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John James Morris

Man Disappears After Romantic Breakup

FROM: Find John Morris:

Missing: 07/30/07
Missing from: Dickerson,Maryland
Classification: Endangered Missing
Age at disappearance: 37
Date of Birth: 11/07/69
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Hair (Other): Graying
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium

Identifying Characteristics:
Pierced left ear, tattoo of a “snake” or “dragon” on right forearm, tattoo of a “scorpion” on left shoulder, healed ankle fracture due to injury suffered 5 yrs prior to disappearance, Rhinoplasty procedure to correct broken nose sustained at age 15, eczema on left ankle, scar on calf of leg, cap on front tooth, suffers from degenerative bone disease causing one middle toe to be significantly shorter than others.
Clothing: Possibly wearing a red fleece jacket.
Jewelry: Gold chain, watch.

Circumstances of Disappearance:
Suspicious. John was last seen at approximately 11:00pm at a friend’s residence in the 24000 block of Whites Ferry Rd., in Dickerson, MD , the home he shared with his boyfriend. Morris and his boyfriend Jack Whitescarver had recently ended their 12-year relationship .

Morris family reported him missing August 23 after he missed several of their weekly telephone conversations. All of his belongings, including his truck and his dog, were at the home.

His cell phone or credit card has not been used since he disappeared.

John has a medical condition. John has ADHD and may be bipolar and needs medication.

John broke his ankle 5 years ago. He also broke his nose at the age of 15 playing baseball. The nose was cosmetically fixed. John has a degenerative bone disease in one of his middle toes which makes it shorter than the rest. He has a cap on his front tooth and sometimes breaks out with eczema on his left ankle.

John is a talented artist who paints in oils. He may be working as a landscaper or may be working as a handyman. John can fix anything. He is also a glazier who can fix broken car windows. He is a jack of all trades. John also loves animals and can work as a veterinary assistant where he once worked in the Georgetown District of Washington, DC


I am sorry that I haven't been posting as much as usual these days. I can say that one excuse is the number of cases that have either been solved in the meantime or don't have enough data to be charted accurately. But the strongest reason is my personal life has been crazy. With my natal Venus in Scorpio I don't usually like to share but I realize I've been missing in action so I'll try to. My father has been ill and in and out of the hospital, first for pneumonia and then recently for a blood sugar problem that made him immobile and confused. He's 81 this year, very thin and fragile and dealing with many different health issues. I just want him to hang in there a while longer. I am not sure how I will handle it if I lose him. Also, I have been working more than usual. It is currently taking 10 hours a day on average at my "regular job" to make ends meet. And last but not least, I am caring for a house full of rescued animals and a lot of the wildlife in my area. I am an animal advocate and activist when I am not an Astrologer. So please forgive if I can't get to the cases quickly. If the charts are readable and the case is still open, I will get to it eventually. And that's all that my Venus will let me share. LOL.

As I am sure you are all aware, I am always looking for the unusual case, the one the media the ignores and involves victims who aren't your "popular" types. This case involves a gay young man who has been missing for quite some time now and no one even talks about it. He is like a shadow in the dark. This makes me very sad, as do other cases that go unexplored, mostly cases involving men, prostitutes, exotic dancers, gays, Blacks, Asians, Indians and other ethic groups and people who aren't that thin or pretty to look at. I realize that the numbers of white women who are abducted or killed way outpace the others but every single human being deserves dignity and love. This man deserves to be vindicated as much as anyone else and I hope for nothing less than justice for him and his loved ones. There are people who are hurting right now and forever because he is gone. So I wanted to look at this and see what I could find.

In the first chart for the time he was last seen, the charts reflect the reported facts. This tells me that they are viable. Let me show you what the charts actually say. John was last seen at his ex-boyfriend's home, picking up his belongings. Notice that the chart for that hour, 11 pm on July 30, has the first house ruler, Mars, in the second house. This shows John being "among his belongings" or "dealing with his possessions" in some manner. This definitely works with the facts. We know that he had just broken up with this ex boyfriend and was probably grieving. You can see in the chart that the Moon is in the eleventh house, a traditional placement for divorce or for relationships that are not working or falling apart. Moon in also conjoined Neptune so there were things that were either hidden or not said in this relationship. Secrets were being kept. We know that the ex partner was out of town and seeing that the seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the sixth house, I would guess that his trip had something to do with work. Venus is also disposed of by Mercury, which is in the fourth house in the sign Cancer. This tells us that the current location is actually the ex boyfriends home. So this fits the facts, too. And then, last but not least, Mars is in Taurus, which tells us that John was mostly picking up clothing and sentimental objects. Mars is disposed of by Venus so we also know that he is there because the ex boyfriend asked him to come and get the things. So from all of these aspects we get a clear picture that dovetails with known facts.

