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Trenton Duckett

Child Goes Missing & Mom Commits Suicide

I have been wanting to do this analysis since I saw the show on Nancy Grace a year ago. Here you have a miserable young lady who kills herself after he son goes missing. She became the main suspect in her son's disappearance and there have been no other clues or leads since she shot herself a month after the child was reported as missing. No one has ever believed Melinda's tale of child abduction and the general consensus was that she had taken the child and given it to relatives or friends. However, no friend or relative has panned out for the cops and no one has come forward. So, did Melinda hide her son? Did she kill him? Or was he actually abducted by some unknown stranger?

I came to reconsidering this chart for the blog because of a reader who was kind enough to email me extensive information. This reader is very good at research and put together enough data to allow me to draw up a reasonable timeline. Because no one believed Melinda's story, I was reluctant to take her testimony as fact. Therefor, the timeline based upon her reporting her son's disappearance can be considered useless. And with no one having seen Trenton for DAYS it seemed unlikely I could find a reasonable window in which to work with the sky chart.

The entire timeline of events includes a gap from 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26, when she and Trenton left her grandparents' home, until 8 a.m. the next day, when Melinda was spotted alone at a Leesburg store. Police have not identified the store by name. Overall, the timeline, pieced together with confirmed sightings and cell-phone records, ends at 6:55 p.m. Aug. 27, when a friend arrived at Melinda's apartment.

Police said the friend was Chris Pearce, one of two men who watched the film "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" with Melinda Duckett until she said she discovered her son was missing. This first instance of Melinda claiming the child had disappeared occurred at 9 pm the evening of August 27. Detective Rockefeller, who would not identify the other guest, said Pearce answered all police questions and passed a polygraph test. He said he never saw Trenton. Therefor, we do not know when he really disappeared.

Monday Aug 28, police search the home and find painted walls and toys in the trash. Why is Melinda tossing out Trenton's stuff if she thinks he's been abducted? Might he not come home? Although few children come home from being kidnapped, should it not be her desire to believe that he might? Why has she given up? And why are the walls painted? All of this looks very suspicious and Melinda becomes the number one suspect at that moment. She is pursued by the police and the media, spending time being interviewed by Nancy Grace, where I saw her and heard the story for the first time.

And then on Sept 8, Melinda shot herself. Said to be depressed by the accusations and suspicions of guilt. But does that make sense? A mother who has just lost her son, possibly to a horrible fate, shoots herself before she can save him? Before she even knows his fate? For all intents and purposes, she should be holding out hope against hope that her son is alive and doing everything she can to bring him home. But, instead, she kills herself. So now the mystery deepens. Where the heck is Trenton after all?

Shortly after Melinda's suicide, a new witness comes forward with a sighting of both her and Trenton during that window of time between the last reported sighting and the supposed disappearance. If what this witness says is accurate, this will have been the first reported sighting of Trenton during the mysterious 12 hours before his disappearance, that until then had been unaccounted for. According to the the Sheriff's Office, a Wendy's Restaurant employee claims that Melinda Duckett went through the drive-through in Belleview, with Trenton in the car, on the morning before he disappeared. The same employee claimed that Melinda Duckett returned to the drive-through about half an hour later, allegedly without Trenton. This would have been around 8 am that morning, around the same time she was seen in an area store, according to another report. Video tapes show her in the store sometime that same morning. This is on the morning of August 27.

And so, armed with all this data, I set out to do charts for the time when she left her parents apartment, the time when she was seen at Wendy's and the area store, and then also the time at which she reports this child missing. The first chart, done for the time she left her parents home, was drawn up for August 26, 4:30 pm because the parents are sure of this being the exact time. In this chart Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. Saturn is in the eighth house and Pluto is in the twelfth. I believe this chart is defining Melinda's state of mind at this time and if you look at it you'll see she was like a time bomb getting ready to go off. She was angry, she was volatile and often violent. She may have had an argument with her parents that evening. This chart describes someone who is uptight and unhappy.

However, this chart clearly shows that she has a strong bond with the child, feeling as if they "are one" and that he is "her property". She believes he belongs to her and no one else. You can see this in this chart. Saturn is exactly conjunct to the fifth house ruler, Venus, in the eighth house. The fifth house being her first and only child. This planetary aspect typifies the statement "not until death do we part".

