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Lindsey Baum

Little Girl Goes Missing on Short Walk Home

From: ABC News:

t was a route Lindsey Baum had taken many times -- a 10-minute walk down a densely populated suburban street between her house and a friend's.

But on Friday evening, the McCleary, Wash., 10-year-old left her friend's house for home and disappeared somewhere along the way.

"I think somebody took her," Melissa Baum said of her daughter, who was ready to enter the sixth grade in the fall. "I'm trying to constantly push away the bad thoughts."

Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott said search efforts have escalated in the days since Lindsey's been missing from volunteers on foot -- still the most common tactic used -- to scent dogs, horses, all-terrain vehicles and helicopters.

"We're not ready to give up hope," Scott told

Baum said she last saw her daughter when Lindsey, along with her 12-year-old brother, Josh, headed out to Lindsey's friend's house in hopes she could get permission to spend the night at the Baum's house.

Baum said her children began squabbling over the use of Josh's bike on the way there and were stopped by a family friend who sent Josh home to end the argument. Lindsey continued on to her friend's house. When Lindsey's friend found out she couldn't stay the night, Lindsey headed for home around 9:30 p.m.

"When she wasn't home by 10, I started to get nervous," Baum said, adding that 10 p.m. is the curfew for her children.

She began calling Lindsey's cell phone, only to find that her daughter had left it plugged into the charger. Initially thinking that her daughter must have met up with friends in the neighborhood, Baum set out on foot to find her daughter.

But there was no sign of her. Eventually, her friend's parents joined the search by car. Baum even let her daughter's beloved German shepherd Kadence off its leash in hopes the dog would help find her. Finally, around 10:45 p.m., Baum said she called the police.

Baum described her daughter as outgoing, talkative and mature for her age. She loved to read and write and had big plans for her future.

"She insisted when she grows up she's going to be an author and an illustrator and a veterinarian," Baum said.


As I write this, this sweet little girl is still missing. Another case that has gone beyond the fabled "48 hours", which means it may never be solved. Or, as is the case too many times, it will only be solved by the discovery of this child's dead body. I don't want to sound disillusioned so I will give credit to the finds there have been.. Briant Rodriguez and Haylee Donathan, to name a few. But I cannot help but notice these are few and far between. Just because the media moves on to another big story does not mean these cases have been solved... or should be forgotten.

I don't like to do cases when they are very fresh because I like to give the cops time to do their job before I go putting my big foot in my mouth. But sometimes I just can't help but try, no matter what comes of it or what people say. After all, this blog is not about solving cases, that's up to the police, but it's about examining astrology charts to see if there is anything they can offer. And what great luck it would be if they did! So I am going to venture into this fresh case and see what I find and hopefully the chart will offer an answer or two.

The first chart I draw up is for the time when she was last seen, heading home along a familiar road. And if you look at the chart you will see what I see and it's startling. Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. Because Lindsey was on her own and expected to take care of herself, I am using the first house for her significator. The fifth house is often used but only in cases where: the child is under supervision by a parent or family member, the child is so young they cannot commandeer themselves, they are in the presence of a known caretaker or they have been taken from a safe place like a bedroom, which the parents or babysitter present. I make these distinctions to preserve the accuracy of the prevalent energies at the time of disappearance. Was someone else in charge or was the child on it's own? In this case, this child was making decisions and choices without the guidance or supervision of an adult. So I am reading her chart as an adult.

In this chart, the child is designated by Saturn, which is placed in Virgo in the eighth house. The seventh house ruler, or the person she is about to meet, is ruled by the Moon placed in Virgo also in the eighth house. This is a huge red flag! Notice also that the Moon is SINISTER to a conjunction with Saturn. This person is heading towards her, right on her path, and the implications of this are dire. Actually, the Moon being the co ruler of the subject, as well, it may well be that he or she FOLLOWED her and had already picked her out. The Moon is trine Pluto in the twelfth house, but the position is dexter, showing that violence was a part of the planning that went on earlier in the day. . The Moon will also translate the light from a conjunction with Saturn to a square with Mercury. Mercury is in the sign Gemini in the fifth house. Mercury in Gemini in the fifth house is a double marker for a child, indicating that this person (Saturn) was out looking for a child. This was no accident. He or she wanted a child. And looking at the eighth house, I would venture a bet that this was for sex (or money). The fact that he or she is a pedophile is supported by the disposition of Saturn by this Mercury in Gemini in the fifth. The whole purpose in this "expedition" was to grab a child. This is scary stuff, I know. But this is what this chart is saying.

