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Elaine Park

Young Lady Disappears From Gated Community


Police are seeking the public’s help in finding a 20-year-old Glendale woman who has been reported missing since Monday.

Elaine Park was last seen the morning of Jan. 28, and her family subsequently reported her missing. Her car was found sometime on Feb. 2 parked along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, according to Glendale Police Sgt. Robert William.

“Elaine’s personal property was found in the vehicle along with the keys,” he said.

Glendale Police Department spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot said police then conducted a search of the coastline and of the car. Authorities were unable to locate Park, and no evidence of foul play was found in her vehicle, she said.

“We are focusing our efforts, at the moment, with speaking to all of Elaine’s friends,” Lightfoot said.

Park’s brother told KTLA she was at her ex-boyfriend’s home before she went missing. However, Lightfoot said no one is currently a suspect in Park’s disappearance.

Park is described as 5 feet 6, approximately 125 pounds, with long brown hair with blond tips. She also has a tattoo of a cow’s skull on the upper part of her left arm with another tattoo of an unknown design on the lower half of the same arm.


In Southern California, authorities are asking for the public's help in searching for a 20-year-old Glendale woman who has been missing for over a week, with her car found abandoned in Malibu.

Elaine Park was last seen in the early morning hours of January 28 after a date with her boyfriend. She had been considered to be voluntarily missing until deputies found her car on February 2, parked along Pacific Coast Highway with the her key, cellphone and other personal belongings inside.

Police have been actively searching the coastline in and around the area where Park's car was found. There is no evidence of foul play, and no one is currently a suspect in Park's disappearance.

According to Glendale Police, her status is now "critical missing."

Park is described as Korean American, 5-foot-6, 125 pounds with a thin build, long brown hair with blond tips and brown eyes. She is known to where heavy mascara and make up and has a tattoo of a cow skull on her upper left arm with another tattoo of an unknown design on the lower half of the same arm.


Glendale police suspended their search efforts for Park on Feb. 3 but said they were continuing the investigation and turning to her family and friends for help. Park was reported missing on Jan. 30 by family members and her vehicle was found in Malibu on Feb. 2, parked along Pacific Coast Highway with her keys, cellphone and other personal property inside.

Last week, William said, a Los Angeles County search and rescue team searched for Park in the Malibu area but could not find her.

What bothers Susan Park is the roughly hour of video footage on Jan. 28 from 6:05 a.m. to 7:14 a.m. — when Elaine Park’s vehicle is leaving her boyfriend’s home in the 2600 block of Delphine Lane Calabasas but before she is seen leaving through a community gate. That time period is unaccounted for, Susan Park said.

She said she received two DVD’s with private footage and community footage that omits the hour.

“It was almost pitch dark,” Susan Park said, when her daughter’s car leaves the community gate at 7:14 a.m. — roughly 69 minutes after she drove away from her boyfriend’s house. “You can’t really see if it’s her as the vehicle is driving out. You clearly see a license plate number.”


I was sent this case by a reader and it caught my eye because I have had several similar ones in the recent past. The consistent feature in all of them is the discovery of the victims car with all their belongings still in it. Although these cases may have been carjackings the presence of belongings with the car in undamaged condition is not ordinary for these types of crimes. Most carjackings are about money. These crimes don't look like ordinary robberies. There are also similar features in the charts. I will show you what they are.

This chart is drawn for a few minutes after she leaves her boyfriends home and you can see that she is stopped and confronted right away. The seventh house ruler, the Moon, is right there in the first, showing a confrontation. The Moon is disposed of by Uranus in the third house, showing a vehicle as being the "intention". I don't consider the Sun in this chart even though it rises in the first. It does not rule a house or have power other than it's presence in the angular first.

I do not like the placement of the tenth house ruler with the eighth house ruler in the twelfth. It sort of hints at hidden motives. Although it looks like, from this end, that the intention was a car jacking, these other placements seem to indicate there is more to it.

This next chart features the Sun as it moves onto the seventh house cusp. This makes the Moon the secondary chart ruler and with these two in the first house, you see the actual meeting between Elaine and her kidnapper. As before, these planets are disposed of by Uranus, now in the second house and showing us the emphasis on money in this matter. The car + money? Again, the tenth house ruler is in the twelfth and now the secondary ruler, Mars, is in the second, bringing the money theme together. Is this a business? A carjacking business? Or is there something more?

Just like the last case I did, Marcela Garcia, this happened out in the open in daylight hours, the car was dumped with her money and belongings still in it and the woman is missing. In the Garcia case, I was seeing abduction and possible trafficking. But here, in these charts I see the Moon in the first, which indicates, in general, that Elaine either knew this person or went along willingly for some reason. The presence of money markers makes me wonder if she owed somebody money or if a promise of money was involved in this.

The first house ruler is now in the second house, which I often have seen as the trunk of the car. It is probable that they forced her into the trunk and drove out of the complex in her car. Node in the seventh also tells me that this was planned in advance. But I am not sure that Elaine did not know about this plan already. I just can't say for sure.

