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Lisa Michelle Stebic Reprise

Wife And Mother Goes Jogging and Just Vanishes

This from Wikipedia :

Lisa Michelle Stebic, née Ruttenberg (born May 19, 1969) is an American missing person. The mother of two has been missing from her home in Plainfield, Illinois since April 30, 2007.[1] Lisa, 37, is 5' 2? tall, 120 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She has two visible tattoos, a small rose on her ankle and a large butterfly on her lower back.[2]

This from AMW online:

Lisa Stebic, a mother of two children who enjoyed her job at an elementary school in Plainfield, Ill., disappeared on April 30, 2007. According to her husband, Lisa left their home around 6 p.m. while he was working in their backyard. Lisa sometimes went to nearby Plainfield North High School, where she also worked in the school cafeteria, to work out on the track -- but she did not go to the track that night.

Lisa's husband, Craig Stebic, filed for divorce in January 2007, after fourteen years of marriage. Records state he cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce proceedings. Since January, Lisa and Craig had continued to live in the same house, but had barely spoken to each other in those five months.

Craig and Lisa Stebic have two children together, who both live with them, but were not home at the time of the disappearance. According to police, Craig said that he was working in the backyard when Lisa left the house, taking only her purse and cell phone with her. Neither her credit cards nor her cell phone have been used.


I am reprising this chart because a lot of the information I had at the time has proven incorrect. For one thing, I had read that the husband was separated from her and no longer lived with her. I also read they were on good terms and he was fully cooperating with police. I sort of believed they had been separated, even divorced, for a period of time and both she and her husband had gotten on with their lives. Because of this, I assumed she was home alone. I know now that none of this is true.

I had imagined, I guess, that she had come home from work to an empty house and that her husband was an outsider, someone who came on the scene much later. Emails from readers led me to take a second look at this case and give it a reprise. I am not going to just say her husband did it. I know that's what everyone thinks and they may well be right. I am going to read the chart just as I did before but without assuming she was alone and her husband was long gone.

I now know she had not "just gotten home from work", I also know she was not alone but her husband was still living there. They weren't even yet divorced. Where I got the misinformation is unimportant and it was mostly my tendency to jump to conclusions that made the first chart go awry. Also, since I've been doing this so much I have gotten much better at it than I was when I only did it once in a while.

But actually, this case is a prime example of what I am always saying about exposure to the case. Too much leads me to decide who's guilty before I even get to the chart. Too little and I make assumptions that are later proven wrong. It's a tricky fine line that is drawn between having the information I need and getting so much that I think I have the answers already.

So let's look at the charts and you can follow me and I invite anyone to call me on it if I make mistakes. I am always learning and evolving as an Astrologer and I am quite capable of getting it wrong. So feel free.

Anyways, the first chart for 6 pm, when Craig Stebic said she went missing, the chart shows Libra rising and Aries falling. Aries, her husband's marker (as ruler of the seventh house) is in the fifth house. The ruler of the fifth house is Uranus and it, too, is in the fifth. Uranus rules the children (fifth house) so daddy is at home, playing with the kids. However, Lisa's ruler, Venus (Libra rising) is placed in the ninth house. What is this telling me? That she is outside, among trees, woods, grass, etc... she is not in that house but outside somewhere. And where on earth is that?

Because this makes no sense to me, I back the charts up to see what has happened prior to this time. As I now realize, she could not have been coming home from work at this late an hour. School is out at 2 or 3 pm, depending on the area. Cafeteria workers leave shortly after lunch, which is usually around 11 am. She would have long been home at 6 pm and not just arriving. So that much cleared up, I am now wondering where the heck she is at 6 pm. She's certainly not at home. So I begin backing the charts up hour by hour until I see her at home.

At noon, you can see that Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. The Sun is in the tenth house with Mercury, both in Taurus. Lisa's birth sign is Taurus. This was right around her birthday, which was coming up on May 19. Both the Sun and Mercury are disposed of by Venus in the eleventh. The tenth house is the public sector, Taurus rules food and cooking and Mercury describes small children. She is happy and having a good time. The eleventh house shows her among friends. It's no doubt that she loves the cafeteria and cooking, in general, because Taurus is always good with the eats.

