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Stevona Campbell

Child Found Dead On Mothers Day

FROM The Los Angeles Times

Slain Palmdale girl is found near onion field

The 13-year-old, whose body was found near an onion field, was last seen Sunday night during a Mother’s Day party at her family’s apartment.

A farm worker found her body this week wrapped in a rug in a ditch beside an onion field east of Palmdale. Stevona Campbell, 13, had been missing since Sunday night.

Known to her family as “Teeny” for her small size at birth, she had attended a large Mother’s Day party at her family’s apartment in east Palmdale. But she darted out of the apartment about 7 p.m. - disobeying her mother’s orders to stay home - and never returned, family members said.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s homicide detectives, who declined to comment on the cause of death, have made no arrests in the case.

“She was a nice little girl,” neighbor Janice Powell said. “She had a lot of friends.”

Stevona and her mother moved from Compton two years ago to escape the gangs and crime. Several relatives also moved to Palmdale for the same reason.

“I was scared,” said Stevona’s cousin, Lacreasia Chambers, who moved from Lynwood with her sons seven years ago. “Every time I turned around a family member was getting killed.”

Stevona’s body was found Monday morning in a ditch across a two-lane road from a stretch of cactus and brush, about a mile from a shopping center under construction.

The Los Angeles County coroner determined that she had been killed, said Sheriff’s Lt. David Coleman of the Homicide Bureau.

Little else is known about what happened to Stevona, a popular girl at Cactus Middle School in east Palmdale. The school brought in grief counselors this week to talk to students about her death.

“She was full of energy, a regular 13-year-old … the center of attention,” Chambers said. “She didn’t deserve this.”

Anyone with information about her death is asked to call sheriff’s detectives at (323) 890-5500.


PALMDALE, Calif. -- An investigation was under way Friday into the slaying of a popular middle school girl whose body was wrapped in a rug and dumped into a ditch beside an onion field in a remote area east of Palmdale.

The body of 13-year-old Stevona Campbell of Palmdale was discovered at about 6:45 a.m. Monday on Avenue P, between 40th Street East and 50th Street East, said Ed Hernandez of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

Her death has been ruled a homicide, but the cause of death has yet to be determined, said Lt. John Kadas of the coroner's office.

"An autopsy has been performed, but the results aren't back yet," Kadas said early today, adding he did not know when they would be available.

Stevona was last seen Sunday night when she attended a large Mother's Day party at her family's apartment in east Palmdale, the Los Angeles Times reported.

She left the party around 7 p.m. -- disobeying her mother's orders to stay home -- and never returned, family members told the newspaper.

On Monday morning a farm worker discovered Stevona's body wrapped in a rug in a ditch beside an onion field east of Palmdale, about a mile away from a shopping center under construction, the Times reported.

Family members described the victim as a popular student at Cactus Middle School in east Palmdale.

"She was full of energy, a regular 13-year-old ... the center of attention," Stevona's cousin, Lacreasia Chambers, told the Times. "She didn't deserve this."

Anyone with information about the case was urged to call the sheriff's department at 323-890-5500.


The first chart I draw up is for the time at which she was said to have left the party, which was 7 pm on Mother's Day. Notice that Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling with Venus right at the Descendant under the Sun's beams. The Moon in Leo is right at the midheaven, opposing a Neptune- Node conjunction at the nadir. The Moon in the tenth tells me that people saw her leave, she did not sneak out. She was seen leaving. Neptune in the fourth near the node tells me she was keeping something secret, made secret plans, had an idea she kept to herself. Mars in Leo in the ninth house makes me think she was headed outdoors, perhaps to the woods. Pluto in the second, there was money or something she thought was valuable involved in the matter. This could be money she already had or money she believed she was going to receive. Venus at the Descendant describes a person she was going to meet, someone she already knew. Venus under the Sun's beams tells me this person was in some sort of danger or afraid she or he would be. It looks a lot like another girl.

Notice also that Mars co rules the Ascendant and is disposed of by the Sun. Stevona seems to have been concerned about the danger her friend was in, perhaps aware of the person or circumstances causing the threat. They had discussed it before. This person or circumstance was present at this time and the girl or boy needed Stevona's help. The Sun and Venus both in Taurus, the natural inhabitant of the second house, also indicates to me that money was offered or needed in this matter. Did Stevona take her money with her? Or was she in need of money for something? Also, did she have a friend who was in trouble a lot, who had a troublesome family or difficulties of any kind? A person she would have dashed off to help?