The next chart, drawn for 10:30, shows the two of them are together. As the ascendants get ready to change, you can see that the Moon and Saturn are in the seventh house, together. As the chart is moving forward, I must point out a fascinating aspect. The Moon is collecting light in this chart. You can see that it is sinister to a conjunction with Saturn, which is trine to Mars in Taurus in the third. As the Moon closes on the conjunction, it collects light from the conjunction to a planet in a trine aspect and then makes the same trine aspect itself! What does this mean? This means that Mars, which rules the tenth house, represents a third person who is present in the home where this man takes the girl. This third person is on friendly terms with the child (Saturn trine Mars) but does not want this man to bring her along. The subsequent conjunction and trine from the Moon to both Saturn and Mars brings these two people together. Something is said, promised or otherwise compromised to get a third party to go along with this. Mars in Taurus is conjunct Venus, hinting at a partner (wife, husband, sister, brother, mother, etc..) to whom this other person must explain things. And because Mars is weak in Taurus and has no power in the third house, this person is the weak link in this event and could prove to be the break the case needs. This person is not comfortable with what he or she knows and could be made to talk. If you take the Mars and Venus placement back to the earlier chart, you will see they were placed in the fourth house. This indicates that they either live in the same home as the abductor or they were there in the home for some other reason.

So the Moon is cutting a powerful figure in this chart and exerting influence into every corner of the dial! She is translating light, collecting light and co ruling the first house, to boot. And remember that both the Moon and Saturn are disposed of by Mercury in Gemini in the fifth house, amplifying the fact that this event was all about a child; this person set about to get a child and Lindsey fell into the path. But then just after 10:30 pm, the Ascendant switches and the chart takes on a new light. It is now Aquarius rising with Leo falling. The seventh house ruler, the Sun, is also placed now in the fifth house, again iterating the interest in children. This chart is again reinforcing the idea that this person is a pedophile and the mission behind the madness was abducting a child. Interestingly, Uranus has moved into the first house. This double emphasizes Uranus as Lindsey's marker and must be thoroughly investigated. Uranus is in the Pisces, disposed of by Neptune, which is right at the rising cusp. Also note that these two planets are in mutual reception. Uranus is sinister to a conjunction, only minutes to be exact, to the fixed star, Scheat. This often points to death by drowning or, at the last, danger by water. The Sun, to note, is closing on an opposition to Phecda, a fixed star in Leo, which indicates sex addiction or deviant desires. Notice also that the Sun indicates our perpetrator and that Phecda is always disposed of by the Sun. Creepy. But what do the first house planets tell us about Lindsey's current condition?

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Well, for one thing, the lineup at the Ascendant looks scary to me, as if she might die later on. I say this because Pisces is about to take over the cusp and Neptune will be moving into the twelfth. But Uranus in the first in this chart tells me that, at 11:30 pm, Lindsey was alive and well. She may have not even been aware of the danger she was in. With Neptune at the cusp, I think she was secretly planning something, like escape, perhaps? Uranus in the first and ruling the first house cusp tells me she is capable of something unpredictable, something surprising. But notice this: Venus and Mars, our secondary planets from the translation of light, are squaring Neptune at the cusp. These people are going to figure out her plan, "out it", so to speak, and stop her. But even so, notice that Jupiter is right there along with Neptune, saying an awful lot about this little girl. She knew how to make lemonade out of lemons, for sure, and she was staying positive and happy even as things did not go her way. She was cheerful, upbeat and did what she was told, always believing that fairness would take precedent and she would not be harmed.

Also in this chart you can see clearly that they are in his home. The Moon, which co rules the chart, is placed in the seventh and disposed of by Mercury in Gemini in the fourth. Mercury in Gemini is the single most powerful placement in the chart due to the exalted placement and again reiterates the idea of children. Very young children. There may have been other children in this home as well as Lindsey. Because Gemini rules the fourth house cusp I am tempted to say that the home they were in was mobile; they were probably in a trailer park. A little later on, at midnight, in fact, the chart has changed again. Pisces is now rising and Virgo is falling. Mercury has moved into the third house so someone has gotten into a car or has left the home on foot. Saturn square Mercury from the angular seventh house tells me it might be someone leaving the house with another child. This is supported by the disposition of Saturn by Mercury and the disposition of Pluto by Saturn. Neptune, the first house ruler, has fallen into the twelfth house. Pluto has moved into the angular tenth, showing displays of aggression or violence. Perhaps this child was removed from the house when violence was used on another child. Sun in the angular fourth opposes Pluto in the tenth, so this violence was caused by a man, an older man.

