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Etan Patz

Child Disappears On A Short Walk to the School Bus

From TruTV True Crime Library:

The six-year-old boy kissed his mother good-bye at 8 a.m. on May 25, 1979, and walked down two flights of steps into the crowded city street. The woman stood on the fire escape balcony, arms folded and patiently watched her son march toward the intersection of Prince and Greene Street.

She had just given him a dollar to buy a soda. His school bus stop was located only two blocks west from where he lived. This was the first time her son was allowed to walk the route unassisted. Prince Street is a tree-lined avenue in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, which was undergoing a dramatic change in 1979. Originally an industrial area containing factories, warehouses and businesses, SoHo was being transformed into a trendy, much-desired neighborhood by young, upcoming professionals yearning to escape from the high rents of the Upper East Side. They came into the neighborhood with plenty of money and fresh ideas. They converted old manufacturing lofts into spacious, airy apartments. Broken-down warehouses became successful condominiums while abandoned factories became gourmet delis and trendy cafes.

The little boy with the big smile walked past storefronts carrying his oversized book bag. He glanced behind him to see his mom still watching from the distance. As the boy approached the corner, he turned his head. A wisp of fine brown hair blew into his face. Mother and son exchanged a brief, spontaneous smile. Beyond him, she could see a small group of his classmates waiting for the bus in the distance. She turned and went back upstairs to tend to her other two children. She would never see her son alive again.

The boys name was Etan Patz. Within the next few moments, Etan was stolen off SoHos busy streets. What actually happened to him and to where he was taken, remains a heart-breaking mystery. His fate, as of this writing, is still unknown. The Etan Patz case is the oldest, open missing child case in New York Citys history and probably one of the oldest in the nation. In 2003, suspicion irrevocably settled upon convicted child molester, Jose Antonio Ramos, 60, who is incarcerated in a Pennsylvania prison. In 2002, Etans long-suffering parents declared him legally dead and planned to sue Ramos in civil court. They did this to force him into a courtroom where they can ask Ramos under oath what happened to their son. Each year, on Etans birthday, his father sends a card to Ramos asking him, What did you do to our son?

Child abduction is the equivalent of a nuclear blast to a family. In many ways, having a child abducted and not ever knowing his or her true fate, like the Etan Patz case, is worse than the childs actual death. Etans father, Stanly Patz once wrote, In this crime, there was a beginning, but there is no end. This psychological limbo ensures the parents pain continues indefinitely. But thankfully, there are few cases as tragic as Etans. Most abductions, which this article will address, end with some type of finality. In some cases, it is the beginning of a life of grief to devastated parents.

Etan's case is still considered by the NYPD to be a cold case.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Etan Patz or that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible for his disappearance is asked to call the FBI/NYPD Etan Patz hotline: 212-384-2200.

This case came back to me after a reader sent me the information. In 1979 I was a young woman who was not paying a lot of attention to these types of cases, being mostly concerned with the crimes committed against women my own age. I had my own concerns and only remember being vaguely aware of this child and his face on the milk cartons. I do remember, however, thinking that this was a good idea if it would help find missing kids. I did not drink milk and I still don't, being vegetarian most of my life, but I realized then that kids drink milk and their mothers are the ones who might see other kids when out and about so the exposure was in the right place. Anyways, this was a landmark case that brought nationwide attention to the plight of missing children, which, even then, was much larger than it should be. Who on earth is taking our children and why? It's a hard question to answer. So I was very intrigued by this case. Could Astrology give us insight into an unsolved case so old and heavily investigated? Let's see.