The next chart, for an hour after Stevona left the party, shows a few important changes. Notice that the Moon, the chart co ruler, has moved into the ninth house. There, also, is Mars, the co ruler of the Ascendant. And if you consider Pluto a co ruler of Scorpio, you will see that it is placed in the second house and disposed of by Saturn, again placed in the ninth. These are a lot of pointers defining the ninth house. And this means that Stevona has gone outdoors, into the woods, a park, an open area. Perhaps she has gone to the onion field. Saturn in Virgo in the ninth hints at rubble and dirt, hardscrabble ground. This could be the onion field, which would be suited to growing tubers. Any place with a rocky ground, lots of rocks and dirt and very little grass or weeds. This is where she went. Now, look at Venus. This planet still rules the Descendant and has moved into the sixth house, still under the Sun's beams. It is also sinister to a conjunction with the Sun. Venus is swifter in motion than the Sun so this aspect is applying. Not a good sign. It tells me again that this person, her friend, is in grave danger. I mean, seriously. Venus is in a wide angle square to Neptune in the third. This is a wide angle but Venus is again sinister. This implies a ruse of sorts, perhaps a scheme or a lie. Neptune also hints at drugs and alcohol. Did Stevona dabble in drugs or alcohol? Would her friend be on drugs or with someone who was? There may have been a lie or ruse to get her there, a lure of money or danger. There is no doubt that her friend is in real danger, that this is not a lie. However, it is unlikely that Stevona was going to save him or her.

Money is a part of the scene and continues to be. Pluto, co ruler of the Ascendant, is hanging around in the second house. Jupiter is there with Pluto and Jupiter is about to move onto the first house cusp within the hour. This keeps the planetary ruler in the second house for quite some time, indicating that money is a motivator in this event. She was offered money or she went along to pay a debt. Had she borrowed money from anyone lately? Had she suddenly had money when she had had none before? These would be red flags in this case. Saturn in Virgo is a strong marker for poverty. It disposes both Jupiter and Pluto, making it a defining planet. Along with the ruling planets in the second house, it appears to me that little Stevona was motivated by money. She went dashing out to see a friend who was promising her money. She may not have known that this person was in immediate danger. She may have known the girl or boy to have been in troublesome situations in the past but was not aware of any pending problems. She only thought she was going to get some money. She may even have gotten money in this fashion before.

At 9 pm, Sagittarius moves onto the first house. Jupiter remains in the second, continuing to emphasize money. At this point, Jupiter is almost exactly inconjunct to the Moon, which is the chart co ruler. This means that Stevona is being sloppy and negligent. She is not paying attention to details and overlooking important details. She doesn't see the red flags. She just simply trusts everyone and doesn't give it enough thought. Inconjunctions indicate negligence and lack of oversight. No one expects a thirteen year old child to be astute and alert to details. She is not world wise or experienced in dangerous situations. This is why these sort of events are just so unfair; to take advantage of a child is the most evil thing an adult can do. She could not have known what was going on because, indeed, a lot of it was kept from her. The Moon is sinister to an opposition to Neptune, which tells me that they pulled the wool over her eyes. She was totally misled. Neptune is near the Node so there was more than one person involved in this ruse. It was sort of a consensus among several that they were going to fool this girl and get her to come to them. For money. And she may have been drugged. I do not know the autopsy or toxicology results but this is possible.

She was likely in the company of another child. Mercury rules the Descendant at 9 pm and disposits itself in Gemini. In fact, there may have been more than one other child. Mercury in Gemini makes me think of relatives or brothers or sisters. She could have been in the company of several kids who were all brothers, sisters or cousins to each other... or she could have been in the company of her own sisters, brothers or cousins. I am not sure which of these is possible. Both Mercury in this chart and Venus in the earlier charts are in their dignities, which tells me that the people that had Stevona had the upper hand. They were "in charge" of everything and controlled everything that happened. Pluto and Jupiter, Stevona's planets, are not in fall but they are not in dignity, either. She is at a disadvantage. And at 9 pm, Pluto enters the first and Mars enters the eighth so things are not looking good for her. They are starting to push her around, physically. Since I do not know if she was assaulted or not, I will just say that the chart shows this as a possibility. She was accosted in some fashion, pushed around at the least. She may have been beaten.. and with Mars in Leo in the eighth house, she may have been sexually assaulted as well.

I hate to make statements about things that are really horrible and I never want to make the assertion that the chart is right. I read them so that people can learn about it and see if it helps. In this chart, I see some ugly stuff and I'm going to throw it out there but I am not making accusations. I am just reading a chart. So don't take this personal. However, it looks to me that sex and money was a part of this crime. She was offered money, an opportunity to make money, but whether she knew it involved sex I am not sure. But when you look at the chart for 10 pm, you see how things start to come together. A real picture emerges. Notice that the Moon, the chart co ruler, moves into the eighth house. So does Saturn, which is the dispositer of the Ascendant ruler, Jupiter in Capricorn. These two along with Mars in Leo, which was already there. Along with the Ascendant ruler moving into the first house, along with Pluto. Whether she was ready and willing to have sex for money is unknown, but it looks to me that this is what they intended. She was probably assaulted, either sexually or otherwise, maybe just trying to get her to comply. Neptune is now in the second house along with Node, disposed of by Uranus in the third. The second house is a constant marker in the charts, showing that money was again offered and this time, there may have been photos involved. Neptune in Aquarius is a marker for the film industry and also of modeling, posing and acting. Disposed of by Uranus in Pisces in the third house, which rules commerce and trade, this just looks like a porn thing. They were going to use her in pictures.