And then the chart for 1 pm shows Leo rising and Aquarius falling. The Sun is in the ninth house, showing that she is still at the school. Mercury is with her, showing children. But here is the creepy part. If you look you will notice the Descendant is Aquarius and Uranus is in the eighth house, tightly conjoined with Mars and a little more loosely conjoined with the Node. This doesn't look good to me. Also, Saturn is right behind the Ascendant. The Moon, the chart co-ruler, is placed in the third. But because the Moon is disposed of by Venus and it is still in the eleventh house I do not think she's left the school yet. I am looking for that time when she "goes home" so she can "disappear".

But at 1 pm I am stumped. Leo is rising and the Sun is still in the ninth house, along with Mercury. She is still at the school with the kids. The Moon, still in the third, in Libra is trine Venus in Gemini. I think she made a phone call. Suddenly, I am thinking she did not have a car with her. She was calling someone for a ride. That's what makes sense. Uranus, if you notice, is still closely tied to Mars, now in the seventh house. Her husband is building up a head of steam, he's angry about something. He is planning a surprise for her, a "kamikaze" attack when he sees her. Uranus tells us he will do something unexpected. And it will be an act of aggression because Mars is right there. Not only is it the seventh house ruler, it is in the seventh house, as well. Not only is her husband mad at her but he's mad about some aspect of their relationship.

Mars is also inconjunct the Moon and square Venus. This shows his anger is directed right at her, his wife (Venus) and the mother of his children (the Moon). Mars is exactly inconjunct Saturn, which is at the Ascendant in the twelfth house (secrets, death). And my suspicion is born out by the chart I see for 1:30 that afternoon. Pisces is now at the Descendant (her husband) and Neptune is in the sixth (her place of employment). What is her husband doing at her job? He is definitely there. And he's signified by Neptune, which says he is hiding something. Perhaps she did not expect him to appear and he may have hid from her for a while, just watching and waiting. Now, I have no idea what Craig Stebic was doing at this hour on this day other than what the chart appears to tell me. I am sure someone at his work would know if he took his lunch at this hour or had left for the day early. Perhaps he hadn't gone to work at all.

The ruler of the tenth house is in the tenth house and the ruler of the fourth is in the fifth. There is no doubt that Lisa is "out in the public" and "among children". Her own children may have gone to the same school (ruler of the fourth in the fifth). Moving the chart forward 30 minutes to 2 pm, I see the Ascendant changes. Neptune, which now rules the Descendant, shows her husband at her place of work. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, meaning that this was part of his "surprise". So now it is my firm belief that he went there to pick her up as a surprise, which was a chance for him to vent his anger at her. I don't think he could wait. There's a sense of urgency about Mars with Uranus like this. If you notice also that Neptune opposes Saturn in the twelfth, which hints to me that he was actually planning to kill her.

Virgo is now rising so Mercury is her marker. It is in the ninth house, close to the Sun. This is her with her husband, in a vehicle. A larger vehicle like a van or truck. And here are the aspects that stand out right now. Pluto has moved into the fourth house, Saturn is still in the twelfth and Mars is in the seventh. Although this shows great anger and potential for violence, he doesn't kill her right then. There is a huge argument first. Mars inconjunct the Moon from the seventh to the second house, he unloads on her about money. He is very emotional and almost out of control. Money is the issue. But Mars is even more closely inconjunct to Saturn in the twelfth, so he will kill her in a burst of anger. Neptune is opposing Saturn and Neptune is his marker, so he will do it secretly, from behind or from a hidden place and not face to face. And he hasn't done it yet.