And this chart appears to tell the same story. With Moon in the first, it looks like she is in control of the situation and with the seventh house ruler, the Sun, in the twelfth, the other person appears to be behind her in some manner, perhaps to remain unseen. Even though the first house ruler remains in the second house I am now thinking that this is not the trunk of the car after all but a money marker. The first house ruler, Uranus, with the dispositor, Mars, also in Aries, together in the second house seem to indicate a forced or pressured "highjacking" of sorts in order to get money. Now, how this plays out I am not sure. But did Elaine owe money for drugs? Was she a sex worker? A performer of any sort? It just seems like she knew about this situation in advance, such as knowing she owed the money, perhaps, or was interested in the money being offered, etc.. I just can't pin it down.

And the chart for an hour later continues the same theme. The first house ruler is now Neptune and it is placed in the first, telling me again that Elaine is in control somehow. Mercury, the seventh house ruler, is in the eleventh house with Pluto, both in Capricorn, disposed of by Saturn in the tenth with Saturn disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth. She is going somewhere willingly but she will be killed when she gets there. These are people she knows, that she considers "friends" (the eleventh house) but the Saturn connection and the eighth house disposition tells me they had plans for her. The node opposes Neptune so she did not know about their plans and would not have gone along if she had. But Neptune indicates she was hiding something, keeping it from others. This may have been connected to a hidden life, a dark side of Elaine. The Moon in the twelfth supports this theory and if you notice, it is still disposed of by Uranus, still in the second house. Elaine was earning money in some dark manner that she kept to herself. A double life perhaps?

In this chart I immediately notice the change in the Ascendants and arrival of Uranus in the first, indicators that something in the situation has changed. The first house ruler is tucked into the twelfth with the seventh house ruler with Neptune nearby, disposing of the seventh house ruler. She is being taken somewhere to be hidden, or a place where they won't be found. I am not sure, at this point, if they intend to hide her for a longer term. Notice also Mercury and Pluto together in the tenth house. The tenth marks the home of the abductor or, at least, their current location. Mercury and Pluto indicate an altercation, most likely a verbal dressing down, that occurs once they arrive at this new location. Overall, things do not look good for Elaine at this point and the charts as I have seen them do not get better.

In this chart, the first and seventh house rulers are in the eleventh, a standard marker for "alternative" sex or sex between people who are not partners. This does not describe rape, per se, at least not these aspects at this time. The fourth house ruler with the chart co ruler in the tenth house supports the theory that they are in this house. Uranus rules the tenth from the twelfth house in the sign Aries, an indicator that this is a "hideout" or a place where outlaws on the run hide from the law. This interpretation goes back to the old days when they were called outlaws. LOL. Today, they are criminals.

Although there were money markers in the abduction chart they are not ongoing so this may not have had anything to do with money. They do not appear to be using her for cash. She has a connection with this person, this has been shown in most of the charts including the abduction chart, but I am not sure what at this point. There are altercations, mostly verbal, and she has appeared to go along willingly up to this point. So is this a boyfriend? And ex boyfriend? A secret lover? Whatever, there are sexual contacts also in this chart and they do not appear to be brutal so it is not rape. So what is it?

I have one more question for those who knew her. Did she have a stalker? Someone harassing her? Whatever the relationship was it was not good and this chart shows her death, which is very sad. Apparently the sex did get brutal and she died during the act. You can see the seventh house ruler in the fifth, a marker for sexual activity with romantic overtones and with the first house ruler together with Pluto in the eighth this shows how brutal it became. Perhaps she rejected him or didn't do for his offers... something that sparked his anger? But during this sexual encounter, forced or not, he escalates and kills her.

Pluto in Capricorn is not as puglistic as Pluto in Taurus might be but it does indicate a beating rather than a shooting or a stabbing, for instance, and most likely with a wooden object of some sort. Most likely triggered by something said (Mercury). Saturn ruling the seventh house in the sign Sagittarius describes a rugged individual much older than our victim, perhaps a LOT older. The age difference may be the cause of her rejection although I think it would be because she had a boyfriend already. Frustration over the age difference and disparity in lifestyles (he is more of an outdoorsy, woodsy type who probably hunts and spends a lot time on the road) would be a good reason to reject an offer for a relationship. Besides the fact that he is likely a criminal (Uranus) and has spent time in confinement (Saturn).

Here you see Saturn, which marks the body after death, in Sagittarius, disposed of by Jupiter in Libra in the fourth house. This shows she was left somewhere close to home. Then you see the Moon and Sun in the eighth, disposed of by Uranus in Aries in the tenth, showing again she was killed in this "hideout" and disposed of nearby. This place is in the woods, near a park of some sort. Aries shows bbq pits and other fire pits while Mars shows hunters and fishermen, people who use weapons and sharp objects like hooks. Jupiter disposed of by Venus in Pisces with Neptune nearby in the ninth she was disposed of by water. The air signs mixed with water indicate a waterfall. Any park near her home that also has a waterfall would be where to search for her. The maps I looked at indicated there are several parks and 3 waterfalls. I apologize for th
is but I just can't get any more precise.

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