Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caylee Anthony Update

I have spent this afternoon watching the local news while the ME and the FBI tell us that the remains are, indeed, Caylee's. I know that everybody believed that they were but until the cops said that they were, I held out before commenting. I get criticized enough, I don't need to make that kind of mistake. A lot of tears are shed with this news, many of us held out in our hearts that Caylee may be alive after all and prayed that it be so. But now that we all know for sure, we can breathe a sigh of relief in that the baby isn't out in the cold anymore and whatever she suffered it over and done with. I was at first unwilling to do the chart because it would require so much work and I am a bit overwhelmed with so many blogs and websites.. one must make a living, right? But I gave it a go and did the best I could with what I had. In that spirit, I must send out my love and admiration to Soulscape on Websleuths, who got so much of it right. She is very talented and should have her own blog. She has made a great case for Astrology and I admire her for it. She actually got the location right, which was something I was unable to do. I worked solely from the cellphone pings and this was probably not enough. Soulscape put her heart and soul into this. We must thank her.

I try not to get into my personal views or beliefs on this blog because the purpose of the site is to explore Astrology. I must say, though, as an aside, and with no Astrological support whatsoever, that I think there is more to the story and there are some big shoes yet to drop. I just feel that some details are not known yet and having grown up in the area I know the environment and the people. Orlando is a hot bed for crime, unfortunately, and a lot of people who live there are living a fast and scary lifestyle. This is nothing new. I lived there in the 1980s and watched snipers on overpasses, bloody women running naked on the interstates and the hookers in tight skirts parading up and down the streets. Florida is full of transients and pass through people, who have no identity and are sort of invisible. I have come close to being kidnapped, raped or murdered myself during some hair raising and unforgettable episodes; by "the hair of my chin", as they say. So I know the criminal element and how prolific it is, especially in the poor, drug infested areas. Casey, I believe, was running in these circles, however snooty she pretended to be, with the "nanny" and the "job at Universal". There are a thousand cokeheads in O-town at any given time that are playing this same game. I apologize if I sound crude. This is just the way it is.

Back to Astrology. The charts showed the woods over and over again. She is now said to have been in the woods a lot, even back to when she was a kid. I know, again from living here, that kids use the woods for secrets. They go there to smoke pot, to sell or buy drugs, to have sex, to drink, to just hang out with a gang and swear. It is a dark place where kids can get away from their do goodie parents and act bad without being seen. If you have been to Florida then you know that the place is almost all swamp land. There are all these suburbs they have built on slabs that they poured over swamp. Where the residential areas end, the woods begin. You get a feeling of being in a box set down in a forest. In fact, a lot of those boxes start sinking every now and then, the swamp giving away under the foundation. Locals won't let the developers pave it all and there are fights everywhere to keep the land pristine, so there are large pockets of wild brush that are just full of wildlife. The charts showed her in a wooded area many times and also showed her leaving the child in the woods near the water. I thought, at the time, that may be it was the Econ River, as Padilla kept saying, but it was not clearly that at all. The chart showed some aspects, if you recall, that showed the body in the water but not underwater. I almost thought it looked like it was floating on the surface of the river, which I knew was impossible. Weird at the time; makes sense now.

About the burning I saw. I cannot explain it except that I saw her burning something and it looked like the child. But now I am thinking perhaps it was the child's clothing and I read more into it. The charts are posted and ready to be looked at so if other Astrologers would like to point out what I missed, I'd love that. We are all learning. Perhaps the cops will find something burnt along the way. Another thing I'd like to add that I did not add in the first post. In the chart I saw a lot of references to sex. I thought at first that Casey was a hooker. Along with so many pointers at the woods I thought she was homeless, living in the woods and having sex for money. I kid you not. But then it became known that she had a boyfriend and was living in his home so this did not make sense. On occasion when I would see sex aspects along with Casey and the child I would also see a man present. I will stand by my claims about the man no matter what. The charts clearly showed her with a man over and over again. Some male person was with her with that child in those woods. I also saw a struggle with the child in the car. Perhaps this is when she was wrapped in the tape. No matter, this man wrestled with that child and held her down. I have since been told that chloroform is used in the sex industry to sedate children while molesting them. This made the hair on my neck stand up. Is this the "other story" that Casey keeps eluding to? Does this involve sex or porn or slavery? The thought turns my stomach, I admit it. I have had far too many cases lately that point to this industry. I just hope this darkness did not touch Caylee. That would be very sad. But I cannot shake the memory of the sex aspects and the child being present. I guess we will learn more in March or whenever this trial starts.

In fact, I may do my first "non death" chart on the blog by doing a chart for the trial. As soon as the date is confirmed and as we approach it, I will try to do a chart for the trial and make some guesses as to how it will come out. I think that would be fascinating. If you have any other suggestions for this case, please comment or email me. And if you have something you'd like me to present on any case or any aspect of Astrology, let me know. I am starting a website with a hub and the blog there will be open to the public. I will be looking for Astrologers to place material there. So stay in touch and thanks again for reading this blog.

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  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. was the man who helped casey anthony get rid of caylee Tony Lazzaro and is he going 2 be investigated about that or they will find evidence?

  3. Perhaps the burning that you perceive was a chemical burning of Caylee's facial and throat skin by the application of chloroform. Maybe forensic astrology is very interpretative in the same way that dream sybmology is. I appreciate your work very much.

  4. Perhaps the burning which you perceive could be a chemical burn caused by the application of chloroform to Caylee's face. Maybe forensic astrology is similar to dream symbology in that it is open to interpretation. Thank you for your hard work and for how sincerely you examine what you put out before you write it. How I wish that all of us, each in our own way could prevent these tragedies before they happen instead of trying to fathom them afterwards.

  5. I still can't shake the feeling that William Waters is involved somehow. Maybe he knows more than he told or maybe it's something else.

  6. The adverse publicity that Casey Anthony has received from Nancy Grace show has made it difficult to be objective about this case. That being said, I don't think that Casey killed her child. I think that she was careless about who she allowed to come in contact with her child and that a predator simply took advantage of the situation. Her living situation is still unclear, did she have an apartment or home? What difficulties do you see in her natal chart regarding her parents and early family life? There seems to be some type of secret from Casey's childhood that made her vulnerable to this tragedy.

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    U ROCK!



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