In fact, it looks like he kills her sometime between 2 and 3 pm, with Mercury passing into the eighth at around 3. Saturn is still in the twelfth inconjunct to Mars, still in the seventh house. At this time, the ruler of the fourth is conjoined Pluto in the fourth house. This brings Pluto out into the foreground for the first time. Pluto is opposed to Venus and widely square to Mars. The Moon is trine Neptune so it may be a fact that he did not want to leave yet. He saw her as the mother of his children and the kids were a big deal. The Moon is strong throughout the chart and heavily aspected by seventh house planets which tells me that he was unwilling to leave his kids. Moon was also trine Venus, showing that he still found her beautiful, even if he had stopped loving her. Being the mother of his kids and his wife, he wasn't about to watch her take up with some other man. No one else would play "daddy" or "honey" if he could help it. Heck, this is a familiar theme. It's easy to read in a chart.

So the chart for 3 pm brings it all to perfection. Excuse me, I'm not being rude, this is just an astrological observation. As Mercury enters the eighth house, Mars is moving slowly away from Saturn and sinister to a square with Venus. It's square to Jupiter, though, is almost perfect. Jupiter rules the fourth house. He waited until they got home before he attacked her. Because Saturn in the twelfth is trine Jupiter in the fourth, I am inclined to say she died at home. I'm not sure that they went all the way into the house. They may have sat in the car in the driveway and argued before he hit her or stabbed her or shot her. Neptune in the sixth is a funny position at this point, it sort of says he poisoned her. It's in the sixth house so it looks like he made her sick and she died this way. Mars is in Pisces is conjunct Uranus so he may have done it suddenly but in a secretive way. It looks like the chart, at one point, says he planned this in a way or at best wanted to do this. So perhaps he did put something in a soda can or a cigarette. I just can't be sure exactly how he did it. There are many possibilities.

You know, this whole thing may have been over some paperwork. Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception, which brings things to pass. Venus would indicate their married relationship and Mercury rules paperwork, documents, letters, communications in general. Perhaps this had to do with paperwork related to their divorce or a letter that made demands that angered him. He was angry enough about this situation that he thought about killing her. Death aspects occurred really early in the day when she was at work. And he killed her earlier in the day than I originally thought and that's why I see her in a field or a forest or someplace outside at 6 pm instead of getting in to her friends car for a ride to the track. I will explain in greater detail at the end of the post why there is such a difference between this chart reading and the original reading I posted before.

For now, I want to keep moving with the charts to see what he did with her body. I keep saying "he" and I keep referring to her husband because that's the way it looks to me. I just don't see anybody else. And I don't see her running off on her own. She went home with him and they argued in the car. At 4 pm I still see her dead and possibly still in the vehicle. I am not sure if the cops went over all of the family cars or not. It's possible that he rented or borrowed a vehicle just for this day. However, she was not said to have left in a car so perhaps the cars or trucks were not looked at closely. But he left her body in that car until 5 pm, when I see that he is busy working on moving her body. He puts her someplace in the yard, in a shed or tool cabinet or other place where he might have kept garden tools or outdoor gear. Mars in Pisces is in the sixth so he may even be digging a hole to install a pool or pond while Venus is in the ninth house, showing her to be somewhere either with lawn care equipment or sporting goods.

And then I see that at 7 pm, Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Venus is in the eighth house and Pluto is in the second. The Moon is in the twelfth and Mars is in the fifth. She is ruled here by Pluto, the Moon and Mars. He is ruled by Venus. I am still seeing her in a place with things that she owns, some of it athletic gear or sporting goods and some of it lawn or garden tools. The Moon tells me that she is dead, we haven't made any mistakes. Could she be in the garage at this time? Mars in the fifth shows me the athletic gear or sporting goods and so does the sign Sagittarius. Venus in the eighth house shows me that he is actually preparing "a grave". But where that is I am not sure; it looks like the back yard but it could be any outdoor area near his home. Neptune is at the fourth house angle, showing me also that something is being hidden in or around the home. I do not see him getting back into the car. I think he is hiding her at home. The kids weren't there, or at least, that's what I gathered from the websites I saw. So he was alone and he had lots of time to do what he wanted to.