In the first chart, you can see what Etan is doing. Cancer is rising and the Moon is in the eleventh with Mercury. He is joining friends who are other children. This is exactly what was reported: he was heading towards a knot of children waiting on the bus. This little detail proves to me that this chart is viable. Now, the person he is next to meet is ruled by the seventh house, which is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn. Saturn is in the third within 8 degrees of the nadir. There was someone along the street there that was standing in front of housing units or other lodging. I remember New York City as having flats and step ups in various places along the avenues and in Soho, there were residential areas in the city along the streets. If there were housing or lodging units along this road, this is where this person was standing. On the street outside. This may be why it was so easy and fast for this person to snatch the child. One quick grab and in the door they go. But this is just another assumption on my part, which have often been proven wrong, so let's just go with the chart. It clearly shows that there was someone standing along the street in front of housing units or hotels as Etan moved towards the group of kids waiting for the bus.

The thing that gets my attention is the north node between Saturn and the nadir. This tells me that this person had sort of planned this; he or she had noticed that the children came along this route and that they were accessible and vulnerable there. There is no doubt that he or she had planned to take a child; whether or not they targeted Etan individually is unknowable. But Saturn is in Virgo and is disposed of by Mercury, the marker for the children, so it is an easy guess that the children were the purpose of this persons' being there. He or she no doubt planned to snatch a child. The Moon and Mercury, I must point out again, are closely conjoined, which indicates that perhaps any child could have been a victim there but that Etan happened to lag just far enough behind to be a target at the opportune moment. Another thing I must point out is the exact trine from the Moon and Mercury with the cusp of the eighth house, at 29 degrees of Capricorn. What does this tell you? Notice also that Saturn rules the cusp of the eighth house as well as the seventh, dovetailing the motivation of this individual. There IS a sexual component here; sex and death, they mix in the stars.

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Considering this and looking things over closely, I note that both the Moon and Mercury are in conjunction with the Pleiades, the seven sisters. I have seen this fixed star configuration in the forefront of one violent murder chart after another. In fact, it was my ability to track it in the first of the Gainesville murders way back in 1990 that I knew that there would be more murders and that they would be on certain nights, at certain times. It was that well lit in those skies! And that case, like the case of Etan Patz, was destined to be a high profile case. So the Pleiades here, especially conjoined the Moon, sends up red flags for me. So does Caput Algol, the most violent star in the heavens, which is nearby as well. If I had one thing I would want people to do, I would want them to follow these fixed stars and not let their children or loved ones out of their site on days or nights when these stars were overhead, in the ascendant or near the natal planets. I am dead serious here. This chart has other markers as well. The Moon and Mercury are both under the Sun's beams so a child was in grave danger that morning, any child, not just Etan. Like I said, he happened to be at the right place at the critical moment and that's all. Although this was planned out, the target was unknown.

I must also point out that the chart is riddled with aspects to and from fixed stars. Geidi Prima, for instance, is in the first house exactly square Neptune in the fifth. This is a marker for rape. And then the fixed star, Manubrium, is in the seventh house trine to both the node and Saturn, which is the planetary ruler of the seventh. This fixed star points to the burning of bodies, arson and cremation. This may be what was done with Etan? I am not sure but it is possible. Now, looking back at the planets I note that the Moon and Mercury are both disposed of by Venus, which is nearby in the eleventh in the sign Taurus. Venus is in dignity and closely aligned with Mars. In turn, these two planets are in trine aspect to Saturn. This is a married couple who is nearby at the time, off to the side, perhaps, watching the kids, maybe even their own child as he or she boarded the bus. They may have been co conspirators, though, as the trine aspect shows facilitation. However, this could also be accidental. They may have distracted key witnesses at the time, allowing the abductor to abscond with the child unseen.

In the chart for 9 am, I notice subtle changes. The eighth house ruler is now Uranus, which is in Scorpio in the fifth house. Mars and Venus are now angular, ruling the tenth house / fourth house axis and both are positioned in the tenth. Jupiter in Leo is now rising into the first house and forming an angular square to Mars, Venus and Uranus. This is an interesting configuration. This is showing me a couple, male and female, who are parental type figures. The seventh house ruler, Saturn, is still trine to these planets as they move into angular positions, carrying over the relationship I glimpsed in the earlier chart. I am afraid I see a married couple or some other pairing of male and female and not a lone abductor such as the man who was claimed to have done this. It is possible this man, the confessor, was involved but there is no way, looking at this chart, that he did this alone. Pluto angular in the fourth, disposed of by the powerful Venus, points to violence and peculiar behavior in a home environment. The Moon is sinister to a square with Saturn which indicates that Etan resisted and there was an altercation between the boy and the man who took him.