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But we know that something went horribly wrong. She obviously did not please them in some manner. She either did not go along with this or she did something else wrong along the way. I notice that Mercury, the Descendant ruler, has moved into the sixth house, so one of the children is in danger. This child is sick or damaged. Mars, the fourth house ruler, is in the eighth and Venus, the tenth house ruler, is in the fifth. This is enough for me. There is no doubt in my mind, if you take this chart as accurate, that Stevona was offered a chance to make money and that this task included having sex in front of cameras. Pluto in the first house makes me think they went too far. Someone hit her too hard or throttled her and killed her. Pluto disposed of by Saturn in the eighth shows me that this is what happened, someone roughed her up and killed her in the process. Not that this was intended. She just ended up being collateral damage. She resisted, they tried to force her and they tried too hard. She may have witnessed an event with another child, the child I see as being sick or damaged. This might have scared her and she wanted to back out.

And then when Capricorn moves onto the Ascendant, just after 11 pm, I think this is when she died. Saturn is in the eighth which hints that she may have been restrained or smothered to control her and this was too much. Mars in the seventh also shows aggression from a partner or enemy... the other person she is facing. Cancer on the seventh and Moon in the eighth, she died with her killer present. Like I said, this was during restraint or coercion. She wasn't, for instance, drugged and left alone only to be found dead later. She was killed by someone else in an act of aggression. Look how the Moon is disposed of by the Sun in the fifth house. This house rules entertainment, acting, posing, movies, etc... and it also describes sex. Sex for entertainment.. for fun. Saturn, her ruler, is disposed of by Mercury in the sixth, which tells me she died from a body failure.. such as suffocation or something similar. Mercury rules the lungs.

To add one last stroke to the portrait, I see that the tenth house ruler, Venus, is in the fourth. So these people have been making their living this way out of their home. This was done in someones home, where they have been making movies for awhile. So, picture this: a friend of Stevona's, another child, tells her that she is making a bunch of money and that Stevona can make some, too. Stevona gets a phone call.. or has discussed this earlier.. and when the time comes, she bolts. She is going to make money! Who would be mad at her for that? So off she goes. And then she is surprised when she realizes what they want. She may have been compliant or wanted to be, just to keep things cool, but when she saw her friend, the one who has been in danger before, in a compromising and scary situation, she became terrified and wanted out. They tried to force her. She died in the process. This is what the chart seems to be saying. They may have hurt her or drugged her, but either way she died and this was not what they wanted. She was just "collateral damage", I suppose.

So now I will make my usual attempt to describe the people who killed her. We know that they are rotten and I hate people who use children for sex or porn or give them drugs. I hope somebody catches these people and gives them their deserved lethal injection. In the meantime perhaps I can find a gem somewhere and help a little. The child who called Stevona or made plans with her is a beautiful child. This is probably another girl. She would be very attractive, with nice skin and hair. This girl may tend to get chubby, though, and is not usually lithe or thin. She has a well made, full figured, voluptuous body. She has a florid complexion and luxurious, thick dark brown hair. Her eyes are dark and lovely, shaped beautifully, what people call "dove eyes". She may have dimples and certainly lovely skin. Any girlfriend of Stevona's that fits this description should be talked to. She knows something, at least. As I said before, there were other kids present, perhaps relatives. If not Stevona's relatives, then there were several kids who are all related to each other, such as sisters, brothers or cousins. There may be twins among them. They may be related to the person who is taking the films. The man who killed Stevona is a dramatic personality who may like to play act and talks about being famous. He would be tall with a strong, large boned body. He could be a little "fleshy", is not likely to be very thin and has a round, chubby face. He has a good complexion and a pleasant face, he smiles a lot and is very friendly. This man has light brown or blond hair, could be bleached. He also has blue or blue\grey eyes, which could be unusual for his race. They could also be contact lens or just color lenses. He is always looking for a "bright", "glamorous" look, seeking attention. He is showy and brassy. The blond hair and blue eyes would be a part of looking like a "star". The porn business is just his current ticket; he plans on even bigger things. He did not mean to kill Stevona, it just happened.


  1. whoever wrote this i am the coousin of dtevona and let me tell you i know youo dont know my family this is amazing most of the things were very accurate i mean accurate from what the police have told us especially the way she died i wish you forward this to the police it literally scared me oh my god unbelievable.

  2. I am a family memberbof Stevie and we were very close , we lived together. I am just blown away by this information and hope Sheriffs Dept do something soon about this soon.I miss her so much and do believe she was being mislead. She had such a beautiful caring spirit and knew of no wrong in this twisted ass world. She sang to her niece everyday and rubbed my belly when I was pregnant. Everytime I look at my daughter it reminds me of Teeny when she was so carefree and happy no matter what. My heart will forever hurt and these lowlife bitches and bitchass niggas who hurt her will pay oneday sooner than later. My baby was just into Bratz dolls and Thats So Raven seems like yesterday, her innocense was completely disrespected.

  3. uum this is one of stevona's friends u guy described someone stevona and i both know and she's only person that looks exactly what u described and taking naked pics is her thing idk why but this scared me

  4. To the last person that commented you should tell her family are the cops who you think the pretty young gurls is in these charts its been 3yrs since this child was snatched from her family........


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