The trine planets in the translation of light pattern, Venus and Mars, are in the second house now, showing me that they may own this home.. or be the landlords. And the fact that these planets are square to Neptune, the first house ruler, tells me that they are not kosher with another child being kept in the trailer. Read: Lindsey. They do not want this person to house another child in the trailer and when they see Lindsey, they are not happy. This is the reconciliation that occurred during the collection of light. This person promised them that Lindsey would not be staying; that she was only visiting. This gives me the feeling that there were several children already living in this home... or the home was an adults only community. Consider this when looking for the girl.

Neptune in the twelfth is not a part of a death pattern so I must back off my first assertion that she might be killed. I do not see her being killed during the first night anyways. She was hidden in the trailer, perhaps against her will, and this is why I see her plotting an escape. She may have attempted to run off earlier and been stopped by the landlords who were just minding her in the way that all adults mind children. I don't think they knew... that she was there against her will. Most adults just think that all kids are trying to run off and do their thing so they don't freak out when a kid tries to "sneak out" or causes a commotion trying to "get out". How many of us have had to restrain our own child in acting this way? I do not think they put two and two together. So this child was kept from running off while the abductor promised these people the child would be taken home later, when, in fact, he hid her somewhere in the trailer and kept her. He may well be keeping her now.

So here's what the charts are saying. Let's see if it helps at all! This person came across Lindsey on her way home and directed her to another location. This location is most likely a mobile home, manufactured home or trailer park in a nearby location to the place she was last seen. Other people were present but did not pay much attention except to say the child could not be kept there. There was no reason to suspect the child was being kept against her will; Lindsey did her best to be calm and agreeable, seeming to enjoy herself. Any attempts to run off where kept in check by these people who thought they were minding a child of a friend. Another child was present but was taken off when the time came to get control over Lindsey. Lindsey was manhandled and commandeered into a hiding place and possibly restrained. She may well be where they took her even now and she was taken by a pedophile who wanted her for sex.

The 1 am chart has one more thing to offer me. Aries is rising and Libra is falling, with Venus and Mars conjoined in the second house. She is being kept among personal belongings, or in a place where belongings are kept. Jessica Lundsford comes to mind for me, with her being kept in the John Couey's closet for days while he smoked crack and raped her. This man was a convicted sex offender and he was able to hide the child from the cops, in the house NEXT DOOR from Jessica's. She was not found, buried under the trailer, until after Couey was caught on a tip in Georgia. Imagine something like this happening again. This chart shows this person spending a lot of time in the same place with Lindsey. I am not quite ready to say this is a man for sure, although I am leaning that way, but the chance is out there that a woman did this. Too many strange things happen these days to just assume anything. One last note, before I move on to the abductor, I must point out that the Sun rules the fifth house while being placed right at the nadir. This reasserts the suggestion that Lindsey was being kept in a house or home. And then noting that the Sun is disposed of by the Moon, placed now in the sixth house, it is safe to say that she is in danger and not very happy or well.

This perpetrator is signified by the Moon in Virgo. This is why I am reluctant to say for sure it's a man, because of the feminine qualities of the Moon in the feminine sign Virgo. Even in men, Moon in Virgo has an "old lady" quality. But remember that we are not referring to birth charts or natal positions here, we are simply going with the imagery implied by a forensic chart. In this case, traditional descriptions ascribed to the Moon in Virgo include: a person of medium stature with an oval shaped face. As with all Virgos, a broad forehead and a straight nose. The chin may be pointed and the hair is likely brown. The person is probably thin and finicky about health, fitness and eating habits. This would be a reserved, trustworthy, quiet person that no one would fear. May be a writer, a reporter, a craftsman or artisan by trade. Could also be a school teacher, a custodian, a gardener, handyman or maid by trade but can be found in many different areas of service, including health care, fitness training and nutrition. As I have already said, this could be a man or woman and the purpose of the kidnapping may be sex but it could also be about money. Although outlandish and unlikely, this could also be an "old maid" type of woman who has been unable to have children but who has a yearning for a child and took this girl for that reason. This person is small and not very strong, not often aggressive and seems harmless.

Lindsey Baum is currently missing and her family is desperate to find her. If you have any idea, even a smidgen of information, or think you may have seen something suspicious, then do not hesitate to contact the Grays Harbor 911 Center at (800) 281-6944. Also, please have a look at this beautiful girl and keep her in mind. If you see her, think you see her or know someone who looks like her, then please also call the McCleary Police Department at (360) 495-3107.. They are following up any and all leads.


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  1. Interesting when you mention another child around her. That's what I got as well. I thought maby it indicated there was another before her. I also thought she was still alive. However I wonder where I might have thought a workplace was important? Like a business of some kind she was near.

  2. Are there any updates on this case?
    Lindsey still has not been found : ((


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