The presence of the fixed stars seem to support the claim that Etan was killed. The charts do not specify his death on the same day as he was taken, which leads me to believe he was held for awhile before he was killed. This whole thing happened right there in the neighborhood (third house) and there are no markers for movement so I do not believe the child was taken out of the city. In fact, by 10 am, I see that the seventh house ruler becomes Uranus and this planet is in the fourth house, which indicates that all the activity went on inside someone's home. The movement of Uranus from ruling the eighth from the fifth to ruling the seventh from the fourth indicates the boy was taken for a sexual purpose and that this sexual purpose was acted out in a private residence; behind closed doors, so to speak. But none of this negates the power of both Venus and Mars, which continue to linger in the foreground. There were at least 3 people involved in this and there was more to it than a single man wanting to do nasty business with a child.

The chart for 10 am gives me a few more clues. The first house ruler has become the Sun, which is placed in Gemini in the eleventh. Etan's markers have never left the eleventh house and now it is disposed of by Mercury, which echoes the Moons' conjunction with Mercury in the earlier charts. This has Etan's markers consistently in conjunction with Mercury and tells me that Etan was not the only child there. He was with kids when he was taken and there were other kids in the place he went. I know this seems far fetched but this is what I see here. Etan was taken to a home (fourth house) where there were other children, either resident there or taken there themselves (Mercury and Moon in the eleventh). And here is the thing. If you take into consideration that both the Moon and Mercury are disposed of by Venus, now in the tenth, it makes a case for a woman again. In fact, the mother of these other children? Or is the mother of the abductor? Or his wife? The child's babysitter? It's hard to tell. But there is just no doubt in my mind that these people were co conspirators in this case and whether or not you believe this confessor did it, I feel confident in asserting that he did not do this alone.

There are still no death aspects in the chart directly. True, there are fixed stars that conjoin planetary players and this indicates murder, at the least, and possibly even sadism or mayhem. Caput Algol in particular is bloody and ugly. At least, that has been my experience. So there is no doubt that somebody died this day in some fashion but I am not sure it was Etan. Perhaps it was another child? I admit this chart is getting a little crazy and it's hard to read to some extent but I think what I see is accurate. This is what the aspects say. I must also point out that at 10 pm, the seventh house ruler is Uranus and it's position in Scorpio in the fourth is scary. Pluto is knocking on the door as well, just beginning to conjoin and then quickly cross the nadir. But the first house, which represents Etan individually, is clean except for a lovely Jupiter at the ascendant. The Sun, which is his current marker, is in Gemini in the eleventh. The Sun is sextile to Jupiter and sinister to a square with Saturn. Jupiter has no sinister aspects besides a wide trine to Neptune and waning contacts from Venus and Mars. So it doesn't look like Etan is in imminent danger and neither does it appear that he was killed right away. But there is one omen that hangs in the air: the seventh house ruler, Uranus, also rules the eighth, so there is some nefarious purpose stinking up the mix. But the Moon and Mercury are dexter and waning in their opposition to Uranus and the nearest sinister aspect is a very wide square from Jupiter. I just don't see that Etan was murdered at this time. This does not rule out his murder at a later date. Perhaps they just weren't finished with him yet.

