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Ayla Reynolds

Baby Disappears From Bedroom Overnight
From: The Huffington Post:

Investigators are searching for Ayla Reynolds, a 20 month old Maine gilr believed to have vanished from her bed while her family slept.

Reynold's father, Justin DiPietro, told investigators he last saw the child at around 8 pm on Dec 16, 2011, when he put her to sleep in her own bedroom.

The following morning, at around 8:50 am, he called police to say her bed was empty.


WATERVILLE, Maine - The frustration continues to grow for the family of a missing Maine toddler as the five-month mark approaches with no arrests and no new developments.

Ayla Reynolds was 20 months old when she disappeared from the home of her father, Justin DiPietro, in Waterville on the night of Dec. 16. She was reported missing the following morning. The father's family contends Ayla was taken by someone, but police say there's no evidence of that.

Ayla's maternal grandfather, Ronald Reynolds, says the wait for new information has been excruciating. He says the family needs answers about what happened.

State police have confirmed that Ayla's blood was found in the home and investigators say the adults in the home that night have not been forthcoming. Beyond that, investigators are mum.

FROM Yahoo News:

COMMENTARY | The release of a second round of medical records concerning missing baby Ayla Reynolds' broken arm shows her father's version of events again at odds with the injury description given by the medical professionals treating the then-19-month-old.

The latest medical records relate to an emergency room visit Nov. 12. They reflect an examination in which Ayla's wrist and hand were described as normal on inspection, nontender, with a normal range of motion. This is contrary to what DiPietro said.

DiPietro told the Kennebec Journal on Jan.7 his mother called him into the house the morning he took Ayla to the emergency room. "When I came in, she showed me Ayla's hand and it was swollen," he said. He said the injury appeared to be a bad bruise.

Ayla had a bruise on the inside of her elbow, the medical staff noted.

Emergency Visit Timing

In his portrayal of Ayla's arm break, DiPietro said his mother, Phoebe DiPietro, looked under the baby's sleeve "during the day" and noticed the extent of the swelling. It was then, he said, he left his truck driving class early and returned home to take Ayla to the emergency room.

Emergency room records show treatment at 10:50 a.m. The official end date of the truck driving class was Oct. 27, 16 days before the ER visit.

Follow-up Medical Records

DiPietro's claim that Ayla's wrist and hand were swollen and bruised is not the only discrepancy. Ayla's follow-up record, released earlier this month, showed a distal humerus break affecting the upper arm and elbow. DiPietro told the Kennebec Journal that Ayla's forearm was broken.

Why would DiPietro claim Ayla injured her hand, wrist and forearm instead of her upper arm bone and elbow? One possibility is deflecting suspicion of child abuse.

Suspicious Injury?

According to the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, certain injuries in children raise suspicion of child abuse. This is due primarily to the difference between the force required to inflict the injury and that involved in normal childhood injuries. A break of a long bone near a growth plate, as Ayla suffered, is one of those suspicious injuries.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the second most common injury among abused children is a fracture. Growth plate injuries are common with fractures caused by abuse because growth plates are the weakest area of the bone.

Ayla suffered repeated injuries in DiPietro's care, her mother, Trista Reynolds, noted. One reported injury was facial bruising. According to Reynolds, DiPietro's explanation for the bruising was a fight with boys in a ball pit in a restaurant that didn't have a ball pit. Illogical stories are another clue health professionals look at in assessing potential child abuse injuries, according to USUHS. What appeared to be bruising was visible on at least one photo of Ayla with her paternal family.

A third injury Ayla allegedly suffered in her father's care, a pulled leg muscle, caused a doctor to make a referral to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Reynolds texted Justin on Feb. 10 saying she received an email from one of his friends claiming the friend saw DiPietro throw Ayla. Police also found more than a cupful of Ayla's blood next to DiPietro's bed, according to Reynolds' stepfather, Jeff Hanson. Police confirmed finding Ayla's blood in the basement where DiPietro sleeps but declined to confirm the details provided by the Reynolds family.