Now, the next chart I draw up is very telling, indeed. This is for the late morning of August 27, when she was seen driving through for food and then browsing an area store. Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Mars is at the Ascendant and Uranus is just under the Descendant. Pluto is in the fourth house and Saturn is in the twelfth. There is violence and death in this chart. Pluto and Jupiter are in mutual reception from the fourth to the second house. Melinda's signifigator, Mercury, is placed in the twelfth house. I believe this is showing that she was planning to murder the child. The child is signified by the fifth house, which is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is also placed in the twelfth house. There is no doubt that this chart describes a murder. I cannot say that she resisted these forces, in the mindset she that she was clearly in (as described by both charts).

There is something very dark and disturbing in Melinda's mindset, something she was not in control of. She had a violent side and was very angry all the time. I think, when reading these charts, that she wanted to commit suicide and this why she killed her child. I think she could not bear to leave him with others, to relinquish control of her "possession", ie: "not until death do we part". She was determined to rob his father of time with the boy and take the child, essentially, with her when she went. She may have had second thoughts later and tried to cover it up, hoping to stage an abduction. But then went back to plan A when she realized that no one believed her and she was looking at a life spent in jail.

From these charts, I think she took him to breakfast at the Wendys as sort of a "farewell gift" or a "last supper" of sorts, a gift from her to him. Perhaps Wendys was a favorite. And then she took the child somewhere and left him. After this, she went to the store and bought something she needed to commit the act, bullets for the gun, rope or other restraint, or some other detail. After the store, consumed with guilt, she went through Wendys again and retrieved something for the child, perhaps a milk shake or other treat. Of course, this is just guessing. She may have actually just bought more food for herself. There is no knowledge of these details nor will there ever be. However, she then returned to the child and then took him home where he settled in, watching cartoons or sleeping. And there she killed him. Mars in the first house indicates is was probably a gun. She shot him with a gun.

Venus is conjoined with Saturn, so she made the boy comfortable before she killed him. She laid him on a bed, or among pillows, fed him something he liked, etc... and then waited for him to fall asleep, perhaps. And afterwards, there was more spatter than she expected and that is why the walls were painted. Just a guess. But a possibility. Uranus at the seventh indicates that she did is suddenly, without any expectation, when he was asleep or not looking, and chances are he did not see it coming. Saturn conjoined Venus in the twelfth speaks once again to her feelings that he "belonged to her" and she was doing the right thing. That she had "the right" to make these choices. And no one had the right to stop her. This was "her son". Consider also that the Moon is in the second house in Libra, disposed by the second house ruler in the twelfth, showing again the power of the role of the "mother" in her world view.

The last chart I draw on is not quite as informative as the others, telling a shorter story. This is when she has people over and tells them that Trenton is suddenly missing. Showing everyone a ripped screen and calling the cops. Pisces is now rising and Virgo is falling. An exact mirror of the last chart. The chart ruler, Neptune, is in the eleventh house, so she is with friends, as we already know. Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus, which is placed in the twelfth. There is a secret here. She is hiding something and using her friends, so to speak, staging a scene, perhaps. The North Node is right behind the Ascendant, so it's sort of a karmic thing. She feels that it "is the right time". The Moon in Libra is in the seventh house, so she is looking for a sort of bonding from her friends. Moral support, perhaps. She may even have thought about telling them the truth but decided against it. She was in definite need of emotional support.

But the one thing this chart does not show is an abduction. There was no one else in that house at this time. No one came in through a window. But just to be fair, I drew up charts for every half hour that evening, from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm, considering this was a fair window for her friends to come over, to watch a movie and for her to make her discovery. If what she said were true, there would presumably be astrological evidence that someone had entered the home and taken her child. The chart for 6 pm shows the arrival of a boyfriend. I can tell this is a boyfriend because of the seventh house ruler, the Sun, being placed in the seventh and Mars is in the eighth. The fourth house ruler is Venus and she, too, is in the seventh (relationships). So whether this was a boyfriend or not, there was an attraction here and possibly even a sexual thing.

The chart for 7 pm shows a group of people together, friends of hers I suppose. The fifth house ruler, the Moon, stays consistently in the eighth house (of death) which tends to say that her first born child is dead. But this is inconsequential in this chart because it is not happening NOW. Mars has backed into the seventh house and is disposed by Mercury, also in the seventh. Uranus, the first house ruler, is opposed to these planets from the first, so it's likely there was an argument between Melinda and one of the guests over money. Perhaps she rented the movie and wanted the money back? Or she bought food or drink and wanted others to chip in for cost? But all of this is meaningless. These charts say absolutely nothing about anyone breaking into this house or taking a child.
They do, however, begin to say a few things about where Trenton is. It is the 9 pm chart I will use because this is the time when she reports him missing and the world becomes aware of the child being gone and everybody starts looking for him. So this is essentially that moment when the question is asked, "where is Trenton?" And looking at the chart, I hope to find a reasonable answer. The fifth house ruler, the Moon, is in the seventh in the sign Libra. This is her child. Saturn and Venus are posited in the fifth. First of all, Saturn again says the child is dead. However, Venus says he has a comfortable "resting place". She has put him somewhere that she thinks is pleasant, comfortable and peaceful. She put him somewhere out of love. Venus is in the sign Leo so she may have wrapped him in a silk sheet or a velvet blanket or something luxurious or beautiful. She gave the boy a "loving send off" of sorts. I do not know her religious beliefs but this would be in keeping with what she thought about the afterlife. Perhaps she gave him something precious before she stashed him away.