Now, as I've proven in many cases, the least of which was not the Caylee Anthony debacle, that I can read charts for days on end and follow times from hour to hour. This, however, has not proven to bring further light to the cases I read. A quick glance at the charts for 11 am and noon show nothing more than day to day activities. At 11, the cluster of planets in Taurus all shuffle into the tenth, showing a possibility that these people moved outdoors or at the least, left the house. They may well have moved the kids at that time. Pluto rules the nadir and it is in the third at 11 am, which indicates they moved the home location. In other words, they took the kids elsewhere. Probably to throw off the dogs that were no doubt on their trail. (They weren't, actually. His mother didn't even report him missing until 3 pm, when he failed to return home from school but the abductors did not know that). The chart for noon shows Neptune moving into the fourth house so it can be assumed that they put these kids in a home that was very well hidden or the part of a home that was secret or disguised. The seventh house ruler is still Uranus and it has moved into the third house so it might be theorized that they were moving these kids into adoption or adopting them themselves. I know this seems strange in light of the confessors story and the assumption that Etan was murdered but the charts do not show this. In fact, the more you read of them, the more confusing the case appears to become. So I am just not going to run through a hundred more charts here on this post. But I do promise to continue to look at this chart privately and if I come across anything more of value, I will post it.

So this is the part of the reading where I really get silly. I will attempt to describe the person who did this and given an idea of where they took Etan when they moved him. Charts are capable of rendering this information, it's just questionable if I am able to read them right on these sorts of details. I realize that the case seems all but sewn up with a man crowing in a prison cell that he murdered this beautiful child but I will still take a stab at the charts. Saturn in Virgo would be the marker for the abductor and the couple would be described by Venus and Mars in Taurus. Because of the dignity of Venus and the disposition of both planets by Venus, I tend to think this was a married couple or two people very much in love. Traditional readings for Saturn in Virgo give a tall, thin man. He would be swarthy of complexion or even sallow (yellowish in tint). This does not describe Mediterranean or Asian people exclusively; many whites are swarthy and I, myself, have been deemed a "honey" or "yellow" complexioned white. So please do not read this as racial profiling. Overall long features, such as a long nose, long fingers, lengthy lip line, etc.. and a high forehead, a feature generally attributed to Virgo. Because of the earth influences, we would assume dark or dark brown hair and eyes. In character, this person would be reserved, rather quiet and seemingly very serious. He or she would also be extremely discreet and cautious, which would aid them in the commission of these types of crimes. The Mercury influence also points to an affinity for younger people and perhaps also children. On the darker side, Saturn in Virgo in it's purity can incline towards mental disorders and brain diseases and give tendency towards thievery and duplicity. Dishonesty may be at the core of the personality. I realize that this tends to describe, in general, every single child molester on the planet; I mean, they would have to be discreet and devious and serious about their business to even begin this evil activity. But this generally supports the idea rather than destroys it although it does not lend much aid in isolating this man. However, I suppose, interested parties could compare this traditional analysis to the man who has claimed guilt for this crime. Please let me know what you find.


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  1. "Forensic Astrology" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


    I'd love your thoughts on what I picked up as a psychic/medium -- and a dream. I seem to confirm the chart about other children and Etan not being murdered immediately.

    I did not necessarily get other parts of the astrology chart. Still, interesting.

  3. Hello, I just found your blog a few days ago, but when I read your reading on Etan Patz I was shocked because a few months ago I was reading about Etan Patz and I found this blog from a girl who had a dream about Etan Patz in which she describes very similar circumstances like you did on your blog. This is the link:

    And the scariest part about all of this is that as I am typing this message police are digging up a basement I think for I am not exactly sure, but they are digging un an area in a building near his home which was rumoured to have been a place where liasion sex activity ocurred! Lets see what happens. I am hopeful the Patzs get some closure.

  4. What are your thoughts about the arrest they made in May 2012 of a suspect who they found what could possibly be Etan's clothes and a toy in his home and he had confessed back in the '70s to luring him with a soda and then later killing him and dumping his body in the alley but he has a history of mental illness so for some reason the authorities previously didn't take his confession seriously.


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