So now that we know the charts are viable, it is possible to move forward in time and see what happened to John. The next chart I drew was for a half hour later, at 11:30 pm. In this chart, the first house ruler, Mars, is in the first house. So John is now done with his "things" and is now concerned with his "ego" or, generally speaking, "himself". Mars in the first tends to indicate anger and a kind of "acting out" but it more assuredly indicates a person doing what they "want to do" or what pleases them. In this chart, the seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the fifth house opposing the Node in the eleventh house. This looks like a lover to me, somebody he had been involved with in the past. Could this be the secrets implied by the Moon - Neptune conjunction? Could this be the reason John left his boyfriend? I can't say for sure but anything is possible, I suppose. But with the Node opposing the seventh house ruler in the fifth it certainly looks like a date to me. A plan to "get together" in a romantic sense. But there is nothing in this chart that implies they knew each other well or for long. In today's world of technology, they could have met on Craigslist or on a dating site. There are many sites that cater to gay men, letting them hook up with other gay men in their own community. With John grieving the way he was and possibly acting out, this may have been "comfort sex". Lots of people get over the pain of a broken heart by diving right in with someone else.

An interesting twist with the known facts is that his truck, dog and belongings were still at the ex boyfriends house. So this tells us that he did not go to this persons home in his own truck and probably thought he would be right back. The charts do not show him being abducted from the original site (First house ruler in the first shows him to be in control of what he does) but there is a possibility that he was picked up there and told it was an "emergency" or something like this or that this other man sent someone to get him. The charts don't show this but they don't show any other detail in this regard, either. So I will leave that part of the mystery open to conjecture.

Venus is conjoined Saturn, with Saturn ruling the tenth house, so this person was at home. This is supported by the disposition of Venus by Mercury in Cancer, in the fourth house. This looks like John may have had plans to make this home his new home. He may have been thinking about moving in with this new lover. Saturn in Leo describes a rather flashy pad, upscale and pricey perhaps but an older building in the downtown area. Look for the colors red and green somewhere on the face of the building. Some detail may also be in the color black. Perhaps the signage or a canopy outside. There should be Government buildings somewhere nearby, most probably City Hall. There may be something wooden or made of wood on the property, such as wood sculptures, wood window finishings, wood trim, this sort of thing. The building itself may appear to be gritty or dirty. This man would have lived on the first floor. There would be landscaping around the building but it would not cared for, rather scruffy and bushy. No grass and lots of sand and rubble. This would have been an upscale location at one time in the distant past but may have since fallen on hard times. It may have once been a downtown "hot spot", very desirable location. Venus in Virgo disposed of by Mercury in Cancer in the fourth tells me this new lover had not lived there long; Mercury shows transition and change. The Moon on the fourth house cusp also shows instability and change. He had recently moved there and did not plan to stay long.

The next chart, drawn for midnight, shows John arriving at this home and being confronted at the door. Notice the first house ruler, Venus, in the fifth, disposed of by Mercury in Cancer right at the nadir. The nadir, to me, is the front door of the home. So John has just entered the home and here you see Mars right in the first house. Mars, the seventh house ruler, is right there, greeting him. Mars is square to Saturn, which rules the tenth house, so I am not so sure, from this, that this lover wanted John to move in. Or perhaps he did and there was some disagreement about it. I cannot tell which. But there are other omens here. Jupiter, the eighth house ruler, is in the eighth along with Pluto, which co rules the seventh house. This looks like something devious to me, something rather creepy to be honest. Pluto, as co ruler of the seventh house, placed in the eighth house, describes a criminal. This person John is with, in his home, in fact, is a devious criminal who cannot be trusted. There is something more going on here than John would know. This is supported by the telltale conjunction between the Moon and Neptune, which I talked about earlier. John may have been keeping secrets, I cannot be sure one way or the other, but for sure he was in the dark about some matter in this event. He was making plans (the Node) with someone who I now believe was very unsavory. Look how Mars opposes Pluto. Note also that Mars is conjoined not only to the fixed stars, the Pleiades but also to the evil fixed star, Caput Algol. It is within MINUTES of being exactly conjoined Algol. There isn't any better sign of coming violence than this. I have profiled this same aspect in way too many cases where people were violently and cruelly murdered.

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So this person he is with is not only deceptive and untrustworthy but he is also a cruel, violent man who is capable of murder. Venus conjoined Saturn in the fifth with Saturn opposing the Moon and Neptune, I have no doubt that John went there to have sex with this man. They had either been lovers before this event or they had planned to be after the breakup. I am not sure that something horrible didn't happen to John as soon as he arrived. Or it could have been an hour later. But Mars remains in the first house for over an hour and at that time, Pluto remains in the eighth. I am not sure exactly when he was attacked but I can say that the death pattern does not emerge until 1:15 am. Up until then, the charts remain the same and I can't tell when sexual activity began, if it began or if John was just attacked before it did or afterwards. Was he attacked while having sex? It's possible but I can't tell for sure from these charts.