Taking the combination of the Moon in Libra with Saturn in Leo, I want to take a stab at where he's hidden. Libra often rules high places but this is Florida and there are no mountains or hills. However, Leo rules public parks, places of amusement, campgrounds, woods and forests where large animals roam. The Moon rules water of all kinds. Venus describes a beautiful place, as well as the sign Libra. So we are looking for a beautiful place in the woods or forest, perhaps a wildlife sanctuary, a public park, a place of amusement or a zoo. Perhaps Trenton loved a particular place. This is most likely where he would be found. She put him somewhere beautiful, comfortable, where he would be at peace. She did this out of love.

From these charts, I have no doubt now that Melinda put her son to death prior to her own suicide, perhaps as part of a personal pact to "die together". She killed him first to give him a loving funeral. She "put him out of misery" and gave him to God. And then she followed him over. But only after perpetrating a myth that would torture her family and ex husband into eternity. Her final last angry gesture. Her last stab at getting back at the world. A world that made her miserable, angry, lonely and desperate to die.

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  1. A reader of my blog sent this to me as I am VERY informed about this case and publish my findings on

    The timeline you have for Melinda is incorrect. Go to my article "Why Didn't LE Believe Melinda".

    As far as painting the walls, the investigators found NO blood on the walls. Read my article "Where's the Evidence".

    Melinda was awarded sole custody of Trenton. 5/26/06. She had child support starting 2/15/06. Josh did not pay May June or July until he was served with contempt of court for non payment on 7/03/06. He made the May and June payment when he appeared in court, but he never paid July or August. Now don't you think that he would make sure he made his payments on time? Or do you think perhaps he KNEW Trenton wouldn't be around in August?

    The sonogram in the trash was placed there by Josh and his family. Melinda's sonograms were placed neatly in her baby book. AND the sonogram was NOT a sonogram at all. It was a photograph of the monitor screen at the hospital. It actually showed the forearm, hand and finger of a hospital attendent pointing out the image.

    And the porn that Josh brought to the police THE MORNING AFTER Trenton went missing showed a naked picture of Melinda,however Josh Duckett was the leading Male co star in that same video. Red my article "The Naked Truth About the Porn".

    And in your chart, did you ever think that Melinda was murdered? She may have been contemplating taking her life but she wouldn't have done it in the closet Did you know she left a yellow post it note on the kitchen counter to her grandparents that said: "Laying down for a quick nap, I'll eat when I wake up". Why would she leave her suicide notes on the center console of her car AND NOT REMOVE HER LOADED (NEVER SHOT BEFORE) 20 GAUGE SHOTGUN LAYING ACROSS THE FLOORBOARD OF HER BACK SEAT OF HER CAR, come back into the house, write the post it note, go into her grandfather's closet and take his 50 year old shotgun that had not been shot in over 20 years and use birdshot that was also 20 years old then go into the closet and shoot into the wall/ceiling then place the gun that was taller than she was under her left side of her chin (when she was righthanded) and shoot her face off? What a feat for a 4'10" girl. It seems to me someone came in while the grandparents went to lunce (waited in the empty house next door) and Melinda saw them coming, ran to get the only weapon in the house for defense, and the attacker came at her while she hid in the closet and knocked the gun up with the shot going off into the upper wall. Then pushed her down and killed her with her own gun. Then laid the gun between her legs, the butt under her left leg, with the barrel across her midriff and her right hand caressing the muzzle of the gun and her left hand laying ever so relaxed across her stomach. Her legs were spread eagle and her head fit so neatly between the plastic box containing Trenton's toys. No way could she have killed herself in this manner. And Melinda had NO reason to keep Trenton from Josh. They never found any residue on Melinda's computer to show that she sent the email to herself. Why was Josh so fast to say that Melinda sent it to herself. Why would he even think that maybe a friend of his sent it to Melinda. Just like he has always been so fast to say all kinds of lies to DCF, the police and the media.

    Do a chart on Josh Duckett.


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