I've looked at these charts many times over the past few months. Something in the charts just don't sit right with me and I have trouble making them work. I have come to conclusion that this is because the father is lieing and the timeline is off. So I began to experiment with the charts to see if I couldn't nail down some movements and track them to a reasonable outcome. The first chart I did seemed to tell me that the father was being truthful about some things, but not all.

In the chart for 8 pm, his reported time of having last seen his daughter, we see his marker, the Sun, in the fifth house. The Sun rules the first house from the fifth. This shows us that he is in the bedroom of his child. This what he says he was doing at that hour. So this much is true. Sun in Sagittarius is disposed of by Jupiter, which, by the way, is also the fifth house ruler. This tells us that his reason for being in the bedroom was the child. He was there for her. So this much was also true. But Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon co rule the baby so they will tell us her condition at that time. Notice that Jupiter is in the ninth house, the Moon is in the second house and Mercury is in the fourth. Mercury in the fourth supports the notion that this was the "childs' area" in the home and also that the child was in the home at the time. But Jupiter in the ninth tells me that the child is either outside the home, such as in a shed or garage area, or inside the family car (the ninth is the third from the seventh). Moon is in Virgo, conjoined Mars, in the second house. This shows the child to be "among the belongings" of the father. Mars shows forced action or aggression and the sign Virgo is disposed of by Mercury, the traditional marker for children. Mars also rules the ninth house. It does appear that he went to his daughters bedroom, just as he says, but not so much to just check on her or put her to bed. In fact, the charts show he went there to remove her from the home and take her somewhere in the family car.

And then moving the charts forward to 8:30 pm and 9 pm, the sky map doesn't change much. But what I do see is that the fifth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the sign Taurus. This means it is disposed of by Venus, which is in the sixth house. There are no death markers in this chart. There are no death markers in the charts I run from 8 pm until midnight. But the sixth house marker is a strong one for children who run away or for whatever reason are never seen again. A traditional reading for runaway children says that the marker in the sixth house means the child will never be seen again. And I concur with this reading. It seems to work in every case where I have seen it. But in this chart is also coupled with the Moon and Mars in the second house and Neptune on the eighth house cusp. This hints at financial problems that must be solved and are possibly solved by these events. In other words, he may have sold the child or he may have simply given her to someone else to releive himself of the financial burdens she presented. It's interesting that the seventh house ruler is in the eighth house in the chart for 8:30 pm. The Sun is still in the fifth, disposed of by Jupiter in the ninth and Jupiter still rules the fifth, showing us that daddy is still with his daughter and they are still in the family car. The tenth house ruler, Venus, in the sixth, may mean that someone had lost their job or had not gotten a raise or had their hours cut at work. Venus disposed of by Venus in the third, shows a third party who lives nearby or is a relative to the family. In fact the family home (Venus) is not far from the home of this third person who appears to be involved in the event. Because Saturn, in turn, is disposed of by Venus, this may well have been a relative or ex wife of the father's.

Where I say the family car there are markers in the chart that indicate this could also be a work vehicle. If not a work vehicle, it could be a vehicle that the family uses to get back and forth to work. It could be a public bus or a taxi but I am thinking that there would have been witnesses if they had taken a bus or cab. Still, Mercury ruling the second house cusp with Moon in the second describes a business transaction. Moon and Mars there give the impression that someone needed money or was in financial trouble. With no death markers in these charts, I am tempted to again think that the child was passed along to someone else, most likely for money. The presence of the seventh house ruler in the eighth seems to show us money being passed from one person to another. Or this may be a debt being forgiven, such as trading the child for a payment on something large. I can't be sure which event is being described but it certainly "feels" something like this.

