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Taylor Dawn Paschal & Skyla Jade Whitaker

Two Young Girls Shot To Death on Short Walk

Taylor Dawn Paschal, 13, and Skyla Jade Whitaker, 11, were shot dead Sunday (6/08/08)

From the PJ Star online: The girls left Taylor's home about 5 p.m. Sunday, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Agent Ben Rosser said Tuesday. They headed north on the rural county road where Taylor lived, toward a bridge that is a popular gathering spot.
Less than 30 minutes later, Taylor's grandfather found the girls in a ditch on the side of the road, Rosser said. They had multiple gunshot wounds in the head and chest. There were no signs of sexual assault.
"It's just not likely that somebody pulled off U.S. 75 or I-40 and went there," Rosser said, referring to where the girls were found, about three miles from the nearest major thoroughfare. "We're thinking it's a person from the local area."
The shooting occurred outside Weleetka, a town of about 1,000 residents 75 miles from Tulsa. Taylor and Skyla were the only girls in their sixth- and fifth-grade classes, according to The Oklahoman newspaper.

In doing this chart, I was amazed at discovering how similar with chart was to the chart of Nicole Ganguzza! Miles apart on different days at different times, and they look so similar! I did the chart for these two girls for 5:15 pm, because that was exactly between the time that the left (5 pm) and the time they were found (5:30pm). And if you read the Ganguzza post and compare these charts, you too will be surprised. In this chart, at 5:15, Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Mars is at the midheaven, in Leo, disposed by the Sun in Gemini in the eighth. Venus is in Gemini in the eighth house, conjunct to Mercury and the Sun. In this configuration, we are looking at a girl with two boys. The girl is the ringleader and the two boys, one younger and one older, are along for the ride.

Pluto in Capricorn is in the second house, just like in the Ganguzza chart, and these kids were also in a small wooded area with animals like Turtles and Raccoons. It is interesting to see that Pluto is disposed by Saturn in the tenth, so these girls died in public. Saturn is disposed by Mercury in the eighth, so public murder was the whole idea. This group was out to shoot somebody, plain and simple. Mars is sextile to Mercury, Venus and the Sun, so if these people knew these girls, it was not a bad or ugly relationship. They either had no bone to pick with these girls or only knew them in passing and therefor did not really know them well. They may have seen the girls or known them in passing, but nothing more. I do not believe they were targeted.

Uranus is in the fifth, disposed by Neptune in the fourth house, so this was a sudden fling by kids from the area. They just decided, while smoking a joint or drinking beer perhaps, to go on a "Bonnie and Clyde" thing and shoot some people. They are kids from around the area, but they aren't well known. They may be new to the town. They may have been adopted and brought there by new residents. Or they may be relatives of people in town who were only there for a short while. They are like "ghosts" to the locals; they may not have even noticed they were there. The fact they were overlooked, unnoticed or ignored will play a big role in their not being discovered. Neptune is shady and hides things well. It is also conjoined the North Node, so the "masses" (the local folk) are blind and cannot see these kids. The cops and the townsfolk have had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Mars in Leo at the midheaven says a gun was used. We know this already but it's good when the stars echo the facts. Mars is disposed by the Sun in Gemini in the eighth, so it was the older boy who pulled the trigger, egged on by the younger girl. It was the young girls' idea, believe it or not, and she got the ball rolling. It took the moxie of a budding young daredevil to pull it off. Jupiter is in the third house, disposed by Saturn in the tenth, so they did this "for fun". I know this hard to imagine, to stomach for those of us who give a damn about life and about people, but this was a kick for these kids. They did this on an afternoon joy ride. And these girls are now dead.

The only ray of light I see here is that the cops may eventually get leads that help them solve it. The weak link is the older boy. The one who pulled the trigger. The Moon is in the tenth house and it is disposed by the Sun in the eighth, so the boy is going to brag and bray about what he did and someone else will know. This was an emotional event for him, in more ways than one, and he won't be able to keep his mouth shut. He will express himself eventually, perhaps to an older person he admires and wants to impress. This is the link that may eventually open the circle for the cops. The silence will at some point be broken. This is double underlined in the chart by the opposition from Neptune to the Moon, meaning that the boys emotions cannot remain hidden for long. He will "burst at the seams" so to speak.

And what do these kids look like? Strangely enough, their placements are exactly the same as those of the killers in the Nicole Ganguzza case. They are not the same kids, please don't say I said that. However, there are similarities in appearance and personality. Just a strange after effect of the planets. We are always under the rays of the stars and planets and certain factors exist at all times. Right now, the rays are affecting certain types of people in ways that create these crimes. These types of people are similar in many ways... otherwise, they wouldn't be affected in the same way. Make sense?

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  1. Hi,
    Fasinating concept you have here. I grew up with astrology too, and have had my chart done a few times. I have never seen astrology used like this before, but believe it has a lot of credibility.

    I have recently started meditating to connect with missing persons and murdered people to see if I can be of some service someday once my ability is tuned. I recently worked on a missing person case and felt confident enough to talk to the detectives - the woman was found in water, caught under a pipe that fed water to the ornate fountain, just as I had seen and heard from her. Anyway - I have worked on this case a bit. I definately hear that the shooters are "total strangers" to the girls. The girls were caught by surprise and said that they didn't even have time to be scared - it happened so quickly - the men came "crashing outta the trees". But the girls tell me that it was two young men. One white, one black. The black man wore a blue bandana on his head. The other had a chain hanging from his pocket. They came out of the trees and basically just began shooting. Shot Taylor in the head first and then Skyla was hit in the chest. The men were in the trees "hiding or to hide something". Do you feel confident that it was a boy and a girl? I definitely got that one instructed the other. Each were prepared to kill. The first thing the girls told me was that they saw the man in the white pickup truck. Skyla thinks it was a Ford. His description fits what the police have. His role feels passive in this, but he is the one who told the pair where to go. I don't get that part. The girls don't understand why they were shot, they really can't help much, but they are okay. I pray that you are right and the shooters talk - I believe they will; this was a big thing for them. I don't get into the heads of people who are alive, so I can' help there. Again, very interesting work you do - I wish you well!

  2. I find this reading pretty interesting. I am apart of websleuths and on one of our threads we have found the myspace pages of three young people in OK. One is a female and the other two males. They are all obsessed with death and have many references to weapons, death and murder on their myspace pages.


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