He does not report her missing until the next day. The kids were not at the house during this time. I am not sure when they returned but if he did not report her missing until the next day, he had plenty of time to move her around, bury her or even drop her in the water somewhere. It almost seems as if he buried her in the backyard but I don't know how possible that is. I can only offer insights and suggestions. The police were said to have searched a neighborhood park, which was very close to their home. If there was water nearby or in the neighborhood, this is an area I would search because Mars was in Pisces. Mars is conjoined to Uranus and both planets are disposed of by Neptune. There is no doubt that she is very well hidden and in a very unusual place. He put here in a place no one would think of; in fact, this might well be the last place anyone would think of. It's that peculiar.

The person who killed her appears to be her husband but I will give the traditional descriptions anyway, just in case I am wrong and there is a killer out there no one has thought of. See if this sounds like her husband. The person who killed her is defined by Mars in Pisces and it is this signifigator I use to define him. First of all, he would not be what is considered "good looking". He would be "fleshy" but I don't mean fat. He is of average height but his trunk might seem shorter than normal. Short waisted is what they call it. He has sharp, shrewd eyes which may be light blue or light, golden brown. He would have had skin trouble as a teen and still might have complexion problems. This man can be very affectionate, almost childlike. But conversely he is gloomy, sometimes lazy, often dishonest and easily depressed.

And now for a word on the previous chart. Because I believed that Lisa came home from work at 6 pm and could not have gone missing or met with foul play at an earlier hour, I started with a chart for 6 pm and went forward. I also believed that she lived alone and was divorced so when I saw Neptune in the fourth at 7 pm, I saw someone hiding in her home. In fact, with the charts done for earlier in the day, this placement has someone hiding something around her home instead. I did see money in the first chart and not in this one. Assuming she had just come home and seeing planets in the second house, I assumed she was carrying cash. The planets in the fifth house looked like gambling. I did not know, at that time, that she had children. In this new chart, the second house planets still look like her belongings, just in a different light due to this new angle. I hope this second chart helps clear up any confusion created by the first. I want to thank the readers who wrote me and posted comments on the blog, saying that the chart could not be right. Because of this I researched this case again and found out this new information.

Of course, regardless of my findings on any post, Lisa Stebic is still a missing person. The case has gone cold and her remains have not been found. Her husband still claims that she left on her own and is somewhere else, alive. It is possible that she could be alive today and almost anywhere. For this reason, you should look at her photo and commit it to memory. If you think you know where she is, believe you have seen her or have information on what happened to her the day she disappeared, please call the Plainfield Illinois Police Department at (815) 436-2341 or write them at 14300 S. Coil Plus Drive Plainfield, IL 60544.

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  1. Just a few items for you to consider, Deputy Police Chief in Plainfield told Fox News that the children were home from school when Lisa arrived home. The dismissal time for that District is 3 30 pm. (Plainfield Unit 202).
    So did not arrive at her house until sometime after 3 30 pm. Also she was seen at Jimmy John's ordering a sub sandwich at around 2 pm the day she went missing. They are familiar with her there, she goes in at least once a week. She told them she was in a hurry and that she had alot of errands to run.
    Also, on 5/9/07 police seized both of the vehicles. Came up with nothing but a tarp with a small amount of blood on it. The police have returned the vehicles but not the tarp, which was run through dna testing. Cops have never said wheter or not the blood was Lisa's.
    The husband says it must be blood from an animal.
    Can I ask where you got the DOB info on Lisa and Craig? Perhaps the times are incorrect. if you have
    any questions.
    Info above available at

  2. Thanks for the info. I have so far charted this case 3 times, each time based on new information, and each with a different theory. I won't be doing any others because other cases beg for attention, however, I am very interested in having other stargazers do a chart and post it here to comments or email it to me. If it looks good and makes sense, I'll post it. Right now, I am not sure what happened in this case. My first two charts were based on different time lines and found her abducted by a stranger. My readers cried out on that one, saying no way, this was her husband, pure and simple. So based on new info some readers sent me, I reprised it again. I am afraid I have no idea what happened here. Anyone up to it?

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