The only creepy placement I see in these charts is the presence of the fourth house ruler, Pluto, in the fifth. This can often mean sexual assault. A sexual assault inside the home, in fact. And whith Pluto being disposed of by Saturn in the third, I would think it was an assault involving a relative or sibling. An older relative or sibling. But none of these indicators exist in any other pattern and there is no testimony casting aspersions on the family, so I want to leave this to the reader. I will say no more.

Going on the assumption that the child was sold, I can see patterns in the chart that cast a dark shadow. For instance, the seventh house ruler at 8:30 pm is Uranus. Uranus is in the sign Aries in the eighth house. This describes a criminal. A person who lives a criminal lifestyle and may be on the run from the law. A fugitive, perhaps. Aries in the eighth house can give a hideout or secret lair where criminals gather. Uranus there shows us someone who "lives on the edge" and doesn't play by the rules. Look at how Uranus is disposed of by Mars in Virgo, conjoined the Moon, in the second house. Does this not look like a financial transaction? Does this not look like this baby was sold to a criminal? Considering this, the markers showing sexual assault do not seem so far fetched anymore. This transaction apparently took place in the home of the criminal, which is also the place where he or she works. Most criminals conduct business in their hideout or secret lair. It looks like Ayla's father took the baby there. This place is best defined by Venus in Capricorn in the sixth house.

Venus in Capricorn in the sixth describes places near or around cemetaries, crematoriums, churchyards, tombs (current or historical) or graveyards (public or private). It can also describe a place where wood or lumber is stored or where carpentry is done. There would be dark bushes around the home, casting shadows and creating conveniant hiding places. The house would sit low to the ground and the threshold may be under dirt. In general, this placement also describes prisons, show sheds, government buildings (city hall in particular) and any area near or in a business district. These markers should be considered when trying to locate the hideout this criminal is living in. With Venus as the main marker, there may be gardens near or around the house, with blooming flowers (roses or violets in particular) and plants like peppermint or lacy ferns. There may be a stockpile of precious metals like copper, bronze or brass. This person may have a liking for cats or rabbits and these animals may live on the property.

The direction of this home can be seen using the tenth and fourth house rulers and cusps. The fourth house being Ayla's home and the tenth house being the hideout. This is defined by Mars in Virgo (Aylas home) and Venus in Capricorn (the hideout). These planets are trine to each other so the homes are closely located. Mars in Virgo shows Ayla's home to be southwest while Venus in Capricorn shows the hideout to be directly south. These directions are hard to use but what they basically must have in order to work is the center of location. You can determine this by plotting the area described by this longitude and latitude. Once you have circled the area defined by this longitude and latitude then you go to the center of that area and that is your center of location. From there, go southwest to find Ayla's home. Then from there, go south to find the hideout. Since Mars and Venus are ten degrees apart and one is in a cardinal sign and the other in a mutable sign, then we are talking miles and not feet. The fixed signs always show something very near by. The mutable signs show something at a reasonable distance while the cardinal or angular signs can mean many many miles away. At this I would guess 10-15 miles from Ayla's home. This going south. And it could be a few more miles in fact, given the motion of both planets is slow on that day (although neither is retrograde). But I would say no more than 20.

Now, in describing the man who took the baby, we look at Uranus in Aries. I have already given a brisk description of this person, who is no doubt a career criminal. Uranus is disposed of by Mars in Virgo so this person is rather quiet and reserved. Although he or she is a crook, there is no crowing or showing off going on. Aries gives some height to the body, so this person may be taller than average. It also gives thinness to the bones to this person is probably slight or even skinny. Virgo would give bad skin at times, so there may be pockmarks or acne. Aries gives length to the bones so the nose and fingers are probably long and spindly. The face may be thin with a youthful appearance. This person may look like a youth, or, at least, much younger than they actually are. Poor hygiene is likely with a sloppy appearance, disheveled and dirty most likely. This person is constantly hustling and most especially stealing (Mars in Virgo disposed of by Mercury in Sagittarius). This person is a "wheeler dealer". There is a very good possibility that this person has spent some time in jail and is known to the local police.

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