Something about the condition of the body will make it sensational. The police or somebody associated with the authorities will find the body. The body is in the southeast quadrant of a small area. The actual location is to the south of the highway. This may be a cattle pasture, an old wheat field or a lush green area similar to a garden, with plants and trees. The body may be back in the trunk that was used when she was abducted. If so, the trunk is right out in the open and can be seen from the road. There could also be an outhouse in the area, working or not and/or a sawmill. There are likely mountains nearby or in the distant background but the body is not on a mountain or even near the mountains. They may just be in the background. But this is an open area, agricultural and undeveloped with fresh, cool air and lots of pasture or open fields.

To describe the killer we have to return to the charts for the time of death. Mars in Taurus rules the killer and describes him in the forensic chart. Remember that these are descriptors in a time chart and have nothing to do with the actual placement of Mars in Taurus in a birth chart. If you have Mars in Taurus this does NOT apply to you. Traditional readings give that Mars in Taurus describes someone of average height with a well made, muscular body form. This person would have a ruddy complexion or a flushed appearance to the face. Look for rough, coarse or curly reddish brown or auburn hair. Traditional readings give an oval face with a prominent scar on the face or neck. The neck is thick and "bullish". The personality is self centered, ambitious, materialistic and decadent. This person loves good food, luxury and sexual pleasure. This person also likes massages and personal attention of any kind, the practice of making the body feel good. There is a stubborn streak that borders on thickheadedness, what we often call "bull headed". The determination to get and have what is wanted can create frustrations that ignite a fiery temper. Slow to steam up but when this person gets angry, violence is possible. There is a tendency to resort to violence when other tactics don't work. This person loves to get physical in an aggressive way so there is a joy in weight lifting, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and playing ground level ball games like soccer. This is an energetic person who has a strong will and a dogged determination that can bring success just by never giving up. If this person targeted Lauren then he would have the patience and determination to fulfill his desires and would wait as long as it took.

This person has such a love of luxury that he is probably extravagent in some ways. There is also a tendency to gain weight with age and to struggle with the innate love of food. This person probably loves to cook and the people who know him know this. He likes spicy food and brightly colored foods with lots of flavor. This person also has questionable morals and has sex fetishes. If he is the killer, he has more than this going wrong in this department, but this is the least of it that is known by his friends. He likes women or it seems as though he does and he has a strong interest in sex. There may be financial troubles along the way and he might have a tendency to gamble or to fall for quick cash schemes. He may have problems with debt and is often heard complaining about not having enough money. And least but not least, this man has an explosive temper that can come out of left field and he does not forget his anger easily. He does not dismiss the wrongs committed by others readily and can hold grudges for long periods until he suddenly explodes with anger. And when he is angry he is abusive with words and actions, often hitting or punching other people. These descriptors may be helpful to anyone seeking to find out who took Lauren.

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