But in the chart for 1:15 am, I do see a death pattern. So I am going to say that I believe that John is dead. I also believe he was murdered by a lover, someone he went to visit with after leaving his ex boyfriends home. He visited this person in his home, which was an older building in the downtown area. In the chart for 1:15 am, I see that Mars has crossed the first house cusp, showing a physical attack on John. Venus, the first house ruler and John's marker, has entered the fourth house. The eighth house ruler, Jupiter, has moved into the seventh while the seventh house ruler is in the eighth house. And I am pretty sure that no one knew that John was going there or even that John knew this man, this told by the Moon and Neptune conjoined in the tenth house (this man's home). This much was a "secret". So this man has never been suspected or implicated in this event. No one has ever even thought that he might have known John. Although the police are aware of this man for other reasons, as he has led an unsavory life "on the edge" of society and has, no doubt, been in jail. They still have no reason to suspect him in this event. His apartment has never been searched, neither has his car. Vital clues that might implicate him in this matter have never been found.

This chart also shows that as soon as John died, his body was moved to a car. The body can be tracked through the Venus- Saturn conjunction in the fourth house. Venus is disposed of by Mercury in the third, showing the body in a vehicle. Cancer implies this to be a green car with something red on the exterior, such as red trim, red striping, red stickers, etc.. Mercury adds a dove-like color, so perhaps the interior was cream. Mercury also implies the car was not new. The sign Cancer makes it an older, perhaps even antique or collectible car, but not in good condition. The car would have a lot of miles on it. I would guess it was an American made model. The Moon rules the third house, which shows us the "nature" of their travel and since the Moon is in the sign Aquarius, conjoined Neptune, I would say they were heading west with a northerly drift. The sign Cancer gives it a strong northerly turn. So this would be west of the downtown area, going west and then drifting sharply north. The Moon is in the tenth house, in Aquarius, showing us the new location. So if there are mountains or areas with higher ground, I would think they went there. Aquarius usually describes areas with disturbed ground. Places recently dug up, either for construction or for other purposes, such as laying cable, dropping in wells, burying bodies, tilling ground, laying a foundation, etc... these are the kind of places where he would have went with John's body. This might be somewhere near an airport, an air strip or airplane hangars. This would include air force bases as well as commercial airports. Anywhere with a landing strip. Mars in Taurus and Venus in Virgo lead me to believe that the body is buried or hidden. Close to the ground in an area that is high off the ground. This could mean it is on a mountainside, in the dirt, or it can mean that it's hidden under the floorboards of an upstairs room. But because the body was moved from a high rise building, I would assume it was not taken to another one. My best guess is an area up off the ground such as a mountain or a ridge and the body is buried or hidden in the brush.

Mars in Taurus rules the twelfth house in the death chart and the twelfth house defines the grave. Taurus indicates a place where things are planted, such as in a garden or an arbor. If there are places with pasture for cattle anywhere near a mountainous region or an area with ridges or higher ground, I would start there. The body would be in thick brush or buried under ground and may well be stored in a trunk. Virgo can also mean luggage. If John was too large a man to be in luggage, then consider the trunk as a possibility. The area where he left the body is a dark area in shadow with little sunlight. It will not be easily seen simply by walking by. Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs so he is on or under the ground, possibly buried. Mars in Taurus implies a lot of physical effort so this may show digging. But if the body is in a trunk then I would guess it is above ground. And since the body was left in an area with disturbed or freshly tilled ground, then the burial site would have been hard to isolate at the time. Weather conditions since that time have probably caused the original dig site to fade into the landscape.

In one more attempt to describe this person, I will start by saying that he is best described by the qualities of Mars in Taurus. This usually describes someone of average to short stature with a strong body and a large frame. This person is usually handsome, with Venus qualities as well as the Mars traits. So this man is probably attractive in a Venusian sense, such as having long eyelashes, dimples, good skin, a sensuous mouth, etc... In fact, I think of a "Greek God" type of beauty when I consider Mars in Taurus. There is a great deal of sensuality and charisma. In the real world, there are many famous entertainers and performers (especially dancers and artists) who have this natal placement. Although the effect is different, as these are just descriptors and the subject may not have Mars in Taurus in his natal chart, he would have some of the superficial qualities of this placement. He would seem talented, sensuous, strong willed and dependable on the surface. But looking closely at the charts and seeing him for who he really is, we now know he is also a deviant criminal and murderer. This is outlined for us by the placement of the seventh house markers in the eighth house. Remember that. It is the mark of the criminal and possible murderer. It is very likely this man is already in jail for another crime. And if he is a member of a gang or syndicate, he will be fiercely loyal and hard working, qualities that would both get him caught for his crimes and also make him the "fall guy", doing time for crimes someone else committed and refusing to "snitch". So the prisons in the local area would also be a great place to start looking.


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